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Mia's Playlist

I sing the same things to Mia over and over. (Parentheticals are the actual song titles.)

"Blackbird": Not so much anymore, but the first couple of weeks I spent all night every night singing this to her and still pull it out when I am trying to get her to bed and having a hard time calming her down.

"Mia the Bean" ("Winnie the Pooh"): Mia's mobile, home of her beloved Eeryore, plays the Winnie the Pooh song. My version goes like this:

Mia the Bean
Mia the Bean
Chubby little tummy all stuffed with milk
She's Mia the Bean
Mia the Bean
Clever little happy (or sleepy, as the case may be) little girl

"Someone's in the Kitchen with Mia" ("Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah"): Dear god, does this song have any more verses? It can take Mia from a full-on screaming meltdown to a giggly little girl in seconds, but after months of singing it I'm about ready to slit my own throat every time.

"Amelia" ("Cecilia"): Edited version of course; we are "playing games" in the afternoon, not "making love."

"Makin' Poopy" ("Feelin' Groovy"): Let's just say that there's no missing a baby poop around here.

"Me and Bobby McGee": Gotta love Janis

Anything from my vast Simon & Garfunkel repertoire, especially "Kathy's Song" and "American Tune."

Ditto my vast Billy Joel repertoire.

Random songs I remember from high school chorus in German, Italian and French. I consider it broadening her horizons.

"Bumba-Doodle": What my mom sang to me.

"The First Day of My Life": Bright Eyes, great song. "Yours is the first face that I saw/Think I was blind before I met you." Also, "this is the first day of my life/glad I didn't die before I met you." Seems appropriate to me.

There are more, but it has been a long couple days and I can't think of them. So tell me, what do/did/will you sing to your little one?

Comments (54)

I sing "You are My Sunshine" and for some reason my youngest loves if you sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" - she goes from screaming to singing in 2 seconds with that one.

Also I like to sing "Skinimerink" (that is SOOOOOO not how you spell it - but all 3 girls love it!

I thought I was the only one that did that.

Our songs were "Someone's in the kitchen with Kyle", "K.Y.L.E" to Y.M.C.A, "They call him Kyle, Kyle faster than lightning" the Flipper song I think, and my favorite "You are my Kyle, my only Kyle" to You are my Sunshine. I'm probably sure I stuck his name in anything else that fit as well. I still sing him "You are my Kyle" even though he's nearly 11.

I sing pretty much any song I can to Emma. Usually the one on the radio before I get out of my car and come into the house. It's usually country, but she doesn't care, she's my dogter.

"Lucas Kai the French Fry Guy" to the tune of "do you know the muffin man."

When he was born he was tiny and they put him in one of those warmers in my room at the hospital where he immediatly streched out and laid there with this look of joy. He looked like a little french fry in the warmers at McDonalds.. hence, our little french fry guy...

I sang the Winnie the Pooh song too-

"Madisen-girl, Madisen-girl, Silly, pretty, sweetie, all stuffed with sugar, she's Madisen-girl, Madisen-girl, silly, pretty, sweetie, little girl."

Also, to the tune of "Lollypop" was "Madisen, Madisen, oh baby Madisen." Only works with a 3-syllable name, though!

And all those songs I sang at Campfire Girls camp - "Barges" "Today" "Follow Me" and many more! It was amazing how the words all came back.

Lucy is so old school. She loves "Mary had a little lamb" (and we have this book with 15 verses) and "Ba ba black sheep". She's into a lot of the nursery rhymes in general, but we sing/play all sorts of music to keep her interests diverse. :)

I sing :you are my sunshine" I have sung this to all of my kids. I still sing it to Julia. They all know the whole song. I truly belive the song thats why I sing it!

I sing La La Lu from Lady and the Tramp. My mom would always sing that to us at bedtime so it's special. My daughter calms right down when I sing it, even though my singing voice is of the not good variety.

This is my first comment ever, and it's kind-of random, but....

Billy Joel is speaking at my commencement ceremony (at Syracuse University) in May! What a great way to end college!!

I didn't want to warp my kids ability to appreciate music, so I mostly hummed... but when I sang, it was usually "Go to Sleep My Little Buckaroo."

Head & Shoulders
Put Your Shoes on Lucy
I've Got Two Hands
Circle Of The Sun
Anything by the Barenaked Ladies

My dad always sang Amazing Grace to me when I was little. Mom tried singing but SERIOUSLY couldn't carry a tune a bucket. Daddy's voice was always low, especially at night, and it put me right to sleep.

That's what I'll sing.

