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What's that smell? Oh, it's me

Every morning, I strap Mia into her bouncy seat, plop her on the floor in the bathroom, and take a shower. Now, I know she is too old for the bouncy seat, but she is always happy to play with whatever I have strapped to the toy bar for the few minutes it takes me to shower. Until this morning, that is. This morning I got out of the shower to find Mia bent at the waist playing with something she had dropped onto the floor in front of her and one good wiggle away from going ass over teakettle and landing face first on the bathroom floor under the bouncy chair.

The bouncy chair is hereby retired.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how I am ever going to take another shower. I can't leave her on the bathroom floor, because ew. I can't leave her on the floor outside the bathroom because she is going to be crawling any minute (she keeps telling me she has it penciled in on her calendar, but won't tell me for when) and would likely be halfway to Canada by the time I got out of the shower. I am not comfortable leaving her in her crib because it is down the hall from my shower and would likely cause me to spend too much time running naked past open windows to check on her and subjecting my neighbors to a view of my jiggly belly, which I can assure you nobody wants to see.

So, here's what I'm thinking. Can I put her in the bathtub? Without water of course, and it's separate from the shower. It is cleaner than the floor in that my husband (at least as far as I know) never pees on it, she can crawl around but can't get out, and banging her head on the hard sides would teach her valuable lessons about the hardships she will face later in life.

It's either that or getting her a snorkel, strapping her into the Baby Bjorn, and taking her in with me.

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believe it or not - all 3 of my daughters have showered with me at one time or another for those exact reasons (and others). it has always been fun for them.

I say let her crawl. Gives you incentive to shower faster and find out just WHAT that loud noise was.

Or (egads) you could do it while Chris is around and he could play with the baby and/or scrub your back.

Just another stage. As soon as you get used to one, the next one happens.

I put my little punkin in the exersaucer outside the bathroom door. The jumpy in the doorway also works well. Taking a shower with her scares me a little as I am paranoid I will drop her with my soapy hands. I have retired the baby papasan chair as well. I strapped her in only to have her try to turn over and effectively lifting up one side and almost landing face down on the hardwood floor.

I usually put Matthias in the jumper or wait til he is napping.

BTW, she is so adorable!

How about an excer-saucer?? Can you put her in there to play ??? while you are in the shower??

We had this little bath seat that suction-cupped to the bottom of the tub that I'd put my kids in. My kids (5 and 2.5) hate showers now, but they loved it back then.

Perhaps it is time for an exersaucer-thingy. Or a jumpy-thing you hang in the doorway. Have you tried buckling her in her infant carry with a toy or two? What about showering while she naps? Of course that only fixes things if you don't have to go anywhere before her first nap.

I know, I'm a fixer. I can't help it.

i concur with the exersaucer advice. there was a stretch of a few months where i simply wouldn't have bathed without it...or you could catch a quick shower before chris leaves for work.

I'm curious, too. Sophie is just about too big for her bouncy seat. We try to time our showers to when we are both still home, but there are days when I've left before Aaron takes his shower. I think we'll bring in the exersaucer for her. Or a high chair?

I too always used the exersaucer. THANK GOD for the exersaucer.

Do you have a pack 'n play? I put my 11 month old daughter in there with a few toys and books and she's safe while I shower. Otherwise, use the crib - she will be safe in there with some soft toys for the few minutes it takes to shower.

My 2 cents:

1.) Baby proof the shit out of your house - that way they can crawl around and you don't have to worry. Don't worry so much about the dirt (says the girl who has an anxiety attack over crumbs under her toaster) - Not that I'm a regular vistor, but I think it's safe to say your house isn't filthy. Put a blanket down, some toys, make sure the cabinets are all locked up, and take yourself a shower.

2.) Pack-N-Plays are handy but not always practical to lug around to every room. One of those play yards? AWESOME. They fold up easily, you can take it into any room, you can take it outside and put a blanket on the grass and let her crawl around. Obviously they don't last forever either since they eventually learn how to climb out. But, especially for girls, it will last you at least 15 or so months.

Good luck. Eventually, you stop worrying about how to keep them locked in there with you safely and instead worry about how to lock them the hell out.

I used the suction cup seat in the shower with me. The boys loved it.

the exersaucer (well back then they didn't have exersaucers they still had the thingie with wheels that babies could go flying down stairs with.) or the high chair worked for me, then the suction cup seat. Worst thing to happen, toilet full of TP or baby covered in TP.

I put my boys in the exersaucer outside the bathroom door, leaving the door open. It worked well. OK, it worked well until I had a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Then I just had to trust them (or at least one of them)out in the house. They never did too much damage...

I've convinced my daughter that it's FUN to sit in the highchair while I take a shower. After her breakfast, I remove the "dinner tray" and roll the chair close to the door. She chooses toys to hang out with (usually books and a doll) and she's good for the 5 minutes it takes me. Most of the time it works for us and I know she's safe in the chair. I do not trust her just crawling around the bathroom and it's nice to have those few minutes "alone".

