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Something in the air

It was 78 and sunny here yesterday and is supposed to hit 70 again today. So far I have cleaned two bathrooms (and I mean really cleaned, not just wiped the counters with a baby wipe) dusted all the furniture and the freaking baseboards upstairs, cleaned the kitchen and done the floors with actual wood soap and water and a mop and after that experience I don't think it is a good idea for Mia to start crawling until I become a better housekeeper. On tap for the rest of today is cleaning at least one more bathroom, vacuuming and laundry. I really hope that tomorrow is cold and rainy or else I might be forced to wash the windows. What is it about the first really nice day of the year that compels me to spend it on my hands and knees scraping cat hair out from under the refrigerator rather than outside enjoying the weather?

In other news, Chris and I are going out tonight and leaving the baby with my parents. As my brother and I both managed to survive infancy I am assuming that they can handle 90 minutes of Mia, however my mother and I have had several conversations along these lines:

Me: No, they don't let babies play with matches anymore.
Mom: Really? But you always loved playing with matches!

You can see why I have some slight reservations. The most likely things to worry about is that we will return to find Mia blinded by the constant flashing of my father's camera and covered head to toe in my mother's lipstick from uncontrollable baby kissing.

Anyway, wish us luck. The first time we went out I cried and Mia didn't. The second time we went out Mia cried and I didn't. Maybe this time (and yes, this is only the third time we have left her since she was born) we can skip the crying altogether.

And finally, thank you all for your kind words about my other baby, Calypso, and thank you for sharing your stories and I am oh so sorry for all your furry babies too. I think that no matter how you try to prepare yourself it sucks big, hairy, unwashed yak balls, but I greatly prefer my pain to her pain, so there you have it.

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"Maybe this time...we can skip the crying altogether"

haha what are the chances of that happening??

i put my money on you breaking out the boohoos first =D

I hope you have a great time tonight. Grandma and Grandpa must be very excited (after all, mine are driving the four hours just to come and see me...) :)

Enjoy the pretty day, pretty lady!

Hope the night out goes well, with no crying. Also, I am so sorry about Callie's being sick. That must be pretty difficult. Not that I'm trying to be morbid or predict the future, but it might be good to take a few pics with Mia and Callie together, if you haven't already, so that she can remember Callie. Oh, one more thing. has some absolutely wonderful clothes for kids, including cute footed pj's. I have said in the past that if I could, I would outfit my daughter completely in hanna's. Ok, have fun!

Date night, woohoo! I hope you have a wonderful time - and that you won't end up worrying too much about leaving Mia with your parents. Like you said, you survived infancy. ;)

Ahhh, the blessed spring cleaning that strikes before spring. I love when that happens! You'll find that a crawling baby is great incentive to keep the house a bit cleaner (or you could always attach those swif*er pads to her Have fun tonight!

Have a great time. You missed option number four - both of you crying. No that won't happen.

Ah, A kindered soul! I cleaned the house today too, but I did everything EXCEPT the bathrooms because they scare me.

Have a great night out!

Who could blame your mom for kissing her? I pucker up every time I see her picture. Mia's...not your mom's.

The crying stops, eventually, I've been told. Although, I've been out a dozen times or so and I still find myself tearing up before I back my truck out of my driveway.

You NEED to get OUT, though. And, y'all will feel a jazillion times better afterwards.

I missed your post about Callie, and oh god, I'm so, so sorry. No fancy, schmancy advice, just my deepest condolences.

Hope y'all have a great time out together! I totally understand the leaving Mia thing... I'm so not ready to leave Shepherd, and can't imagine leaving him anytime soon....

I hope you have a wonderful time!
In time, it gets easier leaving them...right around the time they turn two actually. lol

Its so good you are getting out. I honestly only went out once for 20 min by myself when G was born and that was leaving her with my hubby. Then at 12 months I got really sick and had to leave her for an entire week with family while I was in the hospital. Now that was hard considering we had never been apart. I am sure you will both do fine! Good luck!

Of course, there's the distinct possibility that you'll both break down into sobs.

Wow that cleaning spree you had today sounds amazing - I need to try something like that. Yeah right.

I know how it feels to leave a crying kid behind, but you gotta go out and have fun sometimes. But I definitely know how wondeful a feeling it is to come home and see that happy smiling face on the child. It totally makes going out worth it.

Ha! I recruited James, and we both cleaned the house yesterday, too! I went as far to pull old things out of drawers and the closet to donate to Goodwill.

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