I've tested songs on kids that I babysit, though, and these are the ones that I've found work best:

"If Heaven" Andy Griggs
"The Luckiest" Ben Folds
"House at Pooh Corner" Kenny Loggins
"My Funny Valentine" Etta James Version
"Autumn Leaves" Eva Cassidy Version
"To Make You Feel My Love" Garth Brooks
"Pink Moon" Nick Drake
"Come Away With Me" Norah Jones
"Goodnight Lullaby" Pancho's Lament
"Crazy" Pat Green
"I Dare You to Move" Switchfoot
"Just to See You Smile" Tim McGraw
"The Promise" Tracy Chapman

Let's see... "If You're Happy and You Know It", "Jamaica Farewell"; "King of the Road" with a scottish accent, just like The Proclaimers.

Sophie falls asleep to Skynard. Or Creedence. Somehow, we ended up with a southern rocker. But there are lots and lots of made up songs because I never know the words. Like: "All you need is poop" and (to 'Jingle Bells') 'Sophia! Sophia! You're so frickin' cute! Mommy and Daddy love you so much even when you poop!' Lots of pooping over here, obviously.

When I was pregnant my husband taught me the chorus to a French song her learned when he studied overseas. I know it's not really spelled like this, but this is what it sounds like:
Ella, El la la, Ella, El la la

So I've been singing this to our daughter, Ella, ever since she was in utero. Once she was born, I was pretty much the only person who could consisently calm her infant cries, simply by singing and humming this tune to her. Pretty cool accomplishment, considering I did this all without walking around with her (not physically able to carry her).

We've just recently acquired a CD with this song on it, but a much more poppier tune to it - very different from what I sang, yet the same-ish. Anyway, now Ella is 3 years old and LOVES this song, always requesting to hear her Ella song.

On a side note, she loves to sing for herself the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" song, but she changed it to "Head, Shoulders, Back & Belly"

Head, Shoulders, Back and Belly
Back and Belly
Head, Shoulders, Back and Belly
Back and Belly
Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Smelly
Head, Shoulders, Back and Belly
Back and Belly

She got the idea from a quick line in a Blues Clues episode and just thought it was the FUNNIEST! My husband helped her with the "smelly" line. Too cute.

Well, speaking of 80s hair bands over at Mr. Cactus' place, I used to/sometimes still sing the chorus to "I'll Be There For You" by Bon Jovi. "I'll be there for you
These five words I swear to you
When you breathe I want to be the air for you
I'll be there for you
I'd live and I'd die for you
Steal the sun from the sky for you
Words can't say what a love can do
I'll be there for you"

We sing a lot of songs together, but Kyra's favorite is Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. She'll request it and sing along. The funny thing is it's about waking up slow and enjoying a rainy morning and the girl STILL wakes up at 5am!

Ok, you're songs are much better than what I used to sing to "L" when she was a baby...

ala Johny Rivers

"You're so sweet
Horseflies keep hangin 'round you face
Kentucky moonshine
Can't take your place..."

She loved it!

We make up a lot of songs, but from "pop culture"... I'm almost embarassed to say... many, many Jimmy Buffet songs.

do you sing the ive been workin on the railraod part?? the last line of it is Dinah blow your horn...and then comes the someones in the kitchen with dinah part...we sing it with the kids at work all the time.

I am, in fact, a singer by trade. So, of course, I make up random tunes whenever possible. (Mixed with some arias, a few early Italian numbers (whose words really should be modified anyway), and some lovely orchestral selections wherein I take the violin or bassoon (whichever strikes my fancy) part to a new level.)

What a brilliant website and your daughter is the cutest. I love Clive Owen too. Can't wait to spend time reading our posts.

Tender Shepherd from Peter Pan (the one with Mary Martin - which, imo, is the only one worth watching)

I sing the Our Father, except that we're atheists so I changed all the words and now it's the Your Father and the words are about my husband.

"You are my sunshine" was a standard in my family -- one of the few songs my DAD actually sang to us! So I'm sure that will be on the set list when my little guy arrives hopefully sometime in the next month.

I used to sing "Nothing's Gonna Harm You" from Sweeny Todd to my neices and nephew when they were babies. Not in the scary/freaky Angela Landsbury tone but like Barbara Streisand sings on her Broadway album. It sounds like a lullaby.

My hubby just bought 4 baby CDs, plus we got one as a shower present, so I expect to have many of those songs drilled into my head to the point I where I sing them on demand.

Lil Joe sings the Head and Shoulders song with "back and belly" because of the Blues Clues episode, too! And lots of VeggieTales.

We have a CD from Peter, Paul and Mary called "Peter, Paul and Mommy" which I play in the car. In addition to some traditional lullabies (Hush Little Baby, All Through the Night) there are some funny songs that all three kids got hooked on (Puff the Magic Dragon, Make Believe Town, Boa Constrictor.) We also have a Pete Seager CD (can you tell that my parents were folkies?) that my 5 year-old loves, and the boys' new favorite artist is Laurie Berkner (who they fell in love with because of Noggin.)

