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Link me up, baby

A couple of weeks ago, during one of those nights when Mia just would not go to sleep and instead spent several hours clamped onto my boob and giggling, Chris sent me links to the best sites he was reading that I was not. Don't you wish I would tell you what links he sent me? Nope, not gonna do it, so just assume that your site was one of them because you? Are awesome.

Anyway, I found some great new people that I now love madly and want to make out with and it got me to thinking (I do that sometimes) that you are probably reading really good sites that I am not reading too.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to leave me one and only one link to a fabulous blog that I should read, and if you are so inclined, tell me why. If you want to, you can click through to my blogroll over on the right there to make sure the site you want to tell me about isn't there, but since I do all my blog reading via feed my blogroll is hopelessly outdated and I read lots of sites that aren't listed, and therefore you may skip that step at your discretion. You may also leave the link to your own site as the latest fabulous blog that I simply must read, but don't you think that is a little egotistic? I mean, chances are that if you leave a comment I will read your site anyway, if I'm not already, so you can probably afford to share the love a little bit.

Since I don't like to get and not give (I'm lying, I love to do that, but I suppose it is rude) here are just a couple of my absolute favorites that you should totally check out.

Belgianwaffle is clever, witty, and posts pictures of her beautiful children. Is obviously smarter than me, but I do not hold that against her.

Sarcomical is always good for a giggle and is also frequently good for making liquid squirt our your nose. Is obviously prettier than me, but I do not hold that against her.

William at Poop and Boogies is representin' for the men and reminds me a bit of my husband due to his habit of saying outrageous and hilarious things in inappropriate situations. Is obviously male-er than me, but I do not hold that against him.

Come on baby, give it to me. You know you want to.

Comments (62)

Hmmm. Soul Gardening ( if you want some lovely and thoughtful insights.

If you hate Tom Cruise, you could check out my post today wherein I give him a nice tongue lashing. Enjoy.

not a blog. but so much more.

My new favorite is Nothing But Bonfires . She cracks me up.

One? Dude, you don't make things easy do you? I think I'm gonna have to refrain from playing because I can easily think of five or so blogs you should give a look at but I can't bring myself to pick between them. Man, am I a wuss or what?

Have you read Lumpyhead? ( she is local too.

I liked her blog so much that we met in person. We have a mutual fan club.

I don;t know Belgian...but I would like to eat some :)

One of my favorite blogs isn't personal - it's celebrity gossip. Trent's funny and very resourceful. He reported that sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth long before anyone else. I? Have zero drama in my life and therefore love reading celebrity gossip.

Link up!

Ooh! Thanks! I love to have new sites to read.

My top pick would be

She's an American girl living in England and she is hilarious!

All my good blogs I mostly got from you and Chris, so I don't really have anything to add. Sorry!

That chick rules.

Hey thanks for the link and the kind words.
The one blog I would like to point out is KLOG

Kelly is a really gifted writer and I look forward to her posts everyday. Why? Well you have to read her stuff to figure that out, but it is always good.

I think that is a must read. Mari is a funny and insighful mom and not afraid to be a little daring! I love when bloglines tells me that she has a new post. (And you too of course!)

I found you through your hubby, who read my blog and commented. Therefore he MAY HAVE passed me on to you already. (And for any readership, I am grateful. And humbled.)

My favorite stuff that I've written (all involving ranting about things that anger moi) are found in my sidebar under "That's One Pissed Off Banana!" Hope you'll stop by sometime!

She is very entertaining, overcame infertility and has twins and is very honest about everything and funny too.

Ok, shameless plug for my friend's blog, but OMG her "Dear Co-worker" letters are priceless! LoisLane214( ) You gotta read those...

hhhmmmm, well I have a ton that I love, but I will go with cause she's freaking funny. And she has a really sweet boyfriend and an adorable kid.

Ok, I won't pimp my own site in the hopes you'll read it on your own... I will pimp instead. It's a food blog mostly and I get some neat ideas on things to bake to aid in the growth of my butt.
I could draw a diagram of my butt, but it would pale in comparison to your diagrams so I'll just leave you with a mental image.
Oh and you are totally on my blogroll... Chris too.

It is juicy, sometimes disturbing, but mostly entertaining.

I just found Nothing But Bonfires and she's hystercial!

This is my sister-in-law's blog. I find it cracks me up.

Trust me it's great to read while feeding a baby.

Ok, this is tough, a great idea (and I plan on checking out all the recommended blogs), but tough. Most of the blogs I read I got from reading other blogs and it seems all are connected in the vast blog universe

I love Bitchypoo
Robin is funny, and takes the best cat pictures ever. And she has a giveaway page where she gives stuff away. for free! fun!