My little one is too heavy for the bouncy seat as well. I fixed the ass over end problem by weighing down the back with whatever's handy.

I agree with the exersaucer. I have to get up at 6 AM so I don't have to worry about it so much because all the kids are still crashed.

Get the Megasaucer at Toys r us-- put her in and shower-- worked wonders for me!!'GOOD LUCK!!
oh luv her giggles

We have an enormous old fashioned stall shower and when they were little I just took them in with me. They loved it. I solved the slippery problem by holding them in a towel - more traction. When they were old enough to stand, they stood on the shower floor.

With Elcie who couldn't stand unassisted then and still has some balance problems, I had an old baby walker in the shower for her. She, I, and the walker got clean at the same time.

Love your blog! Our house has tiny bathrooms and small hallways, therefore, no room for the exersaucer. So, after retiring the bouncyseat I used a Bumbo seat for several months. Now, I take all my showers when she sleeps...sort of pitiful, but I generally smell ok...I think.

I agree with putting her in the exersaucer, either inside the bathroom or right outside the door, or if you still have one of those fold up cribs you can use that.

I second the exersaucer. I used that when I babysat the nephew when he was wee. I also sometimes set up the playyard right outside the bathroom door, left the door open, and stuck my head out of the shower curtain every minute or so to check on him.

my boys were a little younger than Mia when we started showering them. Chris did it mostly cause I found them tooo slippery. Exceptionally icky poop? In the shower for you. Covered head to toe in spaghetti? Shower time! And they LOVED worked very well at calming them and eventually they would sit at the bottom (our shower & tub are the same entity) in sticky tub seat and play and play and play.
Also...i played up the slipperiness so that I would never ever have to do this activity and would almost always get to shower alone. didn't always work but for the most part I was excused.

Also..I vote YES For Mia in the tub.

exersaucer or jolly jumper are FABULOUS ideas. And the jolly jumper is entertaining for parents too.

The exersaucer is a good one. But, I just switched to showering before bed when Husband was home. Two benefits:

(1) Didn't have to deal with a wiggling Swimmy, and (2) Was totally clean and relaxed before getting into bed... and could get up and get moving in the morning a bit faster.

Also bathed The Swimmy at night which helped her sleep, too. Bonus!

I say go for it. Then again, I almost allowed my 20 month old neice to fall about 6 feet off a playground this weekend, so you might not want to take baby advice from me.

I'd do the exersaucer, the high chair, or the jumpy seat. Or, do what I do and toss the kid into the dry tub. It's a contained space.

Good luck!

just stick her on the bottom of the shower, in the part that gets the least amount of spray, then you have a clean kid and a clean you all in one shower.

What time does Mia get up in the morning????!?!?! LOL.

I've always been a night-time bather rather than a morning showerer, so I just wait 'til after dinner, and then TechDad gets an hour of toddler-time while I run off and get a sanity break and get clean besides. Also nice and relaxing right before bed.

I shower while my one year old is napping, or at night when my husband gets home, or if I'm lucky, which isn't very often, before he gest up, which never happens, since he gets uo at 6 am.

I think you could sit her on the floor of the shoer with some water toys. My mom said she did that when we were baies.

wow! I really need to proofread, so many typos.

How about a dog crate? Or you could just tie her to the wall.

Seriously, I think the pack and play is a good idea. idea what to say. Hadn't even thought about this.

Good luck!!

two words:


I also vote for letting her join you :)

Well, I'm all for child proofing the bedroom and putting up a baby gate and allowing her to play in her bedroom where it's safe while you shower. Use a baby monitor if you want to hear everything.
The bathtub likely wouldn't be a bad idea until she learns to turn the hot water on or whatever. You won't get all crusty, you'll figure out a way to shower :)

I say highchair. It worked well for us. It was easy because ours had wheels which made it easy to move about. It also allowed them to be high enough so that they could see themselves in the bathroom mirror so there was free entertainment too.
Plus, I have no idea what an exersaucer is.

Pack n' Play, exersaucer, jolly jumper - all great ideas.
We have one of these and you just may love it as much as we do:
They are recommended to 12 months but my friend used hers to 14 months - as long as they're not walking, they're great!

I always used the exersaucer. Works great!!

so funny.. see:
now i do strapped in to the stroller at the bathroom door with a toy, but that might not work as well if you're not in an apartment like us... the other option is mad rush as soon as eyes close for morning nap but that sometimes leads to stinky afternoons if we choose not to nap.

I used the exersaucer (bless you, whomever invented that!) for my second child, but the first one got to go into the tub, just like you are considering.

Good luck with the shower thing!

P.S. Mia Monday #11 officially reduced me to a pile of goo. There is truth in advertising!


I, too, am the mother of a gargantubaby (Max is almost 24lbs and only 2 days older than Mia) and we have these Infant/Toddler Bouncy Seats/Rockers that accomodate a baby up to 35lbs. They're made by FisherPrice and rock our WORLD!

