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Gobsmacked is an excellent word

Mia screamed all night last night. I am not exaggerating. She took an occasional 30 minute break to doze off, but otherwise it was screaming, screaming and more screaming. Why should she bother getting teeth? Can't she just eat pureed avocado until she is old enough to self-medicate with a nice bottle of wine? Ok, perhaps not.

I admit that I was thinking this morning that the bloom was off the rose a bit with this mothering thing, and then she crawled. It was only two "steps" and then she got bored and went back to chewing things, but it was definitely crawling and I was utterly gobsmacked. This thing we made, this infant who so recently resembled nothing so much as a half-baked loaf of bread, can crawl. I am amazed by her, stunned, in awe, and when she laughs I have never been happier.

But oh man, I wish she would sleep.

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I saw your post about the boob rash, wanted to let you know, GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT SAVED ME.

It sounds like thrush, which I could not get rid of no matter how many bouts of meds me and the baby went through. So I tried this and it got rid of the itching and redness and bumps FOREVER

Mix very well five to 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract in 30 ml (1 ounce) of DISTILLED water

Use cotton swab or Q-tip to apply on both nipples and areolas after the feeding.

If the baby has it, you can also swab it on the insides of her mouth with a q-tip

DO NOT PUT IN THE MOUTH without the water. ;) Trust me. I tasted it, bad idea.

Let dry a few seconds, then apply "all purpose nipple ointment". (the little nipple balm that looks like chapstick will do, you can get it at target, walmart...etc)

let me know how your boobies do! ;)

What a splendid moment when the little ones start to crawl. Here's hoping you get some shut eye.

Funny how bittersweet some of these baby moments are - we are simultaneously so proud of their accomplishments and more than a little sad to see them growing so fast.....
Until they turn 9 and 6 like mine and cop an attitude about everything. Now I find myself counting down the years until college. ;)
Sending lots of sleepy baby vibes to you guys.

"You know what we gave your sister when she wouldn't sleep? Whiskey and honey" that was my dad's advice, take it or leave it.

i think they intentionally do something amazing and cute like that after a day/night of being horrible just so we'll keep them. it gives a nice balance. 1 cute for 10 not so much.

I hope she sleeps better for you tonight. I usually lurk but wanted to de-lurk to say I look forward to reading your blog each day. Mia's site is adorable as well. (Not to mention your cutie hubby!) So... here's wishing you at least several hours of uninterrupted snoozing tonight. Sweet dreams. :-)

So fabulous now that she's mobile. Tomorrow, she'll be asking for the car.

Here's to hoping you all get some sleep. Soon. Very, very soon.

I wondered too, when my children were getting those first teeth... they're just going to fall out anyway, why bother?

She's growing up so fast!

That's great!!! (That she crawled, not that she screamed) Here's hoping that she crawls enough to wear herself out and fall asleep... :)

With my first kid we used "burbon, brandy or rum" per the doctors instructions. Worked pretty good.

With the 4th we were introduced to Hurricanes. FABULOUS. It's an over the counter thing, but you usually have to ask the pharmacist for it. It's very similar to the stuff the dentist uses to numb you before he uses the needle.

Hope you get some sleep soon.

I admit, I had similar whiskey thoughts. Also? Anbusol and Tylenol? I am sure you are doing this. Does she sleep during the day? I wonder why the pain is so much more severe at night than it is during the day-- she seems very happy during the day. Poor baby. Poor Mama and Papa.

what? no audio blog of the screaming?

P.S. Hylan's teething tablets worked well for the kid. They're homeopathic but you can find them in most drug stores and since there's nothing weird in them, you can pretty much give them to her round the clock, unlike tylenol or motrin where you can't do more than 4 doses per day.
Also... soak and freeze a few wash cloths. she might like biting on them.

I'd just like to say Good Luck. Nothing will work, but you ahould try anything that remotely sounds like a solution. It'll keep you occupied while you listen to her screaming. Teeth suck.

As for the scar. Mine hurt periodically for wuite a while. I don't remember exactly how much or anything, but as long as it's not a sharp continual pain, I wouldn't worry about it. It's probably worse because you're exhausted too.

Good Luck.

Bourbon, brandy *and* rum for the parents. Long Island iced tea?

Benadryl is a good emergency baby-sleep- inducer for those nights when you're all just about to break.

It does end, eventually, and there should be breaks when she's not actively cutting new teeth when you can all recover a smidgen of your sanity. I feel your pain, believe me.

Parenthood is such a mixed bag of exhausted trudging and total amazement.

Never a dull moment I tell you.

When those gobsmack moments happen, you forget all about the torture though. You really do. I think a humans ability to forget pain and negative experiences quickly is the only reason the species continues to procreate.

GO MIA! Prepare to babyproof EVERYTHING!!! You will not stop moving for the next year at least. Unless she is sleeping of course. Ha.

Yea, crawling. Do we get a video? When she does it again? SHe might not have noticed that she did it. So just in case she doesn't for a few days you will know why. When she knows she can do it, she will never stop.

Go Mia go! Now go to SLEEP and I mean it!

And I cracked UP at the comment about your boobs, Beth. Very helpful advice but 'let me know how your boobies do' was too much for me. Man, I can't WAIT to have a kid, just so everyone can discuss my boobs.

Crawling!!!! Yahoo!

For the screaming try this: Baby Orajel, along with a dose of Baby Tylenol. Then, if the Tylenol's not working, a half dose of Baby Motrin.

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