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Scenes from my fabulous day

Mia ate half a cheerio! Only because she couldn't spit it out of her mouth fast enough and part of it dissolved, but I am still choosing to call it progress. She also ate part of the tag from her new pair of jeans. The tag made her a heck of a lot happier than the cheerio.

The cat is still pissing blood. I took her back to the vet today to hear it is maybe an infection and maybe stones and maybe cancer. Then it took four of them to draw blood because Callie fought them off and then peed on their table. That's my girl.

I signed up for another playgroup tomorrow. I know what I said, but it's at a woman's house that I have been to before and she was really nice and didn't even call me a loser when I rambled on about basements and whatever else so I'm going. (Why am I doing this to myself? I hate it. I have nightmares about going to playgroups.) Anyway, check back tomorrow for more tales of how I humiliated myself in front of strangers.

Wow, I'm boring today.

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You're doing it because some babies get a kick out of watching their mothers act like idiots in front of strangers and you love Mia just enough to see if it will give her joy. See what a good mom you are? Go on with your bad ass self.

(1) You double posted.
(2) If it's any consolation, and I realize that it probably isn't, but if it is, I was talking to my mom about James and me having kids and I said, "Even though I know I won't like it, I think that joining playgroup is fun. Beth doesn't like it, and she goes cause she knows it's good for Mia."

So see! Even though I know you hate it, I find you inspriational!

Are there cookies at playgroup? That would be a strong incentive.

isabella loves tags too.
she prefers to suck and eat the tags on all her toys.

why is that???

Sorry about the cat. Doesn't sound so good. Good on ya, Mia for eating the cheerio!

hey! a cheerio! ROCK IT, mia.

aww...poor kitty. :(

you are SO not boring. you are BADASS. just keep saying that over and over in your head at playgroup tomorrow "i'm SUCH a badass momma, i'm SUCH a badass momma".

just don't accidentally say it out loud.

Beth, about your cat. Could it be cystitis? My cat had that a while back and it made it difficult for him to wee: it hurt him and was blooded. He 'dripped' blood too.

Just a thought.

Well done for the cheerio/jeans tag Mia! And hope the cat feels a bit better soon. x

May I suggest Gerber Fruit Puffs? They're a bit bigger than cheerios and dissolve in their mouths and taste like different fruits (I've snacked on them myself in the past...yum) and my son LOVES them.

Just a thought.

Sorry about your cat and good luck with the new playgroup!

I think if you throw a couple of cheerios on the floor and let Mia find them, that she'll gobble them up.

I've seen kids do that - not mine, of course.

Sofia loves tags too. Weird. Poor Callie. Sorry to hear she's in bad shape.

Sorry about Callie. Poor old kitty. Y'all have fun at playgroup, now, ya hear?

Oh, it IS progress. Just wait untill she loves them soooo much you find she has hidden a few in her diaper for later!

I can't tell you how many times I have changed my 11 month olds diaper and cheerios are around her waist, then she just giggles....

Sorry about your Callie kitty, I hope the blood work comes back with an easy answer.

Congrats on the partial Cheerio... give it a few weeks and they'll be scattered around the house like confetti, no matter how often you vacuum!

You're much braver than I am about playgroup. Looking forward to the review of how it went!

Good for you for putting your sweet baby's feelings before your own and taking her to playgroup.

You are braver than I am!

I love that you don't give up. Give 'em hell at the play group!

I have only been reading your blog for a few days, but I have totally fallen in love with Mia ;) She's adorable, thanks to her your on my blogroll already =)) Here's to much future commenting. *raises glass of... milk*


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