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My dirty Valentine

Yesterday, as a Valentine's gift for Chris, I did one of the dirtiest things I have ever done.

I cleaned our master bathroom.

The cleaning lady and I parted ways back in October, and since then I have cleaned our bathroom, well, I'm going to say twice and hope that you all will still love me if I admit that maybe it has only been once. It was filthy, especially since one of us (and I'm not naming names here, but I'm sure you can figure it out) tends to pee on the floor.

Speaking of Chris, he has offered to clean the bathroom but I will not let him because I volunteered for this housewife thing and therefore it is my job. So yes, not only have I spent months not cleaning the bathroom, I have refused to allow anyone else to clean the bathroom due to some sort of June Effing Cleaver pride. It's magic living with me I tell you.

I have an excuse! Up until a week and a half ago the only places Mia ever slept were on me or in my room (or on me and in my room). Yesterday, she took her first ever nap in her crib, and then she took her second ever nap in her crib and I, as I believe I have mentioned, used the time to get dirty.

I was going to post a picture of my sparkling clean bathroom as proof, but decided that was weird, so I'll go with this one instead.

This would be cuter if you could see that we were wearing matching barettes, but I am consoled by my ability to photoshop out the honking big zit between my eyes.

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Why is it that men pee on the floor? I mean, I understand the standing up business. You're gonna have a little splash. But take a piece of toilet paper and WIPE IT UP! Cleaning the bathroom is such a chore for that reason.

Peeing on the floor. Ha! And I thought we were a civilized society!

How is it that you get to look like you're still 21?

We live in a world where we tell anyone and everyone with an internet connection terribly intimate details about our lives. Posting pictures of your sparkling clean bathroom doesn't even come close to being weird. Having said that, I am glad that you shared this beautiful picture with me, uhm, us. You guys are just too cute for words.

Oh man, what a woman you are. I think I love you even more now that I know how long it's been since you cleaned your bathroom...

I loathe cleaning the bathroom. And it never occurs to my husband to clean, twice since October is probably pushing it for us as well. Matching barettes? The cute.

I love Mike a little more now that I know he's not the only grown man in the world who still can't aim.
Mia is such a doll! And her mama ain't so bad either!

But you see are NOT supposed to TELL us that you photoshopped the zit out. We think you are perfect. Don't wreck my dream. ;)

Imagine what the bathrooms look like since I have a husband AND two sons. They are piggies.

Bown chicka bown bown....Cleaning the bathroom is very romantic. I like the pic.

Imagine the incredible quantities of pee on the floor and back of the toilet seat in my house- 3 boys!!! And they all deny doing it. Drives me insance. I keep those Clorox wipes on the floor next to the toilet and showed each of them how all you have to do is pull one out, wipe up the pee, drop wipe in toilet and flush! For some reason this is an impossibility. I am tempted at times to let it sit there until one of them cleans it but I fear the dept. of health would condmn our home before that happens. So I clean.....

It's okay that you pee on the floor. We all understand.

I have that weird thing about not wanting Jake to clean for me. Even though I work outside the home, and in all fairness he shares equal responsibility for the cleaning. I still kinda feel like it's my job. Women all over the world are getting ready to eject me from the union, I know.

You're totally not the only one who doesn't clean your bathroom. The only thing worse than having a man pee on the floor, is having a man w/ a gotee that constantly needs trimming, so there are tiny little hairs all around the sink... *Blech* But even as much as I hate the hairs, I hate cleaning that bathroom worse than that... but your post has inspired me, since my Mother-in-Law will be staying at hour house while we're in the hospital w/ baby (to save a lil' money by not staying in a hotel)... I totally need to go clean that bathroom... lest she think me a slob.

if i leave the cleaning of the bathroom long enough, mike gets fed up and does it himself without telling me...

but that only happens if i've left the bathroom for a VERY long time...

yay to mia for sleeping all by herself in a crib! whoot!!!

I'm glad that my 7 yr old does clean up his "splash." Sad that he could teach DH a few things.. LOL!

It is so reassuring to know that there are other people who let cleaning the bathroom slide. We have three and a half baths, and sometimes I just do not feel like spending a my spare time cleaning all of them.

Also, yay for Mia napping in her crib!

Yeah a certain someone pees on the floor around the toilet here do. Then if the kids don't get on the seat just right, well there's more of a mess. That is such a cute close up!

I am a self-proclaimed photoshop genius. Send me the picture. I'll erase your zit.

Now tell me THAT statement wasn't weird. o:)

Oh, man. I totally relate. I want to be a domestic goddess b/c I am the one staying at home w/the baby, but I have a hard time cleaning too AND a very hard time letting my husband do it when he offers.

LOL I needed that. I'm a clean freak, and I had to put that on hold the first year of my sons life. He only sleep on me too--you know what I miss that.

Ok, I am the worst cleaner ever. My house is calamitously messy. Really. Ask my friends. Oh wait, I never invite them over because of it.Anyway...

But at least you have a bathroom. They are in the midst of redoing ours, and let me tell you it sucks. In fact, I would recommend letting your tub fall through the floor into the living rather than undertaking this kind of renovation... never mind cleaning it.


Shit, I don't clean or cook. I think that is a great gift. And the pic is adorable.

You are a better wife than I. We have 2 bathrooms. I clean the "guest bathroom" since that is the bathroom I use the most.

I refuse to clean the bathroom in our bedroom. I think hubby should help out and that is his responsibility. It is DISGUSTING in there and I refuse to clean it.

Can you photoshop all my big honking zits out too?

This reminds me that I've let cleaning slide just a tad too long this time too...the toilet and sink don't bother me, but I HATE cleaning the shower. Go figure. More than all of that though, I hate doing the dishes. I long for the day when I have a grown up house instead of just an apartment, and I shall have a dishwasher!

First, you're ridiculously gorgeous. No wonder Mia looks as she does.

Second, he offered to clean up his own pee and ... you... declined...? um...HUH?


Haha. Funny thing. I actually believed you when you said you were 31. You're such a kidder.

Seriously, I thought "who's the cute babysitter?" Now Chris is going to have to come over and punch me... =(

And isn't it just typical that "spare time" means an opportunity to clean the bathroom.

I love hearing about other people not cleaning their bathroom, especially when there are two people who COULD be doing it. It's nice to know there are others out there.

And ditto what everyone else said -- the pic is adorable and you look way too young to procreate.

Cute picture! Is that a new hair style for you?

Great pic! I must admit I can't even remember when I last cleaned our ensuite!

Wow, we had the same idea! Our master bathroom (aka the only bathroom in the house) was also disgusting and I told CD to please clean it for Valentine's Day - because in volunteering for this housewife thing, I decided that I should have a clean slate - er, floor - to work with....

Hope the rest of the night included some fine without the Lysol and rubber gloves...


I'm stopping now :)

You look so cute in this picture!
Yeah, my husband pees on the floor, too. I make him atleast move the bath mat (which is annoyingly close to the toilet due to our small bathroom) before he pees.

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