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Mia Monday #9: Look Ma, No Belly Edition

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You know, it's almost as though she knows she is posing for you! Well done Mia!! :)

Wait a sec, are those car keys I see in her hand?

(don't blink)

You are going to be in trouble real soon! Shes about ready to take off!

Cute pics! Looks like she's got the rocking back and forth down pat. She'll be crawling soon!

Killing me with cuteness!

What Lisa said: Oh, you are in so much trouble.

Your daughter is adorable and your blog is hillarious.

Wait...wait, is that a crawling baby I see? Congradulations. She look so proud of herself.

HEY! LOOK! SHE'S MOVING! Almost. :o)

Ahhhh, mobility. Yay, mia!!!

Yay, go Mia!

How do you possibly LIVE with all that cuteness surrounding you constantly? Like, do you ever get ANYTHING done??? Pee breaks, even?

She's just too cute.

Is she crawling now? If she isn't yet, she will be in about 3.2 seconds. Look out! Your life is about to change - again. Good times, good times.

Awwww...she is sooo cute! I can't wait until my grandson is born. Well, as long as it's after the 18th. I have plans on the 18th. lol But it's going to be fun having a baby around again. Not that I don't love my granddaughter, but she is three and almost off to college so I need a baby around now.

Yeah, don't blink. They grow so fast!

Yay, she did it!

GREAT pics.

She looks pretty serious in the last one. I love it.

When I looked at the bottom picture, what ran through my head was "I think I can, I think I can"...hehe

So freakin' adorable! Yay Mia!!

adorable! the smiling picture is cute, but i really love the look on her face on the first picture. like she's contemplating whether she wants to show off for us or not.

that's it, Beth, it's over for you.
the mobile stage.

Stop it! I can't take anymore! She's too gorgeous. (You're making Mina jealous.) ;-)

mia is as always adorable. i love your wallcolor as well!! we have green furniture quite similar, do you rember tha paint you used? we will be painting the livingroom next.

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