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Not the news, but other news

Ok, first off, this is not the news I mentioned last week. That news is still coming, early next week at the latest. Looks like it is all going to work out and be lovely, but I am a don't count your chickens kind of person, so you will have to wait a bit longer.

The other news is not good news. I was going to wait to say anything until I knew more, but for some reason it feels weird not to tell you guys about it. Possibly I need to get out more. The thing is, our cat, Pixel, has been at the vet since Saturday. At first, they thought it was liver failure. Then, they thought it was some problem with his gallbladder. Now, after (and I wince to even type this) the ultrasound and then exploratory surgery he had this morning, they are pretty sure it is cancer. The only real question at this point is what sort of cancer, how bad it is and what we are going to do about it. The vet took biopsies and we should have the results in a couple of days and with any luck Pixel will come home tomorrow.

I cannot even begin to articulate how much this sucks. It is horrible that he is sick, and likely very sick, and all the worse since it was only a little over a month ago that we lost Callie. If any of you have any pull with the (highly capricious) universe, would you please prevail upon it to stop with our cats already? Because this, and I hope you will forgive me for a little whining here, is not fucking fair.

That's all for now as I need to get back to moping. Come back tomorrow when you can help me try to find a picture of myself that doesn't make me want to vomit.

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Yes, that does SUCK about your poor cat...hope he/she gets better...

I'm exercising my pull with the universe as we speak!

I agree -- definitely not fair.

I'll make a call. Hopefully it'll do some good. :o)

oh beth
thats horrible

How awful for you. It isn't fair and yes, if prayers will help, you have them.

Take care of yourself.


Oh, I am so, so sorry to hear that Pixel's sick. I'll put in a good word with the universe for him.

Beth that so sucks. I hope Pixel will be allright. You can feel free to whine all you want. I will listen.

Oh, no, Beth. That really isn't just fair - not on the heels of Callie like that. I shall offer up my pleas and tantrums to the universe, because the Cactus-Fish household does not deserve this. Not at all.

Definitely not fair. I don't claim to have any pull wiht the universe but will keep my fingers crossed. I really hope the news from the vet is good.

Oh Beth. That's horrible. I am so sorry.

I have heard that Vitamin C can help with cats with cancer. Of course, that is a very holistic and hopeful approach, but I have heard good things.

I am hoping for good things for wee Pixel.

I'm so sorry.

Ok, not cool. Not cool at all. I am so sorry Beth.

Man, I hate when this stuff comes in pairs. Sorry to hear you're having health troubles with your sweet furball. Fingers crossed that all will work out as it should (fat lotta help that is, huh?).


I am so sorry. My parents recently lost 2 dogs in 4 months, one ironically to liver failure, and the other to cancer, and my mom has not stopped crying.

I said this when you posted about Callie. They become so part of our lives, and them dying or being sick is so hard, it almost makes it not worth having a pet. Almost, but the unconditional loves makes up for it.

My heart goes out to you, Chris, and little Mia.


Am starting letter writing campaign, in your honor, as we speak.

Fucking universe!!!

I'm so sorry, Beth.

Awww Beth! That sucks and is SO not fair.

I'm sorry and I have no pull with the universe whatsoever, but I'll send some positive vibes your way!

I'm sorry. I'll be thinking all my best thoughts for Pixel.

I'm so, so sorry, Beth. It is unfair. :-(

I am really sorry about Pixel. I hope everything turns out to be okay.

I'll start looking for you at places where you get ultrasounds for cats, I have been frequenting those lately too. Maybe we can share a cell in debtors prison after paying for them.

Wish you'd told me today.. sounds like you need a hug... :( I'm so, so sorry

Whatever pull I have is Pixel's. So sorry that you - and the little guy -have to go through this.

I'm so very sorry about Pixel. I hope it works out for the best. As a cat person and owner of one very very spoiled cat, I don't know what we would do without I know how you feel. You all are in my thoughts.

I'm so sorry.

This is very sad. I hope that something miraculous will happen and the kitty will be back home with you soon.

Coming out of lurkdom to tell you how sorry I am about Pixel. I doubt I have much pull in the universe, but I'll send some your way.

Oh wow, I'm so sorry and sad about Pixel. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

That is such a huge bummer. I am really pulling for you guys that the cat will come thru this. I know how you feel tho. We lost 2 cats semi-recently pretty close to each other (only a month or so apart) And it really sucked. I think the universe owes me a favor still, i wil try to call it in for you. No promises, but i am keeping my fingers crossed.

I don't even know what to say...except this sucks. But I imagine you know that part already.

Here's thinking of you guys...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! Poor little Pixel.

I am so sorry to hear about Pixel.

Warmest fuzzy thoughts are with the family.

Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry. Having just lost Shubi, I know the feeling. Two years ago when she got sick and we learned that what time she had left was simply borrowed time, left me feeling totally bereft. But then, we did have her for a while, and I got to love on her something fierce. Still it's never easy, is it?

I'm so sorry to hear about Pixel. I hope that he recovers and gets to be with you for many more years. (hugs)

Oh Beth, it bites so very hard when pets are sick. I wish I could send a singing telegram or SOMETHING to distract you with happiness for a while, but that would be improbable and odd, so I'll instead I'll reccomend making fart sounds until Mia chimes in.

Oh, Beth, I'm so sorry to hear about Pixel. I'll break out whatever kitty-healing control I have over the Universe. Big hugs all around.

I am so sorry. It sure is rotten to have to go through this again. My cat had cancer but we were able to treat him and he lived another 2 years on chemo. Hope Pixel will have the same possibility.

Am doubtful about my pull with the "universe" but...



That really sucks. I'm sorry you guys are dealing with this. Lots of hugs! Wish there was more I could say or do to make it better.

Major suckage!! :-( I doubt any one of us has much sway with the universe, but maybe if we all try together...

I'm so sorry about your kitty. :( I hope the universe backs off now.

When it rains it really does pour. That sucks really bad. I am so sorry to hear you lost both so close together. I find in my own life it seems when things are bad they are really bad and sometimes I am greatful the bad things seem to clump themselves close together but then again I am a weirdo. I hope you find a new kitty soon. I wish you were close since my mom has a hand raised kitten she has bottlefed since 2 weeks and its now 6 weeks and she can not keep it since we are all allergic but she is so scared to let it go and not know its outcome. She is so fluffy and cute and perfect.

(((Beth))) I am so sorry for the loss of both your cats :*(.

Not fair doesn't even come close! I'm crossing fingers and toes for you that everything turns out OK...

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