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Two ways you can tell we've been together forever

1. Our 13th anniversary was... um... a couple of weeks ago. Whoops, missed it. Don't care.

2. A transcript of a conversation we had this morning, in it's entirety.

Me: Mexico
Him: Ah.

Him: Grow on trees?
Me: I think so.

Made total sense to us.

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So the interpretation IS forthcoming, right? Cause that is going to bug me forever, trying to figure out what that means!

Now that's love.

Actually, I was with my ex for over 20 years and we never communicated like that. I think it's more a sign of your special relationship than of time together. I wish you 13 more and then 13 more and 13 more and so on....

I love those conversations. Except when you both THINK you're having the same conversation and instead you've just agreed to something you would never agree to, even if very drunk. Ah well. Love is funny like that.

That means you want to go to Mexico and money grows on trees?

Talking about avacados? heh. You guys are too cute.

We forgot ours last year. I actually remembered the day at 10:30 when we laid down for bed. LOL I wouldn't be able to figure out your conversation by those words but I'll agree with your PP's or maybe you should fill us in.

You guys are so cute.

Actually I think American money is made out of blue jeans.

oh yeah we have conversations like that all the time. And people around us are all..."wtf?"
But ours usually end in "Bitch"
aaaahhh love

So, was that a "feelings" talk?

I'm guessing that's a conversation about coffee... whatever it is, I understand... my husband and I have conversations like that sometimes... :) At least you didn't wake up this morning, and wish one another Happy Valentines Day, only to look at the calendar and realize it's only the 13th.... *sigh*

yay for you guys, you seem like a great march it will have been 8 years for us...awe, true love, lol.

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