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Sell out

So, I now have ads. What, you didn't notice? Check out the new Fishmarket (ha! so clever!) section in my sidebar. Those are my ads. No, really! Not bad, right? Don't worry, nothing is going to pop up or flash or hijack your browser.

Anyway, you are free to ignore them or click them as you see fit. (But, you know, if you want to click them that would be cool with me because I really want to do some shopping for Mia. Can you believe she's over six months old and doesn't own a single purse? What kind of terrible mother am I?)

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Uhm, Beth...what are the cats now? Chopped liver??!!

very nice...your ads are tasteful and not obnoxious in the least...I will click them for being so tactfully presented...

OK, I clicked so that Mia could have a purse. :-)

click click click!

Actually, i want bigger ads-- if you hadn't told me they were there, I would have been so starstruck by Mia's beautiful picture, I never would have scrolled down... I love the sidebar with her photo in it!

so, i will totally click on your ads only because a) they are very tasteful and b) ummm, HELLLO WOMAN, the girl is 6 months old and no purse?!?!?! that's bordering on child abuse. hi thee to the baby bag place and use my measly clicks to get that girl a bag or two!!! =P

I'll click. :-) But could you know, e-mail me and tell me about this ad business. Like - Does it really make you some cash? And what's involved?

Totally of topic, but Beth, I've been wondering; what are altoids?
And does being freakishly flexible mean you can do the splits without pain? I know from RC that you CAN do the splits, but I've never before made contact with anybody who can do it without experiencing agony, so it would be interesting to note whether you do as well.

Anyway, you are not a terrible mother. You would only be classed as a terrible mother if Mia Bean reaches twenty-one and has never in her life owned a purse (just checking, are we talking PURSE purse, or the American version of 'handbag'?), been to a music concert of any kind, tasted red wine, or received an "I've been a very brave girl" sticker from the dentists whether she deserves it or not.

There you go. Expert advice from someone childfree. Bet you feel completely better and reassured now, right?

...Whaddaya mean 'NO'???

I agree, the ads look nice.

By the time she's 5 she'll have tons of purses. My daughter has about 10 that she puts her barbie's, writing pad, those fake credit cards from the offers in the mail, and her hairbrush in to carry around. If she lost it in a store, someone would be really disappointed if they were hoping for cash.

Glad they're unobtrusive. :)

there i clicked them all. remind me again in afew weeks, and i will do it again.

Awww. I remember my first purse. Good times. I stuffed it with credit card offers and a hairbrush, too.

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