I have to also recommend a New Orleans blog, because, everyone should have a few NOLA blogs in their daily reading list. This is a really tough choice. I think I'll go with Beats Per Minute
Vern is a very talented writer that mixes up some of his art, photography, short stories, true accounts of his experriences in his blog. He is in Peru right now so he's got some before/after pics of NOLA up daily to remind everyone of whats going on in the city.

Susie Sunshine !


mainly for the family holiday get-together stories. if it weren't for the pictures, you wouldn't believe half of what he says.

Nobody has mentioned Miss Doxie yet.
The first post I read by her
I almost peed my pants laughing so hard. She doesn't post every day but, lord have mercy, she is hysterical.

Oh, I also love Suburban Bliss and Very Mom - they are a must, as well, IMHO!

The Lawn Whisperer

He's William's (Poop and Boogies) brother, and he can be pretty funny.

Hmm. Someone mentioned one of my least favorite sites ever. But I won't say which one b/c that would be rude and who knows, you might like it. Anyway just one site recommendation? This is tough. I'm assuming you already read and hysterical to miss!), so I'll recommend another great site:

She's very sarcastic, which something tells me you might enjoy. Usually posts every day (sometimes a few times throughout the day), but she hasn't been posting as frequently lately. Check out the site though, it's worth it for her posts about the people she encounters on her daily trek into NYC.

And I'm totally breaking the rules and throwing another one in here (what a rebel!) He's a singer/songwriter dude who blogs daily about all sorts of things - not funny, but at times incredibly honest. So honest, in fact, that I can overlook his frequent typos and just enjoy the content. Definitely worth a read. (And check out the music too, it's pretty good if you're into the whole acoustic singer/songwriter deal).

And oh, what the heck? If I'm gonna tread on thin ice I may as well dance - check out too. I have more, but I'm backing away from the keyboard now. Really.

All & Sundry is my all-time favorite, I think, and I read zillions.

I like Here be Hippogriffs at Raw, touching, intelligent and funny.

I'll also pimp one on my blog roll: Antique Mommy, a fellow Texan.

Each entry cracks me up. He's one part Everyman and one part Unlike Anybody Else.

Well, if you don't already read you should. And if you already read that one, then you should check out (you have to register, but it's worth it!)

This is a great idea, cause like I don't already read about a gazillion blogs, so my husband thanks you!

Let's see, since I can't pimp my own blog (not much of a rebel, am I?) I would have to suggest:
She is a great writer and we have a lot in common.

My friend Steven just started a blog. And he KILLS me. He is hilarious. He has the weirdest sense of humor. Here it is:

you won't be sorry.

This is unique and I think you and Chris would get a kick out of reading it.

Ok there is major drama on my blog today so maybe you just wait a week come check it out then... ok?

And I agree that Miss Doxie is hilarious!

You should totally read that girl over at "So the Fish Said." oh wait... nevermind.

Dad Gone Mad

If you haven't read his site beore, read about his vasectomy. I was on the floor crying, I was laughing so hard.

Lucinda is one of the best

I love Zoot!! She posts many times throughout the day, and her kids are gorgeous. She just makes my day!!

Good idea you've got here, its nice to hear recommendations from other people.

Well, let me see. I have to give you two because I have to.
la petite banane

I really like She's an excellent write and storyteller.

I agree with the other comments. Zoot cracks me up on a daily basis! Several times a day, usually!

most of the sites i read have already been mentioned. so i'm just going to second (or third, or fourth) what everyone else said.

I couldn't do it - to refer you to just one - I would feel disloyal to all the others! But it's so much fun to find new, great ones, isn't it?

I haven't really read much there but I bookmarked it because the name alone cracked me up.

I have to second statia's recommendation of The vasectomy entry is December 6th, 2005 and I almost spit lentil soup all over my monitor reading it. Freaking hilarious!

you are crazy lady.

i take offense to that "prettier" thing. so not true. i never. however, i am afriad we are both being shamed by Princess Mia. yes?


oh my god.


there. my fingers are so much slower than my brain.

oh, p.s. i alway plug Ze Frank when i can because if i weren't married i'd totally stalk him. he's so funny.

and now i am done tromping around in your comments section.

Jenn at is funny and smart and boy can she write. She's a playwright! How cool is that?

Isabel is sweet and very funny and about to pop with her first baby, and who doesn't like to read new birth stories?

Also, She's a friend of mine, a stay-at-home mom with a three-year-old and three-month old. Fabulous.

ummm ... yeah ...
cuz I really need MORE stuff to read. She cracks my shit up! I have 3 kids oldest is 5 so I like to read about all the crap I have to look forward to in life. -- Out of Character. Hilarious. I like her and I think everyone else should too;)

by an English woman living in Paris.

i wish I could put my emotions into words as well as she does.

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