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The best part

Have I mentioned how much I love my life right now? Have I mentioned that spending every waking moment (oh yeah, and every non-waking moment too) with Mia is the greatest thing I have ever experienced? Did I remember to tell you that I am thankful every single minute that I am able to do this, to be here, to spend all my time just being a mommy?

But the best part, my favorite part of my day every day is when Chris gets home from work and I get to watch him and Mia light up at the sight of each other. There's something about the people you love the most loving each other than is even better than those people loving you. When Mia starts to wiggle and giggle and reach for her daddy, and when Chris drops his laptop and with it his stress and worry over supporting us and I can see how truly madly in love they are, well that - that is when I stand in awe of my life.

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That is so wonderful! I'm glad you are happy with your decision to stay at home.

When I watch the kids playing together and my heart just about bursts, I manage to hold it together until I look at my husband. His face all lit up and smiling while watching his children and I think...THIS is what we are doing right. Whodathunk?

Wow, that's beautiful. I can just picture it. Thanks for sharing.


Staying home with our kids was the best decision for us too and it's so awesome to see every little milestone as they grow up.

I laughed at your for the record post. I'm sure she'll like other things soon.

Just wait until she's a toddler, and she can also exclaim "Daddy!" in that "this is the most exciting moment of my life!" voice and run into his arms at full speed and almost knocks him down. Words don't do the moment justice, but you'll love it when you see it.

I completley understand, though I may come off a little brass, I secretly covet this time at home!!

wow, i hope i get to have that feeling some day, sounds wonderful!

My ovaries are aching now.

Thanks Beth ; )

Ps- this was so cute I wanted to cry.

My baby runs to dad and begs to be picked up so she can play with his name tag. it IS a wonderful time of the day!

Thanks so much for the reminder of how blessed I am to be a mama and get to stay home with my sweet girl! The last few days have been kind of rough and I am tired-physically and emotionally- from spending nearly every waking hour with a 4 1/2 month old. Reading your post reminded me how lucky I am- to be with her AND to see her and her daddy together. It IS the best thing ever!Thanks!

What I love about you, Beth, is that you GET it.

It's just nice to read your take on things. Thank you.

My daughter is 3. I went back to work when my MatLeave ended - just before she turned 1. I don't work full time though - one day Grammie comes over to look after her, and then I work Saturdays and Monday Nights so her Daddy is home with her.

My favourite is on Saturdays, she has the door open before I've even got the car stopped and she squeals and runs and laughs and then jumps in my arms and says, "Mommy, you came back! I missed you SO MUCH!" and kisses and hugs me.


I DO know that feeling, and you are right. Sitting back and seeing your husband and your child adore each other - that's the best.

That is really sweet...almost too sweet :) I'm kidding! You are very lucky, I felt the same way when I was home with my kids too. And then it was time for them to go to hard to let go. But now (in 3rd and 4th grade) I can't get rid of them fast enough!!! :) Ahahahahaha, again, I'm kidding. Kinda.
P.S. LOVE the picture in the sidebar.

For the record, it's the best part of my day too...coming home to the women I love :-)

Jeez, I'm already antsy enough to start a family without your blog to prod me along. :P

Again with the baby pains - man, your posts are making me long to have a baby so much my reproductive organs are crying out loud and clear!

Yes, all I can say is that I have that exact same wonderfully fulfilling part of my life too. I love being able to be with her all the time even though all the women in my moms group say she needs to be in mothers day out learning more. I just brush them off I mean come on she hasnt even turned two yet! The whole school learning crap can wait! I am still just being totally in love with her and I dont want to give up one second with her! My favorite part of the day is also when daddy comes home. One cause I am so excited he is home since I miss him so much when he is gone but the best is because Gwyn gets the most excited look on her face, the brightest smile and jumps out of my lap running to the door screaming DADDY DADDY DADDY over and over till he drops his stuff and picks her up. Its simply wonderful and something I have to say I will never forget. Life is very good right now...I can honestly say it couldnt be better and thatd saying alot!

That was said so beautifully!

That is beautiful. I hope one day I can feel the same. I'm glad you all are so happy! :)

Lovely! Yes, and Chris understands that there is no better gift he can give you than to love her as madly as you do-- and no better gift her can give her than to love you as madly as she does.

even "he" can give her. Need. Coffee.

As a grandma it is so refreshing to read your blog, and see how much in love you are with your husband and your baby. Enjoy these wonderful, lovely days as you watch your beautiful child grow.

I, too, am there.

I know what you mean. When my son came home on leave from the Army my heart melted to see him with his older sister. They love each other so much. I watched them go out running together and I thought, "life doesn't get much better".

They fought like crazy when they were younger! (Mia is a little doll!)

You are blessed for sure, Beth.
And I said it once but I'll say it again....
that baby of yours, beautiful. I mean really. She could be a model.

You are an inspiration!

Your descripton of what it is like to watch Chris and Mia brought a tear to my eyes. I can't wait until I can experience moments like these.

Beautifully put, Beth. Just beautiful.

Everyday, my son (almost 5) comes home from kindergarten and asks, "Did Gracie cry because she missed me today?" We always answer yes. They light up for each other too. It is so precious, and not in the freaky, slimy Gollum way. There is also a special light that comes to her eye whenever she looks at her daddy. They truly are in love. It is so sweet, and just when I don't think my heart could melt again, it does.

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