Oh, I forgot. To 'I've been working on the railroad': 'She's been pooping in her diaper! All the live long day! She's been pooping in her diaper! Just to pass the time away! Can't you hear her tushie farting? Since very early in the morn!', etc. ;) We're probably going to live to regret all the poop and fart songs.

Ummmm, my "little one" is an older puppy, but when it is time to kennel up for the evening, it helps to sit her on my lap and sing her a song first. When the song is over she walks into her kennel and lays down, I kid you not.

(sung to the tune "My little Buttercup", which I have only heard on the movie "The Three Amigos")

My little Suki-Sue, has a waggy tail.
She's so polite to cats
Although they hiss and wail (on her daily).
Now it's Suki's bedtime, because the day is though, oh
My little Suki-Sue, sweet little Suki-Sue
Such a Pooh.

If I had a more extensive vocal range, I'd sing "Arizona Moon" from "The Three Amigos". Perhaps by the time I have a kid, I'll be able to nail those low notes?

I sing the ABC song incessantly in hopes that it will rub off on them.

I sing them a lot of early Bowie stuff because I had that CD with me in the hospital (I was on bed rest for six weeks in there) and I always thought they might recognize it.

...and some arias from "The Messiah" - I don't know why.

since I am a singer, we sang all the time.
"momma don't whip little buford"
"the trolley song"
"One Singular Sensation"
"Puddin' has ten toes"
"Shake It Up Baby" Actually all Beatles are good for baby dancing.

Then I got them hooked on my musicals.
My teens still drop everything, I mean literally, and start singing with me on "Bloody Mary is the girl I love" clap, clap, clap, clap.....funniest thing.
Go for the movie musicals....

I hate it, but I sing "THe Old Rugged Cross" to her to get her to sleep. I did it one night, after searching my brain for a song, and it worked. Now it's all I can think of when trying to get her to sleep.

When she was a newborn, I discovered that the syllables in her name fit perfectly into a scale. So, I would warm up with her name. I figured it was good for her to hear scales anyway. THat way she can be convinced from an early age that Western music truly is superior to the rest of the world. Maybe she'll start hating people next.

I've always sang "Shake your booty" to the kids. I stand them up and wiggle their hips. They get a kick out of it, especially when they hear the real song. I definitely not an American Idol contestant.

I sang the popular music of the day. And also the popular music of my Mother's day. And they loved all of them.

When our current baby was still in Ethiopia waiting to come home, I sent her a teddy bear with a recording chip in it, and on it I sang 'Jesus loves me' to her. When I got to Ethiopia a month later, the battery was worn out, the nuns had played it for her so much. And obviously she was familiar with the song. So that has kind of been 'our' song. I also sing, 'You Are my sunshine' and "If you're happy And You Know It Clap Your hands." (She knows right where to clap now.)


Love this post! As I have no kid of my own, I have no songs to list (though we did use to sing the ABCs for my goddaughter when she was upset, it worked like a charm). And don't forget, there's an awesome Joni Mitchell song called 'Amelia'. Not the easiest to sing, but still cool!

i sing, badly, lots disney songs for Isabella. she loves them.

oh, and edelweiss is a big favorite around here. (the husband wants to murder me)

i tend to sing whatever comes out, frankly, and it can be anything from the tisy bitsy spider to green day.

oh...and baby beluga

Piper loves "The Good Ship Lollipop," the ABC song, "The Wheels on the Bus" and just about anything by John Denver. I try to sing not-kid-songs to her, too, but I can never remember any when she's in need of a song.
(oh, and Mia is such a beautiful girl!)

I just realized that I sang really depressing songs to my child! You Are My Sunshine, Clementine, Tom Dooley, Down in the Valley. Ugh!

Now we sing Tom Paxton songs together: Going to the Zoo, The 'quarium (which I have sung in a public restroom so she could poop without people hearing her), and others.

This is like a support group! I totally thought I was all alone making up new words to songs.

Our most common one is "Good Night Ladies." We change the words to this to say good bye to toys when it's time to clean up, or to say bye-bye to the bathwater when bathtime is over. Really, the possibilities are endless.

I love that you have songs for Mia that are renditions of other songs that can be recognized by people. I have often tried to describe the songs I sing to Grace but they are my own creation and just end up cementing the suspicion in my listener's mind that I am certifiable. hee!
You are a sweet mom.

"Baby Mine" is Camille's favorite and secret to calming her down.

I also sing "I'm a little teapot" but instead of "here is my handle here is my spout..." I sing "I'm a little baby short and stout, here is my nose and here is my mouth. When I get real hungry I will shout please open the frig and take the milk out"

Desperate times have obviously called for desperate measures!

