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More randomness and some stuff I forgot from yesterday

1) I enjoyed the last numbered list so much I'm going to do it again. Deal with it.

2) The orzo, for those who are interested, goes like this. Cook some orzo (that's the stuff that looks like rice but is pasta). While the orzo is cooking, chop some vegetables. Whatever you have in the fridge should be fine, just cut off the rotten bits. (That last part just gave my husband a stroke. He firmly believes I am trying to kill him by serving him rotten food.) Cook the veggies a bit, and then open a jar of marinara and dump it in there. (You could make your own, but why?) Add herbs or something, if you want. Cook the sauce and veggies together for a few minutes. Drain the orzo, dump about half into a greased casserole dish, dump in some of the sauce and mix it up. Put in the rest of the orzo and sauce and stir it again. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. (I'm sure you all have a block of parmesan and one of those windy cheese graters for just this sort of thing. I have a big green can.) Bake the whole thing for a while until it is hot, or throw it in the fridge and then bake it later, but for longer since it is cold, duh. Ta-da! Dinner. If you wanna get fancy open a bag of salad too, and I guess you could put in some cooked chicken if you had to. Or grouse, or gopher, or whatever it is you carnivores eat.

3) Speaking of, where were you guys last night? I'm not going to invite you over anymore if you just don't show up like that. You really should have come because then you could see the new art-type thing we just got for over the couch. It looks awesome, but now you will just have to take my word for it.

4) Thanks for the input on my shower quandry, but really you were no help at all. Nothing personal. Yes, I have an exersaucer, but it is in the kitchen and needs to stay there or else I will never again unload the dishwasher and the prospect of hauling it up my winding staircase every morning and then back down again is enough to make me decide I would rather smell. We also have a pack and play, but the only place I have room to put it in my bedroom would totally block access to the bathroom, thereby rather defeating the purpose, don't you think? (I really like my house, but it has small bedrooms and mine is already crowded.) I could take a shower before Chris leaves for work, but he leaves at 6 AM so hell to the no. I can't take a shower before Mia wakes up, because a) she wakes up early and b) she is always in bed with me by morning and I can't just leave her sleeping in my bed alone because she's a wiggly little thing. The shower in my bathroom is a very small shower stall (as in, I could barely turn around in there while pregnant) so I can't take Mia in there with me, the other upstairs shower leaks, and the downstairs shower has a litter box in it (don't ask) so that's out. Mia is a sporadic and unreliable napper so I am not really comforable taking a shower while she is sleeping. I guess this leaves me with showering at night when Chris is home, but I am not really an entirely happy person if I don't take a shower in the morning and I have precious little time alone with Chris these days and would prefer to spend it actually with him. I suppose we could shower together, but see above re: the logistical issues with that. What a quandry, which rhymes with laundry, not that it matters.

5) I just checked the weather and it is 77 degrees and Chris is home and the baby just woke up, so why am I sitting here talking to you? Oh right, because you are all fabulous, I love that shirt on you. No more though, we are going outside. If you see us out walking, wave. We'll be the couple with the pasty white legs and freaking adorable child.

Comments (22)

Mmmm, the orzo sounds yummy, and when I toss in the gopher... c'est magnifique. I probably misspelled that, my leftover college Franglish, she is not so good.

Anyway, sorry I couldn't make it over, but those last minute fares just turned out to be a killer. ;)

77 degrees? *whimper, whimper* I've got 56 and muddy out. At least I *can* see the sun right now.

About dinner (#3). Sorry, my directions must have been wrong. I never could find your house.

I'm sure I missed a great meal.

And I hope you enjoyed your walk.


77 degrees? Are you freaking kidding me?

Man, I need the sun.

Sorry I couldn't make it over, I don't fly and a drive would have taken days. LOL

Have a good day basting your pasty white chicken legs in the sun!

I will also chime in and complain that I want it to be 77 degrees here. Whine.

