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That's new

We have a new catchphrase around here, "that's new." It is getting a lot of play lately as Mia discovers a new way to suck on her bottom lip or blow a raspberry or decides to take her blocks out of their bucket one at a time rather than dumping them straight onto the floor. Every day now there is something that makes one of us point it out to the other and say "that's new." Last night, Mia pushed herself up onto her hands and knees for the first time and then made some (very slight) forward progress from that position and then slept in her crib from 9:00 to 6:30. Straight. That's new, that's new, and oh my sweet Jeebus thank you that's new.

I am thrilled by and for her, but sometimes it all seems a little too much, a little too fast, and three milestones in one day has me desperate to pause her for a little while, to cling to her babyness, to hold her on my lap just a little while longer when what she wants is to roll or crawl or run off my lap and out into the world. I still rock her to sleep every night (suck it, Ferber) and instead of trying to drop her into her crib the minute she falls asleep, I find myself holding her longer and longer just to smell her head and watch her fingers cling to my shirt or her blankie, because I know that soon she won't have time for it anymore and I want to burn it into my brain and onto my heart so that I will never, ever forget.

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Yes, yes, yes, and oh, absolutely, ohmygod, yes.

I second the Ferber suck-it, btw.


You won't forget. It will sneak up on you when you least suspect it. My oldest son is 14. I can still see his fingers holding my hand when I watch him sleep on the couch. I can watch him learn to crawl all over again when I watch him learn a new song on his guitar.

I love reading your posts because they take me back to that sweet sweet new mommy time.

best post ever

Ditto what Rebecca said (and I think I know her IRL, by the way).

Don't you make me tear up! Hold on to every second you can. I love the nighttime wakings every once in a while because I get my little sweet baby then. It goes so fast. I'm so glad Rebecca says you don't forget. Loved your post.

I'll let you in on a little secret... I still snuggle Nico to go to sleep at night, and there are nights when, after he's asleep when I stay just a wee bit longer just smell him and to remember the little baby you used to snuggle in so tight.

And as he gets older I learn that I am still important and he still needs his mom...

(Agreed on Ferber btw... I could never do it either.)


oh my god. between stories about mia, spending two weeks with mike's nieces and all my friends who have recently had babies my uterus is jumping up and down saying "my turn, my turn, my turn..."

enjoy every minute with your little mia bean, as i know you are...

And that is why people decide to have another....

Good for you, Beth. You only get this once. Enjoy it.

My son (who will be 6) will still sleep balled up in my lap sometimes, and I still trace his face and hug him too close when he does. It is still the nicest thing ever.

Beth, my youngest is 33. Some things you don't forget.

Beautiful post.

My mom always tells me, "I wish I could go back. Just for one day."

She was telling me one day that she had a dream about when I was little -- about 5 years old. I came running into the room yelling, "Mommy! Mommy!" When she was telling me about it, she started crying, saying, "I could see your long stringy hair and feel your sweet hands. Oh, I'd give anything to go back for one day. Just one day."

The milestones will spread out more after her second year - but every year will seem like it goes faster and faster. It's torturous. But that's all the more reason to be happy you have the ability to stay home with her and watch her grow.

I just had my baby's 1st b-day party today. How is it possible that he is one? It goes by way too fast!!!!

Very beautiful words Beth. I'm a first time mom of a 7 month old little boy and am suffering from post partum depression. Just trying to get through the days can be excruciating for me sometimes. When I read your post, it reminded me to cherish and hold on tight to my memories and this time w/my son--and also see what is beautiful through the depression.

Very beautiful words Beth. I'm a first time mom of a 7 month old little boy and am suffering from post partum depression. Just trying to get through the days can be excruciating for me sometimes. When I read your post, it reminded me to cherish and hold on tight to my memories and this time w/my son--and also see what is beautiful through the depression.

I was just thinking along these lines this weekend (Sophie is almost 5 months). And Ferber can definitely suck it. I read somewhere that he regrets saying that babies should just be left to cry it out. Unfortunately, his books sold millions and almost no one heard his retraction years later.

Ferber blows. Big time. Are you writing? Are you video-ing everything she does? Because you're goes by fast.

It's so boring to say, but they really do grow up fast. I love when my kids fall asleep on me and I know it won't happen much longer. But my oldest is 4 and last night she fell asleep in my lap and her fingers were clutching mine and I love it. My mom still talks about moments like that so I suppose it is something yopu always remember. I hope so.

I love the baby smell. Yes, hold onto the babyness..they grow so fast...or so I'm told. I like it when they have their little round tweety faces.

It has been a few days since I have indulged myself with my favorite blogs... sorry to hear about your kitty, those things are so hard, pets truely become part of us and it is so hard when it is time to say good-bye, my heart goes out to you for your loss... spring cleaning... sounds fun (not really, but totally understand you feeling the need) I too have been needing to do some of my very own spring cleaning... I don't have little ones anymore... but still have to look at the crap on the floor and in the toilets...and I have a preteen boy child that has somewhat of a bad aim... if you know what I for your current entry... how incredible wise you are... yes hold on to her for just a few more minutes... every chance you get...oh, how I wish we could slow time... wouldnt that be grand... I miss having little ones around... they grow up way to fast... I have a 12 yr old boy child and an 8 yr old girl child... it seems only yesterday that I was holding there entire little bodies in one arm... cherish everyday with your sweet mia!
Great read as always! Thanks!

My littlest one is almost 3. About 4 nights a week he goes to sleep on my lap, rocking in the recliner. I love it, and I refuse to make him stop because I know that one day he'll stop on his own. And then I'll be sad.

I'm with you on the ferber method.
We rocked our children to sleep for a REALLY long time. And sometimes Chris lays down with the 3 year old until he falls asleep. I know I makes us HORRIBLE parents.

I totally know what you mean about losing it a little too fast, but the good thing is that with each developmental stage, there is something to savor. Thank god.

As my youngest just turned 3, I was saddened by the fact that I would no longer have an infant to cuddle, but she still loves me and it's so cool that I am her favorite person to play with. And my 4 year old? She is just learned to write her name. awesome.
My 9 year old son wants to still snuggle up to me when we watch a movie and my 11 year old son is learning to snowboard. The whole thing is wonderful.
Although, truth be told, I do miss baby head smell.

Sigh. It goes fast. It sounds like you are savoring every moment. Good for you. One of my favorite sayings about parenthood is "the days are long and the years are short".

SO true.

gah! what do write stuff like that for? you make me want to call my husband and have him meet me at home right this minute so we can make another delicious smelling, chubby-fingered baby to nurse and rock and cuddle.

okay, going to dial...

LOL! Ethan's four and that is still the big catch word at our house. In fact, I think it gets used more the older they get!

Dammit Beth! You are making me all weepy. Sprite is my last and I'm hating how quickly this is going.

I am with you on razzing Ferber. Miranda loves falling asleep on mommy's shoulder in the rocker as my deep vein thrombosis is beginning to is so worth the pins and needles in my legs.

Ferber, Shmerber. I rock my 7 month old to sleep every night and she sleeps in our bed. Those sweet moments go by so fast but are quickly replaced by new ones. Thanks for sharing.

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