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Mia Monday #8: Rolling around on the floor edition

Since Mia is about four minutes away from crawling, I figured I ought to document the rolling while I can.

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OOOHHHH, rolling. I loved the rolling stage. Great pictures.

What a sweetie pie...enjoy the short time you have left before she begins to crawl...because then? Your life will be one big Safety Quest trying to keep her out of trouble and out of the cat food.

What a sweet roly-poly baby!

Awwwwwwwwww......too cute. Oh, we decided that there was no thing as too cute. A sweetie!

How many floor blankets do you have? Every time Mia's on the floor, there's a new blanket under her bum!

As always! So. Cute!

Rolling!!!!! I have so much to look forward to!

Good God, woman! Your life will sure change once The Crawling starts!

Yay! A Mia Monday!!! Yay!!!

holy freaking crap. she is so damn cute. ;)

I mentioned this once before.... still waiting to hear.... do you scrapbook?? if you don't you should. Your pictures are adorable.... they need to be in a scrapbook!!!

That was smart - she probably started crawling while you posted this. It happens fast and then all hell breaks loose. WHERE'D that baby go??!!

You can see the concentration! It's tangible! That look says "Yeah, you'd better take pictures while you can, 'cause in three weeks I'm moving on to jogging and triple salchows."

(Yes, I did have to look up the correct spelling for that.)

Rolling--->Crawling--->Walking! Soon, she will be running around like a wild child. :)

I love the little tuft of hair that's sticking up in the first picture.

Heh, and we have that exact little rattle/teether she's got her head on in the last pic. Queen B was just playing with it this morning!

Do you sing "Rollin With My Homies" like Ty from Clueless? Or perhaps Proud Mary? (Ike and Tina version: "AND WE'RE ROLLIN! ROLLIN! ROLLIN ON A RIVER!")

So many good rolling tunes! Sing 'em while they're still appropriate!

Aw, very sweet. I felt like clapping at the last picture, like...YAY! :)

such an adorable rolly polly! :)

Video? Do we have video?

So sweet. My baby never got into rolling. But she did hate it so much when you put her on her stomach that she would roll for that. She will be walking and running before you can blink!

Love the action shots :-)

Oh my goodness. Those are the most adorable pictures ever. I cannot wait for baby ovaries are dancing!! :)

Oh, man I love her hair. She's so gorgeous.

Let the good times roll.

You have got to have the world's most precious cutie pie!

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