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This is going to come as a shock to you

Brace yourselves.

I fucking hate firemen.

Sure sure, something is on fire. Whatever. That is no excuse to drive past my house with your big stupid truck and loud stupid sirens and wake up my baby.

Assholes. I will never forgive you. Not even if you show up at my house wearing the boots and the pants and the suspenders and the hat but no shirt.

Well ok, maybe then.

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wow...first the cleaning the firemen? You're become a fierce mamma!

and I obviously can't spell after a glass of shiraz...replace "you're" with "you've"

thank you!

What if they show up without the pants? Creepy or forgivable?

I guess if I ask, "What is the female fascination with firemen," I'll get the equally mind boggling response from the fairer sex, "So what is the fascination with cheerleaders?"


It really is all about the uniform...

yeah I was going to say No no, that's too much. Shirtless, suspenders, hat and boots, yeah I'll set my house on fire for some of that ;)

You forgive too easily, you know. If they wake you or Mia, you shouldn't forgive unless they save your damn life.

I can semi-understand but really Beth, that's just blasphemy! :) AHAHAHA!

Whoa, whoa, whoa-- I step off the map for a bit and return to this? What have you done with Beth??

beware the mama bear!

That totally sucks. Even worse is when your hubby is a cop, and his friends drive by the house at all hours and blip the sirens (or the loudspeaker) just to "say hi", and wake your kids AND you.

But I can see why you might forgive them, if they look totally hot. Maybe then.

Those bastard firemen. I think we've had the firemen conversation before? If not, I do believe that you are to invite me over if said shirtless fireman shows up.

Also? I went to sign my son up for little league this past weekend...I was the only woman in a town hall FULL of really cute men. This is going to be a fun summer. You need to have a boy next.

heehee. do you live less than half a block from the fire station? i'm guessing not, because by now you'd be so used to the sirens you hardly notice them anymore, even when they go off at 3 in the morning... ;)

My dad's a fireman, but you'd really like him, I promise! :)

I hate street cleaners! I can live with trashy streets if they stop waking up my baby @ 3 am!

I can totally sympathize! My son's room faces the busy street, and when he was a baby, I would cringe whenever I heard a siren. Don't they know the baby is SLEEPING?? And these are the precious moments we weary mothers are living for each day? I don't care if they are off to save lives. The. Baby. Is. Sleeping. Would it kill you to tiptoe? Sheesh.

Thankfully, my daughter's room faces the backyard, so I don't worry about the sirens anymore.

Evil, evil people awaking Mia so cruelly from her slumbers and upsetting her brilliant mommy.

Can't really see the fascination with firemen, really, anyway. Tend to always leave me cold.

Give me a subtly muscled and handsome but understated librarian in sexy black rimmed glasses and a shirt open at the collar, and I'll be swooning even before he's stamped my returns in...

...But then, I'm quirky.

Good luck hunting them down.


PS: confession; got to say, if Johnny Depp or John Hannah appeared before me in a fireman's uniform, I doubt I would say no.
...I mean, of course, Mike, obviously, I WOULD say 'no', no, it was just a figure of speech sweetheart...Of course they're not as handsome as YOU are, darling...No, I am NOT seeing either of them behind your back (chance would be a fine thing...) AND NO, THAT DOES *NOT* ENTITLE YOU TO ENGAGE YOURSELF IN PLANS OF FORNICATION WITH WILLOW FROM BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER...

I did a double-take on that second sentence. Word order is critical there.

LOL. Pesky firefighters.

I hate firemen too. Seriously. For a whole different set of reasons though:

And I thought I was the only one hating public servants in loud vehicles... I also hate:

1) My stupid neighbors with their shitty house music booming way too much bass every time they come or leave in their cars because it can be heard in every room of my house and wakes my baby (and me) up.

2) The mailman AND the UPS guy who obviously cannot read. Why do I assume this? Because when I put a freaking sign on my door, front and center, that says "DO NOT KNOCK. Leave packages on chair" they still knock - AND THEN THEY LEAVE. What is the point? To trick me into thinking I have animated packages that knock by themselves? Assholes.

I feel your pain. We had a rough night, too. But by the looks of your account, yours might have been worse. Hope tonight is better and that there are no fires nearby.

I know your pain I have a fire station two blocks from my house and my street is like the freeway to all other streets! Sometimes I wanna go down there and ask them not to put on the sirens until they are past my house!

We live up the street from a hospital. And I don't hear them anymore... although you know, I did call 911 by mistake once, and they sent the hottest cop on the force to make sure I was ok. ("Well, I can really bad if you'd like to cuff and frisk me." )

I do feel for you though... could Mia be getting more teeth.


If you find yourself still unable to forgive those dastardly firemen, would you be so kind as to point them in my direction? Thanks so much!

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