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Mia Monday #14: Easter Dress Edition

That big noise you heard on Saturday? Was the universe collapsing from the weight of cuteness being generated by my daughter. Sorry about that.

Comments (39)

You have the second cutest family ever.

Aww, you all are so cute.

Ummm, not that I find Chris atractive in any way because that would just be wrong.

Yes the baby is adorable - but how beautiful are YOU in those pictures? Hott!

Yay for beautiful Easter dresses on beautiful girls! Chris looks good too ;)

Seriously...she is adorable!


OMG! What a beautiful baby, dress and family! You guys are so fabulous!

SO cute. And I saw them over at Chris's but I think they're even cuter over here. I love the one with her eating the brush.

You're both adorable. (You and Mia), Chris isn't half bad either although I'm much too old to think about anything like that.

The family photo is PRECIOUS!!

Awww... I love the pic of the 3 of you. She's the sweetest thing ever. :)

Awwww. Glad to see with all the picture taking that goes on, you all manage to get in the shot from time to time. I was married for 17 years, had three kids, and managed to have only two snaphots of the entire family taken in all those years. Crazy!

That dress...THAT DRESS!!! I love it. Adore it, actually.

Such lovlies, the cactusfishes.

Raisin had a purple dress too. It came with a hat, which she hated so much that she stepped on it. Don't tell Grandma, who thought the hat was an excellent idea.

:) Mia, as always, is gorgeous. Don't worry about the universe; it'll recover.

beautiful as always. the cuteness is indeed great.

Well, I already commented on the pics on your hubby's blog, but it bears repeating that Mia is just absolutely adorable!
Love the family shot too.

What adorable pics, especially the one of all of you.

Okay - so I came to get my fill of cute Mia Easter pictures (when I should be posting my own cute Rylee easter pictures - except that my camera is still at my sister's house) and since how I am always WAY WAY behind I just read the post on links and because I am a slacker and it is over 7 days old I couldn't post my favorite (how's that for a run-on). ;) ANYWAY... check out She's hilarious! :)

You all look lovely! That's a great family pic at the end. And the's! *head explodes*

You know, the one of Mia eating the comb is my favorite-- especially watching the sequence on the flickr slideshow of you primping her and then her finding solace in the comb.

gorgeous :)

Cute pics! I already said that on his blog but I'll say it again! In the last pic you can really tell he's happy to be a dad! I can see him hounding you for about 5-6 more kids. LOL

Oh, I'm sooooo glad THAT was the noise and it wasn't all the bullshit coming out of the white house finally exploding due to the unbelievable methane build up!

Honestly though ... I don't think it could get any cuter.

cute husband
gorgeous baby
and you look so happy.....
so pretty


Are you guys the cutest family in the entire world or what? I am saying yes.

Happy late Easter! I hope it was as wonderful as Mia's dress!

Ouch! Yep, that's a painfully cute little girl you have there. Makes me wish (for a few minutes) I had a girl to dress up. Oh well, I'm sure my boys won't mind a few ruffles here and there...

Absolutely adorable!

awwww!! :) cuteness!

What a beautiful "family picture"! And Happy belated Easter!

You had me with the Easter baby photos. But the yellow lab? Freaking overkill, babe. (In the most adorable way, of course.)

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love them.


oh so adorable. I love pretty easter dresses :)

My God! The baby! The cuteness! Can't stand it!

:-D Love the Easter dress!

Aww, what a cutie. Button didn't get an Easter dress this year because the store wanted FORTY DOLLARS for it. And I discovered that yes, even I have limits when it comes to clothing my daughter in cuteness. This came as a big surprise to my husband, who thinks we could afford a second home with the amount of baby clothes I have purchased so far.

Holy crap, she is so cute.

Adorable family, you three.

Easter dresses are one thing that make me long for a girl (not gonna happen). Oh, and pictures of Mia.

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. And how cute is that little dress!!

A bit late -- but still I have to say, she looks precious

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