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Again with the numbered list thing

Happy Friday, Sportsfans. Let's do an old numbered post, shall we?

1. No new news on the news I didn't tell you yesterday. I am a worst case scenario person so have decided the lack of news means it is going to fall through and am considering a mild pre-emptive depression so that I have a head start if it does fall through. May just eat lots of cookies instead.

2. I love you guys. No, really, I mean that and I'm not even drunk. It was so much fun reading all the words you picked to describe me and you were all so sweet to pick mostly nice ones instead of "whiny" and "petulant" and "self-absorbed." I don't usually do this, especially since some of us don't know each other all that well, but, well... how about a group hug? Really. Oh come on, it will be nice. No? Ok, I guess I can see your point. Just a little hug maybe? Ok, ok. I suppose that means you don't want to kiss either. Darn.

3. One of my best qualities is how freely and humbly I admit to being wrong when I'm, you know, wrong. Ha! I'm lying! I never admit to being wrong! It helps, of course, that I never am wrong and therefore never have anything to admit. However, I will admit that in the last couple days I seem to have become more right on a subject so in the interest of full disclosure I figured I should fill you in on my improved understanding of the matter.

We are still having a lot of trouble getting Mia to go to and stay in bed (although napping has improved roughly nine million percent). One of the big problems we have is that she will fall asleep nursing/rocking (I'm not stopping, don't bother telling me I shouldn't do it) and then wake up and scream the second I try to put her in her crib. Now, as she is my precious wittle angel monkey and cannot be permitted to endure the smallest moment of distress, I have been snatching her from her crib the second she makes a peep and rocking her back to sleep, just to do the exact same thing again, over and over, ad infinitum. Except that yesterday, I decided to instead put her in her crib and just walk out and shut the door. And every time I have done it, she has gone back to sleep. Quickly. And last night she not only went to sleep, she then proceeded to sleep 5 hours straight, which is not that impressive for a nine month old child but is huge for us Cactus-Fishes.

So anyway, it's nice to have become so much more brilliantly correct in my child sleep theories. We are trying some other things too and I will let you know if they work. If they don't work I will never mention them - see above about how I am always right.

4. That's it for now. Mia and I are going to another Boob Posse meeting this morning so I need to go dig out my Birkenstocks and dress Mia in all-natural, un-dyed hemp-fiber, fair trade, cloth diapers. She's already wearing her hippie shirt.

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i missed the word thingy yesterday so I thought I should add my word today: nifty.

and yay to mia for sleeping straight for 5 hours. that rocks.

I once had to admit that... well... my husband was more right than I was on the whole sleep issue thing. It nearly killed me.

Five hours! Fantastic. I remember the first time Henry slept five hours. It's high on my "Top Ten Totally Freaking Awesome Things That Have Ever Happened to Me Ever" list.

I just got a chance to read yesterdays post, so here is my guess for news-you are moving, based on Chris' white trash neighbors dillema.

As for my word to describe you, I use 2 great mom!

yay for five straight hours.

methinks you are enjoying the rocking and cuddling more than Mia :)

At least there is a new pic of the bean. Only ONE pic, but I take what I can get. LOL

look at those cute wittle cheeks!

Hurrah for 5 hours of sleep, and the increase of your maternal brilliance.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your good news. I'm usually worst case, myself, so I know how no news feels like bad news.

Have fun with the Boob Posse. Be sure to put both of yours away when you're leaving. ;)

I'm such a dinosaur. If they're hungry, feed them. If they're wet, dry them. If they sobbing bitterly, pick them up and rock them. (Way back when, I used to say check for open safety pins). Everything else is theory and what works for one may not work for another (even in the same family).

I had good luck with tiptoeing out too. With all of them as long as something else wasn't wrong.

And while it pained me to do it, I did the same with the Dude to put him to sleep. Now at over 8 months, he is sleeping very well with *me* some times waking *him* up for nighttime nursing lest my boobies pop.

Indeed now if his dad or I even try to rock him he gets all squirmy and hates it. He wants to put himself to sleep now, it seems. This fits with his newfound independent streak in other ways too: the crawling; the feeding himself and drinking out of a bottle; and the preference to be in the big bath alone.

