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Silly me

I can't believe it took me so long to think of it, but I don't know how I can ask you to diagnose my alien-trapped-in-my-stomach c-section scar pain without a diagram of the offending scar. So here you go:

It feels better today, so I guess the alien has decided to stay in there a while longer.

Um.... something more interesting later, maybe, but I am tired and it is rainy so I wouldn't put money on it or anything.

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A few years ago I had a scare with the boobies. Turns out I had a little lump which was growing and needed to be well, removed. I have a scar to this day (but that's cool, because now my boob just looks really tough, or maybe like a pirate?). And for a year after the surgery, I would get throbbing pain in the scar area (and every now and then I get this again)...I was told that it's just healing, and it hurts while the scar tissue forms. I'm sure getting kicked in the boob would only make that feel worse for me - but maybe it's similar?

my scar used to look like that..till I had another one...and now it's more like S you know? It's all weird on one side...there goes my underwear model status.

Your scar looks so happy. Smiley-face scar! Do you ever get the urge to draw eyes above your belly button? I would, if I had a scar like that. Or maybe that's just me...

Geez. That almost looks like it was drawn on there.

Mine doesn't look as happy as yours.

Wow. Again, props to the mad drawing skillz.

I have no scary advice to offer on this one. Aren't you glad? :) I didn't have a C-section, but do have a surgery scar that hurt off and on for years, especially if something hit it. And those kicks they can get at that age... yowza! Too bad they don't have infant soccer leagues.

That is a smily looking little scar, though.

See, I was gonna post and just say that it was probably just healing, and having a baby kicking it probably isn't the best thing... but, now that you've drawn the scar, I was soooooo wrong. Get yourself to an outerspace hospital right away. That definately looks like an alien scar. I mean why else would it be smiling?

Oh Beth, that drawing about put me over the edge. I'm pretty sure I could see the little alien peeking out. So freaking funny.

Oh, thanks for the diagram. This totally makes sense now.


Yeah, no idea what could be going on with it.


22 years later, my mom's c-section scar still itches or hurts when it rains. Maybe yours has ESP with the rain, too!

My scar is from having a large ovarian cyst removed. Years later, I still can't stand for it to be touched. It feels weird.

Your drawing skills... girl, you are (sorry Chris)

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