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Pretend I have a clever title

You are all jealous of me because today I had lunch with Corinne and three week old Shepherd (who I accidentally ate, but it is not my fault that he was perfectly bite-sized and so delicious looking). We spent the whole time making fun of other bloggers. Except, no, we didn't. We didn't make fun of any other bloggers. Well, other than my husband. Whoops, still lying. Ok fine, we mostly talked about babies, but it was NOT a playdate. Just because we both happen to have children doesn't mean that every time we want to go to lunch or something it turns into some stupid playdate. Anyway, Corinne is lovely and you should all have lunch with her too. Not all at once though, make a schedule or something.

Mia was lovely all through lunch, which was surprising as she has been a whiny little pill all the rest of the day, so I am cutting this short. However, stay tuned for my next entry which will detail for your amusement exactly how I am a huge loser. You will laugh. At me, which is not as good as with me, but at least you will be laughing. Unless of course I suddenly develop either pride or shame and decide not to tell you about it, but we all know that is highly unlikely.

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Pride, shame, and dignity are totally unnecessary, and just get in the way of you having a good time. You don't need them!

Yes, we will miss little Shepherd... but it's a wonder he wasn't eaten sooner, as deliciously bite-sized as he is. :) Yes, lunch was fun... and we should totally do it again.

Love the picture of Mia over at Cactusfish - she has such cute little "Fred Flintstone feet." (That's what was call 'em in my family before you can actually see the arches!)

Oops - that should say: "That's what we call 'em..." Sorry!

I totally knew my ears were ringing today.

I think you should tell us very fast before you "suddenly develop either pride or shame", because I always love to here what happens when bloggers meet. Um, and I'm a little scared that you ate baby Shepherd. Just cause he's very cute and tiny doesn't mean he should be eaten. He's not a cake you know.

Ok that was supposed to be hear not here. My boss walked in, so it's his fault.

I am planning on meeting up with my friend who just had her baby (once I actually have my baby), since we'll both be on leave from work. When I talked to her about it I was like, "is this a playdate?!" She said "No, we don't call it that!". Phew. Because that would have freaked me out.

And how cool that you guys got to get together. I am totally jealous!

I can't imagine you as a loser somehow but I can hardly wait for your next post.

Ann aka granny

Enjoy this time while she is still "restaurant trained," as we call it. There will come a time in the next 6 months or so where Mia will be unable to stay off the table or refrain from spilling the salt, drinks or whatever she can grab. She will refuse to stay in a high chair or sit in you lap. All 5 of mine have turned into restaurant monsters at some point in time. Usually ends by their 2nd birthday.

You know, pride and shame make for some boring posts. Thank goodness none of us have THAT problem!

Pride and shame, they both get discarded after childbirth along with the placenta.

Glad your lunch was fab and strangely looking forward to hearing what a huge loser you are. So, you know, I don't feel so alone here in loserdom.

tell us already....

I would love to meet some of the bloggers out there. Unfortunately none live near BFE Kansas. Poop. Hope Mia stops being a whiny stinker soon.

I would love to meet other bloggers... but I really am the only blogger I have found (except for my hubby...) who lives in Cyprus. Le sigh.

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