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Mia Monday #7: Not to be Outdone Edition

This week, a twofer!

First, Mia with her favorite green pacifier. She dares to be different.

And then, yesterday, Chris audioblogged the baby. Since our marriage is based almost entirely on competition, I had to do him one better.

Yup, video! Has darling but loud and high-pitched screeching baby sounds. You were warned.

Comments (39)

The high pitched squeals are SO cuter when you can watch a round little baby stuffing a remote control into her mouth!

Gosh, she is SO CUTE!

This is great, Mia Saturday and Mia Monday...I think this tradition should continue! :) I think her chubby little arms are so cute! And I listed to Chris' audioblog last night and laughed my *ss off....

I was thinking that I wouldn't go over and listen to Chris' audioblog because, Beth, you obviously outdid him. But after that last comment, I have to go take a listen. I have lots of *ss that needs to be laughed off!

As I was watching the video, Grace started singing and making high pitched squeals in response to Mia. It was too cute. They are cyber BFF's. ha!

I just listened to Chris' audioblog and you definitely have him beat. hehe

I forgot to say in my last comment that the pictures of Mia and her different expression of soother-use made me laugh out loud. Not a har har har, sort of laugh out loud, but the sputtering-it's-a-good-thing-I-didn't-just-take-a-sip-of-coffee laugh out loud.

Also? I love dashes.

How cute. Sometimes I miss having little babies around......

Okay, okay...yes, you might have outdone me but...who got the whole camera/computer thing working? Who edited and uploaded the video? ;-)

My 9mo was rivited to the screen: must see Mia TV was a hit!

Thanks for the screams!

That is just the. cutest. thing. ever! She's georgeous! I miss having a baby around.

Thanks for this excellent Mia Monday!

I was watching this and Ian ran over.

1) He is jealous of her remote.

2) He is crying right now becauase I am typing over the "baby". I guess we'll be watching Mia all day.

Very cute!

Just wanted to let you know that my cat was sitting on my lap, asleep, and she woke right up with the baby sounds and had no idea what was going on. You can tell I have no baby around for now...

So, so cute. LOVE the screeches! And, that belly!!!!

Boy, did that get my two dogs up and moving their heads back and forth trying to figure out what the heck that was! Thanks for the morning laughter. I need that so much!!!

i'm sure you've also been able to hold it over him that at least you didn't make her cry. ;) heh.

of course lucy is sitting on my shoulders right now (the dog) and she freaked out when she heard mia. she LOVES babies.

so cute. mia is an internet rockstar!

oh mi god... THAT is BRILLIANCE... and... YOU WIN!

You SO win!

LOVE how she has a pile of toys, yet chooses the remote.

Okay, I have already watched it twice. What a happy girl! Adorable. I am with everyone else-- can you do more, please? That was great!

Is that the remote control? Are you raising a mini couch potato? ME TOO! Let's start a club!

Or maybe just a support group?

Video *SOOOOO* outdoes audio. ;)
And Mia is just adorable. Makes me miss when my kids were that little, not enough to want to have more, but enough to come here for cuteness fixes. :)

Very cute! As I was watching the video, my baby started moving (in my belly).

Oh, my eyes. The cuteness. I don't think I can handle it. Love the remote in her mouth. Just wait, a year from now, it will still be her favorite toy.

Beth: Here, little Mia, have a box fully of brightly-colored, age-appropropriate toys that have been selected just for you!

Mia: Thanks, but no thanks, Mom! This remote will do me just fine.

The cutest.

Mind if I snack on her little arms? Because gah! So cute!

you definitely win, video > audioblogging, hands down.

sooooo cute! she's quite the vocal baby

I can totally understand what she's getting at there. She has the remote in her mouth, and by that she is saying, "Attend me, peons, as I consume this electronic device of televisional command, so too do I control the whims of your heartstrings with my siren call, and consume all hope of breaking free of such adorability."

"Watch as I drop aforementioned 'remote control', in disdain of my own limitless power. But also watch me retrieve it, as a symbol of my undying mercy for my subjects." (Here she broadly gestures to said subjects).

"And with the remote in one hand, and this odd fuzzy toy doohickey in the other, see the balance between your inexorable thrallhood, and the fact that I can be so awesome cute. Rejoice, world, rejoice!"

Years from now, people will look back on this and say, "Lo, behold the first time our great world was blessed with the proclamations of Mia (May-her-drool-runneth-overmuch)."

No matter how much money you spend for an awesome toy, the remote is always by far the best and most pleasing to all babies. Cute video, I was waiting for her to throw it! LMAO Oh wait, that would be my boy!!!

That was just absolutly adorable!

And the Oscar goes to . . .

. . . Mia's Mama!

Love the Mia Monday series. What a way to start off the week.

eek! I just want to pinch her cheeks, she's so cuuuuuute!! :)

Clearly, she wants to watch Project Runway. Or maybe The Daily Show. ;-)

I wish you could have seen what just happened... I played that, and as Mia squeeled, Shepherd turned his head as if to find out where the other baby was!! She is SO precious!!!!!!!! :)

She is ssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo cute!

Yeah, I get the same way when my shows don't come on when they're supposed to too. Tell me I'm totally getting her vibe. I'm thinking we're probably watching different shows though. At least I hope we are. That Gray's Anatomy is on way past her bedtime!

Darling. Also, you totally win. Chris never had a chance., both those clips were just too cute!

no wonder you don't really care about the lack of sleep. she's so cute. it's like she's singing herself a little song.

Awww - how adorable! They should just sell recycled remotes and cell phones as baby toys.

SO cute. I love it when babies are discovering their voices!!!

omg. I can't stop clicking on the video! I love how it sounds like she says 'Da Da' and how she starts humming at the end. Completely, utterly adorable.

Mina's learning the magic of the scream. Sometimes when the mood is just right Rob and Mina like to scream at each other--just for giggles.

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