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In which I take your suggestions (no, not the rude ones)

It seems that I have posted pictures of Mia five times in a row. In fact, three of my last five posts have been nothing but pictures of my (stunningly beautiful) child. Really, you all should be grateful because at least I am not talking about poop. However, I have decided to take some feedback I have gotten and combine it with something I have been wanting to do anyway and use it as an excuse to post even more pictures of my (amazingly gorgeous) baby.

See, when I posted pictures earlier today, Lisa commented that "I think it should be a written law on your blog that you have to post pics of Mia with every entry. I think they make it alot more interesting." Which um, you know, burn. (I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it that way. Probably. Am I that dull? I mean, I know I talk about poop and dead crickets and the poop again, but.... ok, I am that dull. Moving on.) So that reminded me of a very nice email I got from Cassandra (who should get a site) suggesting that I could post more pictures of Mia over at the old Cactusfish site that we have been neglecting for months. And so, starting about 10 minutes ago I am going to take and post a picture of Mia over there every day(ish).

You should check it out, if you want to and if you, like me, cannot get enough of looking at (perfectly lovely) Mia. Well, except don't bother going now since I posted one of the pictures I already posted here today since she is in bed (knock wood) and I didn't want to start off with cheating by posting a picture from a different day. But tomorrow, probably, you could check it out, and maybe it will be this really amazing archive of how she grows and changes in these tiny little steps so that from one day to the next you don't even notice but if you go back a month or six months it is just like, wow, such a change and then you realize that yes, you can see it happening in small ways in all the daily shots. Or else it will be a huge narcissistic ego-centric mommy party, but isn't that really what the internet is for?

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Wow, I am the first to respond! Lucky me, I just happened to be on the internet...anyway, I think that is a great idea!

Great idea... and I totally can't get enough of Mia... it's just so exciting to see what I have to look forward to!! :) Can't wait to see more pictures!

I have been reading your blog for several weeks now... I was wondering if you were a scrapbooker, cause if your a not.... you should be... she is beautiful!!!!

Seriously? Blogland is TOTALY for mommy-parties!

The Cactus-Fish site has been neglected since October (if I correctly recall), so I think it's super fitting to post pictures of Mia there since it is, after all, her site.

Not to mention -- I now have that, "YAY! Daily-ish Mia pictures!" excitement. Don't worry -- you're not dull. She's just so damn cute!

Great idea! I still actually check the "bean" site about once a week, and it makes me sad that the page is always blank. lol :)

I've actually done a similar thing. While I take a lot of pictures myself, I also have professional ones taken at Penney's quite often. I keep them all on the web so that everyone I know can see the beauty that is my baby (toddler). It's a great idea, and I'm glad I'll be able to see more pics of Mia this way.

Of course it's a good idea!

If I had known more about blogging (or if it had even been INVENTED yet) when I had my first baby...oh, boy...there would have been many, many pictures of my little Chase online.

So on with the Mia parade! Do you throw candy?

Your site is fantastically interesting pictures or no pictures. ( But seeing Mia is always an added bonus!)

I love the idea of taking a picture every day so you can look back and see how she's changed, bit by bit.

Silly!!! I didnt mean it that way at all. Damn internet everything I say comes out wrong. I have been reading you for a long time. I think you are hilarious and I love every entry but I had to admit I think every entry should contain a pic of Mia because when I get done reading the post and then scroll down to her little face I get this little burst of excitement. It makes my day happier for a moment. So I in no way think you are boring. You want boring head over to my site and you will fall asleep.

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