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Baby of many talents

You really ought to turn up the sound for this one.

Hey, should I took it personally that I went to a "New Moms Support Group" this morning and nobody else showed up?

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What a sweetheart!!! And I wouldn't take it personally about the "New Moms Support Group". Maybe they just can't handle all the cuteness with Mia and what not. Who knows?

Hehe. Good burp. Too cute.

Wow, she is REALLY close to crawling, isn't she!? Poor Pixel.

As always, she's impossibly adorable.

It is just so cute and funny when she gets stuck between sitting and crawling. I had to laugh out loud. And the constant clapping is adorable too. Enjoy! Thanks for letting us watch her grow up too!

She sure is trying hard. She is a cutie.

DOn't you just want to move that leg for her?
"good burp"

These baby clips are like, 100x better than anything anyone has ever posted on a blog. Ever. They are so, so fun.

Especially when you say things like, "Good Burp."

Beth, she's so awesome.

(I wouldn't take it personally, either.)

Man, oh man! She just gets cuter and cuter!

Too cute. How is it that we love when our babies burp - even pat them on the back to encourage it. And then spend the rest of their childhood years saying "Don't burp, that's rude." ??? ;)

Wow Beth-you relly have bad luck. First playgroup, now this. I loved my new moms group, thts how myplaygroup formed, but once again, montgomery county.

Can my 12 month old boy and I meet you somewhere, aren't in VA?

Dude, I'm telling you, it's that email that you sent last week.

So cute. She looks so big. I love the clapping. And um, I wouldn't worry about the Support Group thing. It's not you, it's them. :)

Awe!!I can't wait for my lil man to start clapping! Heck, he's not even sitting up yet. She is adorable. Seriously.

Cute. I don't know if I liked the clapping or the burp best.

She really is pretty

oh jeez, she wants to crawl so badly! thanks for the clip!

I love how she's clapping...but she's not too sure of herself.

Sorry about nobody showing up. They all suck!

I see what you mean about "can't quite get over that front leg." She's so close! Any minute now!

Thanks for the adorable footage!

She has the most kissable pillow cheeks in the history of ever.

i'm a freak without a sound card in my computer, but your little girl is adorable regardless. and, apparently, i missed a rather good burp.


Maybe they all looked in, said 'oh, shes a fantastic mom, can't be new at it... I'm in the wrong place'... and left ;)))

She is such a pretty baby! My goodness! That burp was classic. I watched it like three times.

Nah, don't take it personally-- nobody else knows you showed up, right?

Oh those little hands!! SO cute!! :)

(clap clap clap)...mmmmMMMmm *BURP*...

So. Freakin. Cute.

Yes, you should take it personally. What the hell???? lol

Love it!

Look at that tummy! I just want to squish it and blow strawberries on it. You know, in a non-weird way. :D

I love the video sharing. Pictures are great but it's so cool to see her in action too.

don't you love those burps that just pop up whenever, and it doesn't phase them one bit! Love the clapping, so sweet.

yay mia!!! clap away :)

only if they knew you planning on attending....

Im another freak without a soundcard!!!

Yay, clapping!

You were probably the only new mom who was together enough to make it out the door. :)

AWWWWWWWW! She claps! She's younger than Damien and he still won't do it! Oh well! Cute video!

I can't believe that no one showed up! I can imagine you were a bit peeved!

That burp was hilarious.

omg. i'm in LOVE with her! she's so like "BURRRRRP - that was a lovely dinner momma...yaayyyy! *clapclapclap*"

MAN she's cute! I like how well the recording picked up the sounds of her breathing, her little verbalizations, her burp. Baby noises - all of them - are amazing to me.

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