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Mia Monday #10: Alternate Modes of Transportation Edition

Mia hates her stroller and is getting far too heavy for the Bjorn and the sling, so I've been looking for other options. May as well travel in style, right?

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That is so freaking cute. It made me laugh out loud. I think it's way better than a stroller.

Ok BETH!!! here is another ADORABLE picture of your beautiful baby..... it is just a shame that you are not a scrapbooker... she is so cute... fun fun fun!!! lol... If I ever get an assignment that I need over the top cutie pic's of a girl.... maybe you would let me scrap them!
Thanks for sharing

she totally has the right smile for that transport. You and Chris are screwed with the expectations you are creating :)

WAY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Too darn cute... and I want something from Tiffany's that leaves me with a bag big enough to put my daughter in, too! ;)

What the heck comes from Tiffany's in a bag that large? I know they don't sell Mias...

Okay, I just want to know how you have a bag THAT BIG from Tiffany? I mean, the only bag we have from there is super tiny.

(Oh, and your baby is super always!)

So who needs the fancy toys? She is precious.

Um, so like...what in the hell did you buy at Tiffany's?! Wow. At least the kid's got taste, right?

All she needs now is her tiara! (Smile!)

wow...could totally be an ad campaign! hahahah

I also have a nice collection of Coach shopping bags, you know, if you need to accessorize.

I want to eat her cheeks all up!

so cute! especially the last one.

Adorable. You must have an enormous wedding ring to warrant a bag that size.

Love that last picture... looks like she found a great big old diamond at the bottom... or maybe that's transference...


Oh. That's where babies come from...

Okay, had to delurk...that last picture has to be THE cutest picture of Mia I've seen on your site (or Chris's). I see lots of Tiffany in this kid's future! ;-)

Just when I think she "couldn't possibly" get any cuter...

Yep, I'd say that robin's egg blue is her color - I know it's my favorite!

I just want to know the TAX for a Mia from Tiffany's. Cos DAMN.

A great, great Mia Monday! She is adorable. I love the smile!


Geeze, she is so adorable!!! I just had 3 newborn kittens arrive on saturday, and they keep wiggling out of the box into my handbag.... but a Mia in a bag is way cuter!!


p.s I changed the little typo I noticed on my blogroll... no more 'sot he fish said', thank goodness....

aww gawd, look at that grin!

I would most certainly prefer getting Mia over something in a little blue Tiffany's box. Just adorable.

How in the world could she get any cuter? She's gonna break the cuteometer for sure.

Precious! And I want to see the diamond that came out of that huge Tiffany bag. Wow!

The colors are great in that picture...and of course, what a profile! :)

Also, was thinking of you last night as I watched MY celebrity boyfriend Jon Stewart. He was interviewing YOUR celebrity boyfriend Clive Owen. I get it now...

Cute Cute Cute!!!

Oooo. Just pack her up. So cute.

I think I liked the laundry basket better.... lets see her in a box, or the basket on a bicycle....oh even better the saddlebag on a harley. I think she'd look great with a doo-rag.

LOL. Too cute :-)

So I was sitting here at my desk having a moderately crappy day and seeking something to make me feel better. I said to myself, "I need to see Mia, STAT!" And I came here. And I saw Mia. And all is well. So be reassured that a total stranger's day is made better by the mere sight of your child :D


Cute Cute!

teach her the finer things in life early. very cute!!

What great pictures. She is adorable.

And great taste too!

What good taste she has. I want to know what was in the bag before Mia! Did you get a present??

your baby is super cute - but i have one of those.
I want what CAME in that big, beautiful bag!!

(pretty new here - but I am enjoying myself. absolutely love your purple page and the design. so eye catching and it somehow makes me happier)

Love it! Too cute!

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