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Mia Monday #12: Yielding the Floor Edition

I have been scrambling (scrambling, I say!) to come up with a Mia Monday for today. Mia in a bunny costume? I don't have a bunny costume. Mia in a pile of puppies? Darn, loaned the puppies to the neighbor. Mia in a cute little dress tap dancing? Child can't even crawl yet, I don't think I can get her tap dancing in one day.

It's no use. I give up.

I just can't compete with this.

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resistance is futile. Piglet takes the cake

That is so cute.
Love her laugh!!!

I don't know. I think you gave up too easily. With your mad drawing skills you could have drawn Mia in a pile of puppies or a bunny costume. Still, the laughing and the clapping are hard to beat. She's darling.

Chris very politely shows up in my mailbox each morning so he beat you at least on the left coast. He's about the 3rd email I read (after England so I can reply).

She's adorable, no matter who posted that photo.

Overcome by the cuteness. The laugh is infectious and not at all in a creepy way.

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the giggly stage. Sooo much fun.

I just came from there and wanted to tattle on him for reading that to your beautiful little girl. You COULDN'T have been home when he did that. ;)

Wait, it is actually less scary to hear about computer insides than it is to listen to a wolf stalk and eat little pigs, I guess.

Oh, I don't know. Just pull out your Linux Redhat installation manual and belt it out to the back rows.

It has penguins! And hats, of course. Red ones, even.

That video was great. I loved it!

That is a great video. I love baby giggles.

Oh my dear holy good god...that was just the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

Sorry about the mess, my insides just exploded all over the place. I'll claen it up. So cute!!!!

You get to take a lot of credit for the cuteness though, having, erm, incubated her. ;)

you keep letting him read UNIX to her and she is going to hack into your blog and take revenge :)

She's got her own blog! She doesn't need to take revenge here! She'll just write horrible things about you to Internet later.

Maybe he put the video on his site, but she has half your genes!

Yeah, I can imagine that it would be difficult to compete with that.

That was wonderful.

Holy Guacamole, her laugh is so infectious. And your husband reads so well!

you can just tell she will a beautiful young lady

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