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Answers, fresh, hot answers

Here we go, the truth:

1. Lie. I do not wear men's boxers, although I vaguely recall a fashion trend from high school-ish where girls wore boxers as shorts and at that time I owned two pairs of boxers but never wore them. I don't understand how you guys wear them anyway seeing as they are so baggy and must get all bunched up under your pants. I am a little disappointed in everyone who guessed this one was true since boxers obviously don't go with smokin' assness and you should have known I was a thong girl all the way. Was that too much information?

2. True. I will not read any book with a picture from a movie on the cover. Although, if this is weird it seems like a whole lot of you are weird with me.

3. Lie. I have no particular affection for Abe Lincoln, and no way was he a hotty. However, as I was lying in bed last night trying to go to sleep I got the brilliant idea of my Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend Clive Owen as Abe Lincoln which I can kind of picture and then, yes, he would be totally hot. Until then though, not so much.

4. Lie. I have no fear of puppets. My irrational fears are horses, termites and any dog smaller than my cat. As irrational fears go I think this is a pretty good list, especially considering that two out of three are things I can just squish.

5. True. I don't think I want to comment on this one. It's true, nuf said.

6. True. I've gotten a lot of questions about this one. I'm talking about a fan vent, not a heating vent, where there are large holes in the sides perfect for towel-stuffing. You reach the vent by standing on the toilet or sink or tub or, if need be, by sending your husband out to get ice and dragging a piece of furniture into the bathroom to stand on. You do this only while you are in there and remove it when you leave so that aforementioned husband doesn't see it and think that you are weird.

On to the winners! Only three people guessed correctly (I think, if you were right and I missed you please let me know) so each will be receiving a fabulous and thrilling Rude Cactus mix cd just as soon as Chris gets around to making it (which may be a while - I love the guy but he isn't exactly the king of follow-through). And the winners are:

Julie, mom to the adorable Raisin and a draft pick to be named later. (She's pregnant, get it?)

Ann, world's hottest grandma to three amazing little ladies.


Aurelia, who either does not have or just has not admitted to having a blog, but who loves men with chicken legs.

Comments (18)

Hi Beth

First thing I've ever won in my life.

Except for a barbecue grill at a company picnic. We lived in downtown San Francisco and had absolutely no place to use it but it's the though that counts.

Thanks - it was fun.

Great-granny Ann

Plau - it's a birthday present. Wow.

That was supposed to be plus. I'm not awake.

Heh, I'm sorry I was sick and missed the guessing. I won't buy a book reprinted with the movie pic, either. What weirdo would?

So I know I didn't guess (mainly because I was so glad to see that someone else out there shares my hate of movie-book-covers that I was distracted) (gah! I refuse to buy them! REFUSE) but I so love what you and Chris did to this ordinary little meme. Way more fun than your run-of-the-mill meme.

Hurray to Ann! I know one of the winners!

I knew that vent thing was true. I just knew it.

I don't wear men's boxers' as underwear-- I wear them as sleepwear. So, I thought that one was true.

Whole lot of fun, guys!

I never win anything, either. Which just goes to show you how awesome this particular contest was.

Tell Chris I'd like lots of Grateful Dead on my CD. JUST KIDDING!

Ok, I cannot believe you do #5. We need to get you a job at the UN, stat.

I've considered doing #6, and I often wonder whether there are cameras, but I've never actually stuffed a towel in there.

Wow, you ARE weird. LOL :)

I'm with Jen on why I guessed the boxers. As a sleepwear thing over underwear of course. I don't understand how they qualify as men's underwear. I mean, come on, they are shorts!

Boy was I off...but I too have an unnatural fear of horses!

You, however, had me pegged. I must be a crappy liar.

I am with you on #6. I'm am so freaked out by them and same with mirrors in bathrooms that aren't my own.

Too freaking funny., the thong thing was an overshare. But I'm fraid of them.

Totally with you on number 2!

Where is updated Cactus-Fish pics?? TEE HEE!!!

Good game. That was quite fun, actually. It seems I made the cardinal error of assuming you were somewhere within the fat part of the bell curve. Weirdo. ;)

Dammit, I guessed right but did not take the time to comment. My loss. And #5? I kind of do that to, in my head anyway.

I'm also totally with you on #2. I hate it when they do that.

yay me, i won. i rarely win anything. cool beans. anyway, how did you know i liked guys with chicken legs? they're hot though. and yeah i don't have a blog because well, my life is so utterly uninteresting that i will not torture the internet people with my mundaneness. heh heh.

and i have the same problem with the air vents. they freak me out. i will not go into a stall if there is one above me. ugh.

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