My little boy is growing up! *sob*

PS: I use undyed cloth diapers and I am still breastfeeding so I'd totally fit in with your posse. Shame they are all the way over there! :-) ---------------------------------------------->

Well, of course we all hold you in high esteem! And YAY for Mia sleeping! I think perhaps all the crawling (and standing!) has exhausted her. She is focusing her energies elsewhere, deciding that it's much more fun to crawl than to drive Mom and Dad crazy with the no sleeping, ever. :)

I'm so glad you have the uniform down!

I don't blame ya on not wanting to stop the rocking. I love it too!

Have fun at your Tree Hugger Meeting! LOL J/K!

I think the new hippy mom wear is those Keen sandals... like the ones on my feet right now. But I may be wrong.

Hurray on the sleeping! Woot! Who knew? Well, I guess YOU did!

It is NOT going to fall through. These things just take a little time.

I love the hippie shirt. I know a place where they make baby birks if you think you need some. Not that it will help today. And I love reading that you are never wrong. I'm glad that there are two of us in this world.

Yea sleeping Mia! I'm not one to tell you not to rock her. But if this whole sleeping thing works out and you decide you also enjoy sleeping, just dance with her a lot during the day. It's fun for both of you and she won't realize you just want to hold her. Hey, I still do it and mine are big.

How funny, I just taught myself the same lesson with Button yesterday. I have always picked her up at the slightest fuss and yesterday I just left her to put herself back to sleep.

AND SHE DID!!! In, like, 5 minutes! I was completely blown away. Of course, had I tried that any of the dozen times my husband told me to, I'm sure it wouldn't have worked. It had to be a self-discovery thing.

Glad to hear that improvements have been made with the sleep situation!

can I just tell you that we did the exact same thing with Noah...I nursed him and then Chris would burp him and rock him to sleep..we did this forever. We did have a small period where he would go to bed and fall asleep on his own. But that went to hell recently and Chris has now taken to laying down with him until he dozes off.
I know I know..the HORROR of what I am doing to my child.


I'm reluctant to congratulate you on the sleeping to soon. I don't want to jinks it for you as I have done so many times with Kyra. It seems once we feel we figure something out, we celebrate only to have that same thing not work the very next night. I really hope that this doesn't happen with you, but I will save my congrats for maybe a week from now...just to be safe.

Hope you hear the news soon. I'm sure you're going nuts waiting. Sending positive thoughts you're way. :)

#4...snicker, snicker...GUFFAW.

Yay for group hugs!

Yay for 5 straight hours of sleep!

Yay for Birks and hemp!

Yay for boobies!

I used cloth diapers and breast fed and wore tie dye shirts and bell bottoms! Oh hippie me! LOL! Of course that was 1976

let's hear it for breasts r us mtgs

5 hours? that rocks! and right-on with the birks and hemp.

Can I tell you a little story? When my son was small, he slept in our bedroom in a cosleeper (sadly, the bedroom was so small that the cosleeper was turned sideways and thus was less a cosleeper than some kind of playpen. But I sound like a bad mom if I say my son spent his first 6 months sleeping in a playpen because he didn't have a bedroom and eventually his fat head left a dent in the flimsy mattress because he got too big for it. So lets not say that). Anywho, he slept next to our bed and I heard every peep. *I* thought he didn't sleep through the night. When my boy finally did move to his own digs and I didn't hear his every sweet baby breath, he really DID sleep through the night. So I guess I am just agreeing with what you have already found out and possibly suggesting without being obnoxious AT ALL, that (as long as you all are on the same floor) you might like to get rid of the baby monitor, knowing full well that you will hear that little cry if she is awake for real.

If you do this and you get more sleep than, YEAH! I'm right! If you think I am so rude for even butting in, than I shall sink quietly back into the shadows. Promise.

This certainly makes me feel better. My little 2 week old will only sleep if someone is holding her. If you are able to help break your daughter of that habit then maybe there is hope for me...

Boob posse and group hugs? Um, have you shaved your armpits lately, Beth?

Just kidding. Have fun. And as for the always being right thing, it's such a burden, isn't it? I know, I know, because I suffer the same affliction.

So much for being psychic. It sounds like you were on the opposite end of psychic and now have to dig out your clothes from college. I thought you packed your birkenstocks in the garage like the rest of us. (because who the hell gets rid of a good pair of shoes?)

LOL. Glad you guys are figuring out the sleep thing.

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