She has a teething toy that rattles. The toy is shaped like a hippo and it's wearing a Tutu. The name printed on the toy is Tu Tu Chu. So, when I shake it for her I sing, "Tu Tu Chu, Tu Tu Chu, Tu Tu Chu Chu, Tu Tu Chu Chu" to the tune of "Shake, shake, shake...shake, shake, shake...shake your body!"

She looks at me like I'm crazy.

Am I the only one whose heart skipped a beat when Britmum wrote "brilliant?" Just me then? Okay.

Um, I can't sing to save my life, not that it stops me. I just sing away from people that know any better (my wife, for one).

Some favorites over the years (more for the melody than the words, babies don't have an extended vocabulary):

Why Don't we Get Drunk (and Screw) by Buffett
Changes in Lattitudes (Buffett, again)
Little Miss Magic (Buffett, and it helps if you are actually singing to a female)

Okay, enough Buffett. Let's just say we listen to Buffett a lot in our house.

Smoke on the Water
Scooby Doo
the "I Love You" song from (gasp) Barney
(resist temptation to sing "let's hang Barney from a tree." usually)
Bloody Well Dead (Irish tune)
Bicycle Built for Two (Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do)
Black Velvet Band (apparently I'm on an Irish kick. Only when I'm drinking. Um.)
Livin' on a Prayer (or "Livin' on Credit")
Goodnite Moon (it's a real song. Really)

I better stop now, don't wanna hog your comments...

Couldn't sing you the actual words to "Hush Little Baby," but my Lady gets a rendition of "Hush Little Lady" for everything from being stuck in traffic to changing into pj's.

Lady loves Simon and Garfunkel, but lately she has fallen in LOVE with Jack Johnson. He's singing the soundtrack for the new Curious George mobie, and has released one song, "Upside Down." It's a guaranteed bouncing Lady rockin good time.

Funny... your post reminded me of the songs I used to make up...

(sung to "Do a Deer, a female deer...")

"Ka-thr-yn Addri-anne,
she's the little girl we love.
She can smile and fill her pants
and make noises like a dove..."

Thanks for taking me back down memory lane :)

Keep on singing :)

Wow! Those are very creative lyrics. I sang all sorts of different songs, whatever came to me when I was tired and desparate. My favorite is still "You are my sunshine."

And I wonder why I've never won parenting awards:

The River, Springsteen was the only thing that calmed my man-child when he was a babe and only when the man-man sang it.

As he got older, the man-man got him to sing the Motorcycle song a.k.a Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf. (Which I then had to learn... do you have any idea how many lyrics there are to that song?)

In the more kid-friendly genre, a bunch of old French songs including Au Clair de la Lune and A la Claire Fontaine...

Now the boy makes up songs about loving his mom and dad (my favourite) or pirates or knights. More tradiotional folk-tale type ballads. This is why we have music playing 24/7.

loves to emote to Wash by Pearl Jam. (Could be worse, he could be emoting to Save You!) See photo here: (with his little guitar.)

I am raising a cool, if somewhat rebellious kid. No wonder... ha!

Love your blog, and Mia is a doll!

When I was very small, my dad would sing this song to me...

Go to sleepy little baby
When you wake,
you will get some cake
With all the pretty little ponies

Obviously it's his own adaptation of "All The Pretty Little Horses". It was very sweet, and one of my favorite childhood memories of my dad, who is now 84, and still just as sweet.

I never sang to my son very much, because I simply cannot sing well. Of course, it just could be that I can't remember, since he's 20 now!

Hmmm. I started singing "Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music in the shower every morning before he was born, so I'd have an ace in the hole later. It soothes him well. And I made up words to go to the tune of Mama's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird - "Good night little William, mama loves you so. Tonight while you are sleeping, you will grow and grow. In your dreams so bright I hope you find your heart's delight... and when you wake up smiling, Daddy will pick you up!"
Ain't it grand, having a teensy little one to sing to?

My kids both had two special songs. Cass had "Dream a Little Dream of Me' and 'Baby Mine', Rosey has 'My Funny Valentine' and 'Go to Sleep'. Both will wiggle and fuss if I sing the wrong song to the wrong kid.

Bye Bye Blackbird
Red River Valley
You are my Sunshine (although they like the Sarah MacLaughlin version better)
Mr Sandman

It's so sweet, reading what everyone sings to their children!

I sing the Lawrence Welk finale song "good nigh, sleep tight, pleasant dreams to's a kiss and prayer that all your dreams come true...and then, until we meet again...

I used to sing "Blue eyes" and a variety of our church song (with my words substituted) 10 month old likes some classic favorites with her names included in them, BUT....

Her Favorite is "MY HUMPS" by the black eyed peas.

I had to sing that in the car for over an hour, because I forgot the cd.....

Ugly Bug Ball and probably a lot of 50s and 60s stuff. those would be my picks.

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