Check BRU or similar for info.

You could also try the exersaucer.

That is all.

I was going to say exersaucer or johnny jumper... the other thing we did was get a baby bath seat and take her with me in the shower. I would gather up toys and she would sit there and enjoy the shower with me.

DO you have a laundry basket? Just turn it over and put her under it with a few toys. Just kidding....I've never done it, I promise. :)

To Canada? I knew it! She's running for me!

I've assembled the masses, Great One! They need only your guidance! Escape from the Milkgiver and her ensorcelled apeman and flee to the north!

We have remotes, as you commanded!

Ahem. As to your predicament, I vote Bjorn and snorkel! And pictures! But cover up first; jiggly belly is a no-no.

I always have to go see the pics of Mia on the other site after I read your blog. I am addicted! Is there an group that talks about their addictions for Mia pics addiction? Like a MA? Mia that word is spelled?

To add my two to your blog though, I don't remember what I did with my kids when they were small. I think I waited until they were asleep in their cribs. Or I never took showers...ew. Honestly, I can't remember, it's been too long ago. But good luck with that! :)

I can't ever be a mother. I'll never figure out how to shower and I don't even know what a exersaucer (or whatever) is!

i'm sorry if this is a really stupid and obvious thing to suggest, but why don't you get a pack'n'play and put it in the doorway or in the hallway outside the bathroom when you shower?

i don't think the tub is a good idea - if she can sit, i assume she can probably reach the tap. but tempting nevertheless.

I didn't peruse through all the comments so somebody could have said the same thing... My daughter did the same thing and I found another "bouncy" chair that is sturdier. It has a stiff platform to sit on and a bar that flips out to lean it back. It then can convert to a toddler rocking chair. Fisher Price makes it "Infant to Toddler Rocker" is the name, ~$35. It was a lifesaver as my girl sat in the bathroom while I showered as well. Good luck!

Yup. Uh-huh. This is why my legs were never shaved very well and sometimes the soap wasn't COMPLETELY out of my hair when the kids were little. It was either that or no shower at all... :)

Oh my God. Every time I think I've learned all the crazy shit you have to do when you have kids, there's something new. I never thought about how you'd take a shower with a little one roaming about. All this advice is good, should I ever need it.

Exersaucer - I have 3 of them. One outside the shower, one outside of the kitchen for when I occasionally do get the motivation to cook, and one by the front door that I put her in while I pull the truck out of the garage, or get the stroller ready etc... I got all 3 of them second hand - they're life savers!

I wouldn't put her in the tub, its slippery and if she fell then she could hit her head on the hard surface of the tub and really hurt herself. But, you could wake up earlier each morning and shower BEFORE she gets up. Or you could shower during her nap. Thats usually what I do. Or shower at night after she is in bed.

I rather like the snorkel idea myself.
And this might be totally UNhelpful so tell me SHUT UP if it is, but would it be "ew" if you took your shower at night when Chris is home?

We have a little port-a-crib/playpen thingy that was my husband's when he was a baby. Helena hates it now, but for months she loved it because she can pull herself up to standing and walk the perimeter.


Definitely not the tub: she falls on that and any teeth she has are looking to get chipped or totally broken! Exersaucer is good if you have the room, I think she's too old for the Bumbo chair...with my children I never really had a problem because I always bathed at night. But now, sometimes, in the evenings I take my daughter into the shower with me and she sits on the floor playing while I shower, then I get her washed up.

I struggled with the same thing for a while. We finally got into the routine of putting Zach in the pack 'n' play with some toys while I shower. Most of the time he plays and doesn't even notice I'm gone.

Dude. This calls for a job from the BABY CAGE

showers?! i gave up on the daily shower a long time ago. but when i do decide to unstinkify, i usually wait until my son is sleeping, or my husband is there to entertain him. but, my son is also almost 2 and half. the exersaucer sounds like a good idea, though.

I would recommend a pack n play outside the bathroom or an exersaucer. The tub will work for awhile, but she'll be pulling up soon and then you'll have really hard head smacks!

Of course you could always hang her by her diaper from the towel hooks. DIAPER WEDGIE!!!!!!! :) Let us know what you do because I'm sure in a few months, I'll be begging for the same advice.

Excersaucer.... it's the only way to go.

Good heavens youve opened the comment flood gate with this one..65? sheesh!
I used the highchair, and put it at the door...worked for me. Tub sounds like a plan, just make sure she cant slip with socks on and cant grip with bare feet and crawl her way out...other than that 65 comments should have one good idea!

I do have a bit of ancillary advice, and that is to just shave the fronts of your legs. That's what I do - saves all kinds of time. I'll let you know if I think of anything else to make the shower go any faster.

This is why people breed more offspring. With Number Three I can finally take a nice long shower. The other two are 12 and nearly 9. Have some more, spread the cheer and you might even get to shave your legs from time to time.

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