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Stuff and nonsense

Blah-di-blah-blah. This is boring. You were warned.

Thank you all for giving me links to some of your favoritest blogs to check out. I don't really know what I was thinking, because between your recommendations and some of your sites that I haven't made it to yet I have about 100 new blogs to check out. What really amazed me is that at least 90% of the recommendations were people I had never heard of or had heard of but never read, so that was actually sort of exciting. I was a little afraid that you were all going to recommend Dooce or that Star Trek guy, so thanks for being a little creative.

Also, I accidentally deleted some of the comments from that post. Well ok, to be honest, I deleted them on purpose because I accidentally screwed them up so badly that they were no longer readable and so then I deleted them on purpose to hide the mess I made. I had this fabulous idea that I would go through the comments and make all the links into actual links so that anybody who wanted to could just click and check out all the new sites, but it didn't work the way it works when I post and the changes I made somehow just deleted the links entirely so that comments said "You should check out she's totally great!" which is not really informative and then I tried to go back and fix them and it didn't work and then I just got pissy and deleted them and hoped nobody would notice. But now I'm telling you about. I just can't keep a secret. I do have all the emails though so will check out everybody's recommendations and I'm sorry if I deleted your comment.

Moving on. The panties were mine, although I realized after posting that they are silk and not satin, so I can see how that might have thrown you off. The electric hedge trimmers are right next to the dryer (ah, the joys of townhouse living) so I'm assuming that they and the sock landed there during an ill-fated trip from the washer to the dryer. I do admire your self-restraint in not making more jokes about trimming the bushes, which honestly I didn't think of until after I posted it. I am very naive. Yesterday I was talking about choking a (stuffed) chicken and had to ask Chris whether that meant what I thought it meant, which apparently it does and I have since named the (stuffed) chicken Chuck. Chuck the Chicken. Well, it made me laugh.

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I cant imagine checking out that many new blogs. I have a hard enough time keeping up with yours and your at the top of my favorites. You could always check out my boring little site though. You rule.

Hey - have you ever checked out Seriously funny shit over there.

And there's also this guy ... rude cactus or something? He's not too bad.

Hee heee *snort*

CHUCK! THE CHICKEN! OMG now that is too funny. So now I have an image of a chicken named Chuck getting choked while wearing purple satin undies and holding an electric hedge trimmer. Wow! I need to go home now!

Not boring at all. Quite humorous actually.

Good luck checking out all those links. I read probably about 100 or so but thank god for Bloglines so that helps me pick through and find the updated ones!

gurl...first of all. Put your panties on.
Now that you have your big girl panties on... always trim the bush...more fun.
oh and tell the man to wear two socks at a time...geez.

I bow at your feet for trying to slog through all the links. There's no way I could do it.
Hopefully, you'll post a best of and I'll try that...I'm so very lazy.

Have a happy easter and we want Easter Egg pictures of the bean....pretty please with sugar on top.... pretty please.

The Pupster

Happy Friday and all that-- I have a non-panty question-- is Mia getting an Easter Basket this year? And what will be in it?

Chuck the Chicken - Ha! Too funny.

Chuck the Chicken. I love it.

I am late to the party, as usual...

I was going to recommend two of my favorite blogs, rudecactus and so the fish said, but it looks like someone beat me to it. I'm so sad, though, that no one mentioned my blog, but, I guess I'm not that funny........

Anxiously swaiting pics of Mia at Easter!

I didn't think you were the kind of girl to use the word "panties". puke

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