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Yay for topics. Mia is actually sleeping (at least at the moment) so let's knock a few of these out, shall we?

Bethany wanted to know about the last book I read and the last movie I saw. The last book I finished was Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire. Don't bother. I'm currently reading Cell by Stephen King. Now, I am a fan of Stephen King and will happily argue with anyone that he is a good and unfairly criticized writer, but zombies are zombies and so far, this is just another zombie story. Not bad, just a little too predictable. I honestly can't remember the last movie I saw. I have watched a few since Mia was born, but not many and not in quite a while.

Pammer asked a good one, who would I cast to play me and Chris in the movie about our lives. For Chris, I would cast Brad Pitt circa A River Runs Through It because at the time that movie came out they looked almost exactly alike. For me, how about Audrey Tautou. She's cuter than me, but I'm picking.

speckledpup apparently got me confused with my husband and posted about guitars. Try one blog over.

GranolaSpice (who has given up blogging to my great sadness) inquired as to whether she could take a trip to L.A. with only one purse. Now, I can barely take a trip to the grocery store with only one purse, but if you can go to an entirely different city more power to you and I demand that you identify the purse in question so I can go get one immediately.

mo-wo is pondering whether the Bingo of musical note is a farmer or a dog. I sing this song to Mia a lot, and now my head hurts from trying to figure it out. I believe it is all a matter of commas. Wanna vote? Bingo was the farmer's name-o or the dog's name-o?

dawn threw out pirates, so I will tell you my best (and only) pirate story. I had LASIK a couple of years ago (best six large I have ever spent, even though it hurt like a motherfucker) and the informed consent form included "eye loss" as a possible risk. I joked with Chris that if I lost an eye I was going to force them to give me a parrot so that I could be a pirate. Anyway, I went in for a pre-op meeting with some random office person and as I handed over the informed consent form started making jokes about the parrot. Apparently I had forgotten that the poor woman didn't live in my head. She hussled me out of her office right quick after that.

Sheryl totally surprised me by confessing that she thinks Simon Cowell is hott, and I am sure that Sheryl doesn't throw that second t around lightly, but he just doesn't do it for me. Vote number 2! Do you think Simon is hott? Hott enough for a second t?

Ok, I think you are all bored enough now. More topics later! Or tomorrow! Or, you know, sometime!

(Oooh, wait! Vote number three! Is it bad that I think Mia's pediatrician is a little cute? I mean, I'm not going to jump him or anything since I'm married and all and also not that fond of doctors, but he is definitely a little cute in that dorky nerd boy way that I like so much. Is that bad? Do any of you think your pediatricians are hott?)

Comments (29)

1) Bingo is the dog
2) SC is so NOT hot, not with any number of t's
3) Nah, it's fine to the ped is cute. I think it's got a little to do with them being smart and the fact that they care about your baby. It's a little murkier when you think your OB/GYN is HOTT (mine was).

Um *think*...It's fine to think the ped is cute!

1) Bingo's the dog.
2) Simon is hot compared to Randy & Paula, otherwise...not really. He sure thinks he is though. I bet he thinks he's hottT!
3) Sure. You can think the pediatrician's hot(t), if you want. :)
4) I just made up number 4.. I'm sure you have plenty of books to read yourself, but if you haven't read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan yet, it's a pretty good book. :) I'm normally a read-and-giveaway/sell, so when I find a (literal) keeper, I have to tell everyone about it. ;)

My pediatrician is a crusty old man who we ADORE because HE will call US when The Swimmy is sick and therefore he is the hottest of hott. Even Husband has a crush on him.

However, the OB-gyn, is legitimately attractive and that? unnerves me a bit.

1) I always sang it, "There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o." I'd say that Bingo is the dog - just insert the implied word "who" after farmer.
2) Nope, Simon doesn't do it for me.
3) It's fine that you think your pediatrician is cute - I think my hair stylist is cute, and even though I think he's straight I'd never do anything about it.

1. Bingo is the dog of course!
2. Simon is ok, maybe hot with one "t", definalty not two! Without the accent he wouldnt even be a one t hot.
3. ONe of the doctors at our ped's office isnt necessarily hot, but he is a dead ringer for Clay Aiken! Nothing wrong with admiring attractive people!

i always went with the dog being Bingo.
none of Cam's pediatricians were hot or hott... but i did have a crush on his surgeon.

I want to chime in on the purse issue. I often carry only one purse when I travel. And that one bag is my black nylon kate spade sam bag. It's versatile and holds a lot of crap. Also, the flat bottom means it stands up and it's sharp corners are good for shoving into rude people who don't understand personal space on a subway. Did I mention I bought it when we lived in NYC?

And yes, Bingo was the dog. Simon not cute in any way, shape or form, and perfectly OK if Mia's doctor is eye candy.

1) Bingo is the dog. I'm 37 stinkin years old and Bingo has been the dog my whole life and it is not good to make old people rethink their entire lives,people!

