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Mia Monday #11: All about the giggle edition

Earlier today, Mia sat herself up for the first time. Of course, I didn't get any pictures of that because I am a bad mother. Instead, I offer you a selection of baby giggles. Warning: has been known to turn otherwise healthy adults into big piles of goo.

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Oh how I look forward to Mia Mondays.

Am pile of goo.

Damn, Sherry stole my comment.

I have been looking forward to this ALL DAY.

A little Mia goes a LONG way in helping someone through dental pain.

That is one funny rattle...also I believe that last bit might qualify as a yodel!

*bubbles incoherently*

Goo. Absolutely, goo.

I love me some baby giggles! Thanks for sharing that!

Mmhmm! I'm goo, too!

How can you watch that and not smile? It's totally impossible. Totally.

Gavin and all the people who mentioned being goo said what I wanted to say, which I suppose says that the reaction was pretty much universal. Mia's incredibly cute and endowed with the magical ability to turn us all into gelatinous masses of what used to be adults. (sorry - verbosity is a result of nature AND nurture in my case)

I'm smiling as I sit here. It's a wonderful age. They change almost daily.

Ha! Was eating ice cream as I watched-- am slowly overcoming sugar-shock from all the sweetness.

That was a rocking good time. YAY for Mia Monday!

Her baby chubbies make me melt..:*) So cute and round..:*)

what talent! And so cute.

Maybe you can get a sit up picture sometime soon.

crap! I can't get this to work for me. But she's cute just laying there.

there is nothing sweeter than a giggling mia. :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Yep, you were right. I'm goo. :)

Go Mia! The giggles are great, but the squeal at the end really sells it. I'm a big pile of goo and baby-cravings.

Can't. Type. Puddle. On. Floor.

Precious. Watching Mia grow has been amazing.


Each time I think that child can't possibly get ANY cuter - she proves me wrong. What a gorgeous giggle!

Thanks so much for Mia Mondays (Which got pushed to Tuesday since Manic Monday was more what my yesterday was like!)

Oh woman, that should be illegal, or fattening, or both. I'm going to book mark this post and come back here the next time I feel like blowing up the universe.

She's so cute it ought to be criminal.

You know....I have a son....he's an older man for her, but still....

Yup, am pile of goo. Thanks.

aww...she giggles and i smile. ;)

"TAKE the flower little girl! TAKE IT!"

I love Mia Monday's. (I'm just a little late this week) Look at that wonderful chubby belly! Ar eyou feeding that kid beer? LOL!

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