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Mia Monday #13: No, I Won't Crawl for the Camera Edition

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She has got the most adorable pout I think I've ever seen!

Poor kitty - he won't know what is chasing him!

Ok, maybe not cooperative and crawling, but still pretty darn cute!

Isn't that always the way?

Adorable! I especially love the butt shot at the end! I call Ava's the "diaper butt" cute! I mean all of this in the "I'm a mommy who thinks big padded rear ends are endearing" not the "I'm a sicko who likes butts" kinda way;)

I told Mia's daddy this morning to enjoy it. Turn around twice and wonder where that beautiful teenager came from.

She is a lovely child.

she's got to be the cutest little sumo wrestler ever!

i swear, if i were ever to be in the same room as her, there would be lots and lots of pinching and, seriously keep me away!!

Cute little baby bubble butt!!!

Mmm... time for a Mia-snack! I'll just nibble on her chin for a moment. She is so adorable! Could she BE any cuter?

Oh Mia...stop growing!

So beautiful.

I thought I was the only one who fell in love with the bubble butt...LOVE IT.

She's growing before our amazing.

I, like others here, would also like to gobble up the adorable-ness that is Mia!!! hee hee...I don't know how you handle being exposed to that cuteness every day.

I see that Eeyore has the good sense to throw his legs up in the air and surrender! Too cute.

I love the bubble butt too. I can't wait for a crawling video though.

Is that a cloth hamper in the background because I have the same exact one!

That's my fave age...she's a cutie!

Such a cute little rump!

Could she be any cuter??

LOl I love her deranged lunatic hairdo.
I mean the in the cutest, nicest possible way of course. not that I think little Mia is or ever will be a deranged lunatic (like say...her FATHER).

So pinchable lol. She's beautiful, Beth. Good job ;)

Does this girl take a bad picture? I don't think so...Nope, she is just too cute!

SOOOO cute! :)

I love her totally unimpressed look. It's like she's thinking, "God, why must they ALWAYS be taking pictures of me."

What a cutie. Don't worry in no time she will be RUNNING and she'll just be a blur on the camera.

what an adorable little girl :) of course you already know this, but the backing up of the truth is always positive enforcement!

It took me forever to catch my last kiddo to crawl. He'd rock everywhere when I had the camcorder or camera but wouldn't do it. Get your camera ready and grab some keys and throw them about 8 feet from her and start snapping. They love keys!

I love the pics. Great natural lighting.

Now that mine is crawling, I'm so missing having a little girl. I know you never hear this, but she's adorable.

can i come live at your house? it's so very clean...

and yes, mia is abso-smurfly adorable.

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