2) Simon has his hot moments. I would not, however, give him the extra 't' because he's so MEAN.

3) It's all a matter of perspective. My pediatrician doens't do anything for me, but my husband thinks she's a cutie. I don't think there's anything wrong with you thinking your Doc is cute, though.

after much debate, we're pretty sure bingo is the dog-o because, as my husband put it, farmers have much more serious names than bingo. we have however opened it up to total Fark. the TF'ers will debate for some time and then we will report back. likely on lowlevelrebel, because i'll probably forget where this post/comment is.

1) Bingo is the dog.
2) Simon Cowell is neither hot, nor hott (though Brad Pitt is, and was in A River Runs Through it, but Chris is your husband so he is not hot or hott either, because I want to LIVE).
3) Yes, it's okay that you think your pediatrician is a little cute. He probably thinks you are a little cute too.

1) Most definitely the dog.
3) If the pediatrician is hot, he's hot. There is simply nothing that can be done about it. Having neither a child nor a pediatrician for said child, I do not think that my nonexistent child's pediatrician is hot. I mean no offense to said nonexistent child's pediatrician, I just don't like him like THAT.

1)Bingo is the game with the daubers that old ladies play at church.
2)Simon Cowell is hott (with two t's) in an old-lady-who-plays-bingo-at-church kind of way.
3)Hot pediatricians are hard to come and cherish thy hot pediatrician.

1) So the dog. Do not argue on this! My world will explode.
2) No one that nasty could be hot, with any number of Ts.
3) Enjoy the hott.

1. Dog
2. No
3. No

I seem to be with the majority, so I will just leave it at that.

1) Bingo is the dog. The way I learned to sing it was, "There was a man who had a dog and Bingo was his name-o"

2) I can see how someone might think Simon Cowell is attractive. Unfortunately, he opens his mouth and destroys the whole facade.

3) Our pediatrician is not hot, but I wouldn't have a problem admitting it if the pediatrician was hot. There is nothing wrong with admitting the obvious.

Loved the pirate story! I do things like that too, where I forget that people aren't in my head with me. I scare people. I have actually had people say, "You scare me." Powerful feeling, it is. Argh!

Yes, hot (with 2 t's)!! I admit it surprises me too, but after watching Xfactor (british) last Fall I was having dreams about him - and girlfriend, I'm tellin' ya he's hott!!

And Bingo is the dog - damnit - he's the dog!!

What happened to Mia Monday?

Awwww. What a doll!

1) Bingo is the dog.

2) I disagree that Simon is attractive until he opens his mouth. I think the accent is the only thing he has going for him.

3) Our pediatrician is not attractive in any way. However, I'm one of those with a HOTT (and maybe a third T) ob/gyn. I look forward to my yearly visits with an undenialable glee. My husband swears the doc is the only reason why I wanted to have more kids.

And I think if I lost an eye, I would forget the parrot and go more the Captain Jack Sparrow type of pirate route. True, he didn't have a patch, but you could drink more.

1- Bingo is the dog.
2- Simon is not particularly hot, and no extra T.
3- Nothing wrong with thinking the ped is cute.

I got Son of a Witch as a gift but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I was hoping it would be good, since I liked Wicked.

My pediatrician is a no I don't think she's hot. When I was a kid my stepmom thought my dentist was cute and she made me tell him every time I went to see him. So as long as you don't do that to Mia you'll be fine.

I always knew Bingo was the dog...until I read your post and now I will wallow in the depths of uncertainty about it forever. Very annoying.


Bingo is definitely the dog.

I love a good pirate joke. I would not have chased you out of my office for cracking wise about a parrot.

Simon = not hott in my opinion, but to each her own.

And I say there's nothing wrong with thinking your pediatrician is cute.

1. Dog
2. Who?
3. Eye candy's always good. Mines dorky-hot too. My grandmom appreciated eye-candy her whole life and she lived to be 96. Im just sayin.

1. I'm so relieved that everyone else thinks Bingo is the dog. I completely panicked when I realized it could be interpreted another way.

2. Simon does not even get 1 "t" in my book. I guess that makes him a ho.

3. I also have a female pediatrician, so I can't relate. But I will vote that I don't see anything wrong with you privately finding your Dr. attractive.

1) Pretty sure, Bingo is the dog.
2) Simon is not hot, now matter how you spell it.
3) I wouldn't worry about it, unless you start drooling. My kids Pediatrician is a sixty-five year old man, so um... no.
Two more things, 1. I love the idea of Chris being played by the old Brad Pitt in the movie. 2. I just bought the Cell the other day, now I'm not sure I want to read it. Is it even simi-decent?

I have to confess, the pediatrician is hot. No, make that hott. Hott enough for the extra t. What makes it worse is that he's a family doctor, so he's also my doctor and my husband's doctor. He actually handled my husband's - um. you know. - in front of me. Uh...yeah.

Pediatrician, no, but one of the docs that works in our office is way hot. Worthy of maybe even three T's!

Simon Cowell is hot, hott, HOTT! :)

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