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Mia Monday #15: You Try Getting Her to Crawl on Demand Edition

People, I know this is lousy quality, but it was the best I could do. Here's how it always plays out:

Beth says: Mia! Come to Mama! Come here, Mia! Come give Mama a kiss!
Mia thinks: Hey, Mama has that camera I like to chew on, I'll head on over there. Wait a minute, Mama looks pretty distracted. I think this is my chance to go chew all the cables under the computer desk. See ya!

Comments (36)

She SO ditched you!! LOL
Too cute!

Oh, man. She's crawling. And, she looks rather proficient at it.

And adorable, too.

Buh-bye days of immobility...

So, so damn cute. How I LOVE Mia Mondays!!

Heh! Too funny. I can never get Matthias to do anything on film. They are so much smarter than we think!

Now THAT is some very cute crawling. She's like a tiny baby elephant, what with the swaying and very deliberate motions.

Oh, that was freaky... I was intently watching Mia (who is indeed the most adorable child who is still a baby) and then the little "hey Mia" came out of my speakers and I swear it sounded just like my voice!!

I can't believe how fast she's growing up? Didn't you just have her, like, last week or something?

Too cute. And soooo obvious that this girl has a mind of her own. ;)

Oh that is so true! I have the same trouble with my kiddo. And what is with the computer cables? I have spent a fortune on safe, educational, age appropriate toys for my son. Time and time again he just wants to play with empty bottles, catalogues, computer cables and during diaper changes, himself. I should have just saved my money and put him to play in the recycling box. :-)

My parents tried to make the crawling taoe with me. My mother lured me with teddy bears and cookies, and when mothing worked my father plopped down his can of Genesse Cream Ale, which I happily crawled to and began to drink.

This is so cute! My kids always took one look at me with a camera and headed in the opposite direction! Yay for Mia Monday!!!

I can almost hear her thinking, "I will not be your web monkey! You think up your own content, missy!" Children can be so ungrateful. :sigh: :-)

Hope you have a good pair of running shoes. It's all downhill from here.

She is so cute though. Don't beieve I've seen her technique before.

That was great! And then, mama put down the camera and ran, right?

She's all "see ya" ... she's very clever, your daughter. You're gonna have a helluva time when she's a teenager. :-)

even without sound on my computer, that was incredibly cute!

Too cute! I wish we could've seen her face. Ava always turns like Mia did, right before crawling away and gives me this devilish "catch me if you can!"

Awwww, she's crawling! How cute!

Thats even cuter, when they crawl away from you.


Cutest freaking thing ever!

and so it starts...

Your child is so cute my uterus hurts! ;-)

I like that you can audibly hear her breathing, like she's overexerted from having to carry those cheeks all over the place. Molly had them, too... the kind people have to forcibly stop themselves from nibbling on...

The cuteness is just killing me.

Yikes! Mia crawls! Too cute...and she is growing up so fast...wiping tears from my eyes! She is still the MOST beautiful baby ever!

Oh boy, all I can think of is that you're in trouble now - good luck with that!

Yet? She crawled!

I love how you kept the shot going until the last bit of toe was out of view. Then I imagine you stopped filming, dropped the camera like a hot potato, and sprinted to the other room to stop the cord chewing fest.

Mia is just delicious.

Lovely independent little lady, that one. Her wiggly little bum is so cute heh.

How cute is that! LOL

heehee. mobile mia, too cute.

oh my god! That crawling is too cute! Also I LOVE how she has such a great handle on ignoring you.

Too funny! I think Sophie is part cat because she only does things we ask when she deigns to hear us.

She looks like she's a pro at crawling now. Were you trying to be sneaky with the camera?? Seems like everytime mine see the camera, they either run away or won't do the milestone they were just doing 2 seconds before I turned it on.

Watch out, it is down hill from here. ;)

CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! I love how she even looks back at you... too funny. I stole your monthly letter idea, btw. Hope you don't mind. Since how I'm totally slacking on the whole scrapbooking/ journaling thing I figure I'd better document big steps somehow. ;)

I can't believe she's crawling! Where did the time go? 9 months.. Crazy. :)

Let the fun begin!

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