Re: the shower situation. I guess there's always the bathtub. Were you serious about that? Would she play in there for a few minutes? Would you be able to see her from the shower?

Could work...

Clearly, you need a second exersaucer for upstairs.

Damn! You guys are funny. I, like all your other adoring fans...well...ADORE you. And again, sorry I couldn't make it to dinner, but I was earning my keep. Poor college student and all that.

Oh, this shirt? But it's old ... :-)

Sorry about the shower issue but ... in 5 years it'll be better. I should be a counselor or something, no?

A few years ago I fixed the most devine seafood meal with everything from shrimp cocktails, lobster to New York style cheese cake that I had made by hand. The people we'd invited never showed up. I tried to call, I waited I tried to call again. They had gone out bowling! Needless to say, they were not reinvited!

I don't comment often, but as a newly pregnant girl to TWINS I thought I'd throw in my two sense. We have to virtually buy two of everything to keep our little rugrats happy (or so I've read) so why not buy another saucer for upstairs and leave the other one down. They are not that expensive and the rugrats seem to love them. Just a thought.

Oh yes---sounds like us too (pasty white legs that is). Here's what I've done when I've had to shower when my hubby is unavailable: give my kid (13 months) a roll of toilet paper, or a box of q-tips. It's occupied him beautifully as he sits on the floor in the bathroom, or toddles about shoving q-tips into every nook & cranny (I'm not actually sure what a cranny is). Try it :) Trust me, the mess is WORTH clean hair. Ahhh.

Thanks for the dinner tip. :)

My vote is for another exersaucer. Perhaps not the same one you got when she was born...but a cheaper (and yet still just as safe) variety.

I'm voting second exersaucer too. It's coming up on Yard Sale season, I bet you could find one cheap this weekend.

I have another idea for the shower. Do you have any old ladies or young girls in your neighborhood that you could employ for 1/2 hour a day to play with Miss Mia? Unless you live in an assisted living community, you may have to settle for a girl and you may have to wait until summer. You should be good and ripe by then. I never said it was a great idea, just an idea.

How about velcroing a carrier to the wall and putting her in that? Okay, I'm kidding.... mostly; since I am right now another sleep deprived, stinky mommy.

I thought I'd offer a suggestion about the shower dilemma, if you can stand another one. What about getting a Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat? It's portable, attaches to a regular chair, and has the added bonus of making eating out at a restaurant a billion times easier. If she's anything like Henry, you can just put a bunch of toys on the tray and shower while she throws them all down on the floor.

And I thought WE were the only ones with a litter box in our shower. :)

The weird thing is that we have also been known to fight over who will get in the other shower first. WHY do we do this? Our cat-less friends suggest we could just as easily move the dang litter box, clean out the shower (sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!) and use the other shower for pete's sake. And I just look at them and smile and say "you really don't have any idea what it's like to own cats, do you?"
As for suggestions on what to do about YOUR shower issue...sorry, I've got nothin. I don't have kids yet...just two ornery cats. Good luck to you! :)

oh goodie -- I have another recipe! I now know how to make french toast and pasta (that doesn't look like pasta) ...

I still vote for sticking her in a bath seat in the tub.

Re: Showering. I used to use the bouncy seat, too. Around the same time that dear daughter had outgrown that we had moved up from the infant carseat to a convertable one and I thought, hey, why not put the old infant carseat in the bathroom and use that for her while I showered? She still fit in it well enough for that. I gave her some books and toys and it worked great. Not long after that we arrived at the stage where she could shower with me without my holding her. Now that she's over two I just put the doorknob cover/guard thing on her bedroom door and she plays in her room while I shower. Conveniently, our bedrooms are connected by the bathroom so that works really well, as she can come into the bathroom and find me if she wants to. Good luck and I hope you find something that works!

I know I deserve a lashing for not knowing this, but how is Mia now? Oh, and it is supposed to be a high of 35 here tomorrow. With flurries. That means SNOW. gah.

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