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Pesky nouns

Me: Is it bad that there's condescension dripping from the pipes downstairs?
Him: No. It would be bad it there were condensation dripping from the pipes downstairs.
Me: What can I say? The pipes are feeling very superior today.

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LOL glad you've married a man who knows the difference!

Those pesky pipes. So what's it like having a husband who does not work in the basketball field during March? Is it nice? You see him and talk to him and stuff? Sorry. Tough morning. How'd the playgroup go?

Sounds like something I'd say. ;)


HEHEHE...those damn superior-feeling pipes...and husbands ;)

Get any sleep? ;) That's totally something I'd end up saying.

Funny. Darn those superior pipes anyhow.

I think I just snorted frappuccino through my nose.

oh my, that cracked me up!! hee hee!!

Lol, I giggled aloud. Im such a geek... =P

hahaha.. this totally made me laugh out loud. You and Chris have such fun conversations. You must laugh all the time. ;)

That so could've happened at my house. I mean, my pipes are always talking down to me. Jerks.


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