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Mia Monday #6: Better Late than Never Edition



Reaching new heights:

Please note the adorable little pink high tops.

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I absolutely love the "before" picture. She's all, "Mom, what's going on up on top of my head?" So cute!

cute pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Just when I thought she couldn't possibly get any cuter!

OMG! She just gets cuter and cuter! You have made my day!

I like the "mall hair" look. It gives her character.

The shoes are great!

LOVES those shoes! adorable!!! Thanks!

I love the little barrette. And that last photo? She's so adorable.

Heeeeee! Love the before pic!

Big girl! I love her high tops and her barrette!

i simply adore the girl's hair!

The hair! It is possible to contain it! She is becoming more beautiful every single day, yes, even days where she pees on her parents.

Have you ever noticed that they make the CUTEST shoes in the world for babies and children (especially the girls) but...for me...I want cute shoes and can never find any?? Or is this just me?

Those? Are freaking adorable!

Lily (my 2.5yo) has the same little pink all stars, only her feet are so much bigger. She even wore them with her Christmas dress to the big family party. And I encouraged that.

Cute baby, as always!

She is absolutely adorable! Love her big eyes.

Adorable! Ava had her 9 month pics taken this weekend and she sported a barrette too! I was thrilled to be able to put one in her hair, but it is not nearly as long as Mia's. What a doll!

So cute!

DAMNIT, I am so jealous of the hairclips. I had a daughter for the specific use of hairclips. When do I get to use hairclips? HUH? Oh sorry...Hi Amelia! You are so sweet!

I love the pictures, especially the big hair. She looks so big standing. I barely remember when mine weren't running. Love the high tops and the pink overalls. Babies in overalls are the best.

Love the barrett...dude, I don't even know how to spell that.

I suck.

But you're kid is cute.

I thought you had forgotten Mia Monday!

LOVE the overalls. And that hair! Your child and I have the same amount of hair. Be sure to tell her if she thinks she's having a bad hair day that I do, indeed, feel her pain, and suggest that she cure any bad hair day with a ponytail. Of course, for her, right now, it's a clippie, but eventually, she'll get there. :o)

Love the pink hightops!!!

I admit I love the before picture best of all. All of that hair!!!!

I love my son but....sometimes I want a little pink girl. Just. Like. Yours.

I realize there are a lot of votes here for the BEFORE photo...but the AFTER one just kills me...too cute.

What a Cutie! I thought she looked great before :)

She looks exactly like you in those pictures :)

Ouch, ouch the cuteness it hurts. Love the baby yoganess of the before picture. Yeah for ginormous babies.... As long as they gon't like have Gigantism or something

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