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I'm a little shocked that he's letting me blog this

Our conversation over dinner:

Chris: Oh, did you see what well-known artist who we have seen is doing a full Judy Garland concert?
Beth: Someone we've seen live?
Chris: Yup.
Beth: I dunno. Peter Gabriel.
Chris: No. As soon as you hear you are going to say "duh."
Beth: Oh, Rufus Wainwright. Duh.
Chris: That's it.
Beth: See, the thing about Rufus is that I know he's gay, but I would still do him. So would most people, I think.
Chris: You're right. Hell, I'd almost do him.
Beth: Dude, I am so telling the internet you said you would do Rufus Wainwright.
Chris: The hell you are. I said almost.

From this we learn that my husband is comfortable with his sexuality and I am uncomfortable with Rufus Wainwright's sexuality. Also, we saw him sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in concert, so I should have guessed much faster.

As I was writing this, I had a vague feeling that I had written about my little crush on Rufus before. I was right. Although in the previous entry I only wanted to lick him, so apparently I am escalating.

Oh! And I also remember that I had a troll on the earlier entry who told me that Rufus wouldn't want an ugly bitch like me even if he were straight, so don't trouble yourselves with that one - already been done.

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I looooove Rufus Wainwright!! You've seen him live? that rocks :)

"And I also remember that I had a troll on the earlier entry who told me that Rufus wouldn't want an ugly bitch like me even if he were straight, so don't trouble yourselves with that one - already been done."

And THAT is exactly why trolls should live under a bridge!

Rufus who?? Never heard of him. But, now that I've clicked on the link you provided, is it just me, or does he kind of resemble your husband?

Heh. Out for dinner a few nights ago with a group of friends, and our waiter was gay in that stereotypical sort of way, and he kept friendily (so not a word, but meh) touching my one boy on the shoulder. I kinda laugh at D..."You okay honey?" "Yeah, I'm secure enough in my HETEROsexuality." "Down boy. I'm pretty sure you're safe." lol. I doubt he could've said it louder. I likely won't let him forget it for a while.

I love hearing about your conversations. They crack me up!

Is Rufus gonna do a Bette Midler and Cher review next? I do have to agree that Judy Garland is the best of all the ... is there a term for "random female performers that the gay community has for some reason gravitated towards"?


I've never commented on your site before, though I read it quite frequently. I just feel this unnatural need to tell you that I went to high school with Rufus Wainwright. Yes, I can truly say I knew him when...he was 14 years old. I've never told anyone this, but I guess the fact that you want to lick him and maybe do dirty things with him brings out the inner 16 year old in me that wants you to know that not only have I seen him in the flesh, but I've actually hung out with him. When he was between 14 and 18 years old though. So there. Now you will love me and worship the ground I walk on.

He really is a truly gifted performer. We knew it then, quite profoundly. I'm always happy to know other people share this sentiment. Especially when it is shared by straight men.

We love Rufus so much we named a kitty after him. :)

good lord, what is UP with the trolls? ;)

i like that your conversations with chris sound as comfortable as mine do with my husband. it makes things fun! kind of like a sitcom, but just we're not making lots of money at it.


rufus wainwright has such an amazing voice.

He's very lickable.

I can believe Chris didn't put up a stink about you posting that conversation. He wants to make sure the internet will side with him next time you guys fight. Seriously though, you two crack me up. You want to lick Rufus, that just killed me.

i have to agree with Manda, you husband does sort of resemble Rufus. anyway, ignore the troll. i don't understand people who write nasty comments. if you don't like a blog, just leave. simple!

anyway, Beth, Mia is getting wayyyyy too cute for her own good. her cheeks are so pinchable!

also, please post more pics of Mia. too cute!

In no way could anyone consider you to be "an ugly bitch" so don't worry about the intelligent deficient trolls. The poor dears can't help it.

But you knew that already. :)

Peter Gabriel...oh man that woulda been great. LMAO.

Wait, Rufus is your pediatrician?

I'm gettin' confused...

WHO is the weirdo e-cock-blocking Rufus Wainwright? Weirdo.

I'd rather see Peter Gabriel singing 'somewhere over the rainbow' --- oh -- and I've always thought that about Chris -- I'm just sayin' ... :-)

i ADORE rufus!! i always get excited when i find others who like him, too. yay for rufus! i, unfortunately, have never seem him live. and, knowing he's gay, i would totally do him, too. he's just too gorgeous not to.

Rufus is hawt! I would totally lick him. And, I think there is a little Chris-y resemblence going on there. But I do not want to lick Chris. Not that he's not lickable... but you know, aw crap, nevermind. I think I've commented myself into a corner, so to speak. I'll shut up now.

But if he likes ass, yours is smokin'!

I've heard of Rufus but have not really listened to him. I went to his sight though and he is HOT! Sad that most gay dudes are hot. Poop.

Again love the pics! Cute Cute Cute!

Of course, others have already said this, but you are one of the truly beautiful women I don't know from TV. So troll? Eat your heart out. Beth is actually beautiful.

I would be totally devastated if Peter Gabriel did a Judy Garland Concert.

Ah yes, good old Rufus--Judy Garland covers not a surprise, but probably very entertaining!! The favorite in our house is the Ben Folds/Rufus collaboration on a cover of Wham's "Careless Whispers" WHICH we have seen live in concert :) Priceless.

I saw Mandy Patinkin sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on Letterman, and I loved it, loved it, loved it, but I still would not do him.

oh my, rufus is mightly lickable...
but i tend to have a thing about gay boys having dated a few in my past ;)

i'm jealous you've seen him live...

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