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This is so lame

But I'm doing it anyway.

My sister in law sent me one of those FW: FW: Fwd: FW: FW: emails yesterday that I hate, but I adore my SIL so I always read them. This one said, in the typical Oh! My! God! high-energy, this is the most fun you will ever have tone, that I was to reply to my SIL with one word that described her, and then forward the email to all my friends and have the best time ever seeing what they said about me.

I did it, because as I mentioned I adore my SIL, and now I am passing it on to all my friends. (Um, is it really pitiful that you guys are all my friends? I mean, not ALL my friends, I do have others that do not live in this little box on my desk, but that you guys were the ones I thought of when I read "all my friends?" Yeah, I thought it was, just a little.) So humor me, ok, and give me one word to describe me. Try not to use "bitch" though because that is just too obvious and you don't want to pick the same word as everyone else.

What? You say I haven't had anything resembling content in a week? Well see, the child? She crawls. And I mean she CRAWLS and can cross the entire house in under a minute and I am having a hard time adjusting to that. Also, I have news that I really want to tell you because it is super duper exciting, but I am still working out the details and I am starting to get scared the details might not work out and then it will be super duper depressing instead and you will all need to console me and send me wine and chocolate. But cross your fingers that is stays super duper exciting instead and I will fill you in as soon as I can. Pinky swear.

(I am NOT pregnant. Guess again.)

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That is my one word - however are we guessing the exciting news?! Is Mia going to be a Big Sissy?!! Can't wait to hear what it is - you know that is what you are going to hear all day, now, right?!!

Has anybody said MILF yet?

Oh, hi Chris! How are ya?



I would say, you are considering a job offer.

I think you might be moving away from the White Trash Neighbors.

One word: Smokin'.


and methinks it's definitely job/money related. like a book deal or something to do with writing. because you're intelligent like that.


And I'd say freelance work?

Funny is the word I would use.

And I'll keep my fingers crossed for exciting rather than depressing.

One word? Right now, probably "harried".

But overall? "Spiffy".

And the news? I'm going with something work-related as well.

I would say "quirky"...and I would also guess freelance work.

I suck at the one word thing. How about Fabulous?

I'm with all of the other guessers -- you've got an opportunity to do some work from home. Either that or a chance at a cool trip somewhere.

I say "addicting" because I need to read me some Fish everyday.

Man crawling is THE HARDEST. Harder than walking because you're like, wait, where'd you go? If I leave, you don't stay where I put you.

In light of that, my word would be unnerved.

Also, dear lord what I wouldn't give for some freelance work from home.



and that is meant in a very positive way. Because I like kooky. :-)


Are we to also guess on your secret that you dangle the carrot and then leave us hanging??? Perhaps an African Safari for a year...or, anchoring the evening news...or, writing a book about the perils of a crawling baby (because walking is sooooo much better!)...OH! I will actually write speeches for President Bush!!!

can smokin'ass be considered as one word? ;)

i'd say.. honest.

I suck at guessing, but since you said "I'm working out the details" instead of "We're..." I'm not thinking moving. I'll throw my hat in with the job people.

My word for you is Energetic. I know you're not feeling it not, what with all the crawling and the not sleeping, but your posts are always filled with energy.

(and yes, I'm still pregnant)

Ooh, do you have a job? Did you get an email from Andrew Shue?


I think all those work.

And... I my guess is that Mia will be modeling a new line of clothing - as she is the world's most beautiful child - and you'll be her manager.

Audrey Hepburn! OK, technically that is not one word, but a name. But you really remind me of her.

Ehm.. I'm guessing freelance work too!

My word?
My guess?
Your boob and scar artwork is going to be featured in a show. ;)



You're not one of those types to put on airs or pretend to be something you're not. You're completely comfortable in your own skin, and I admire that in a person.

I'm guessing the big news is that you don't have to go back to work? that you found something you can do from home? Dear God, say it's not Mary Kay... lol... j/k, but I can't wait to hear your news!!!

i can't decide if i think you're moving or getting a work-from-home cool-ass job.

my word: "pouty"
(your lips, not your attitude)

One word? Hmmm someone stole fabulous, which is my patented trademark instead, it would have to be "free".

The event...your hot pediatrician offered you a part-time job with great pay and benefits and free medical care anytime for Mia forever because he liked your shoes.

I'm going with "scintillating"

Mostly because it makes me giggle to think of you being witty with sparkles coming out of your head.

I was going to guess moving but then I saw the comment at the bottom saying your not. I'm going to guess CPS was called on White Trash Neighbors or they are moving??

One Word: Creative

Self-effacing. :-)

Oooooo I impress me with my vocabulary sometimes. ;-)

Again the kiddos are disrupting my reading/writing I meant I was going to guess you were pregnant! LMAO BTW, When can we expect to hear about #2?

Cheeky? Smashing? or more recently, Zonked?

Sorry I get caught up in British slang sometimes...

New job, and "genuine".


the first thing that came to mind, i must admit was 'she's pregnant' and then i dismissed it from my brain because, damn, that would just be too much to deal with! i have another guess but i'll leave it be and just say that i hope it does stay super duperific and that i can't wait to hear all about it.

"lottery winner" doesn't work since it would be two words but it would be great if you were :)

i'll go with entertaining


Quirky. fun. Oh wait, that's two words.

hmmm your big surprise... I have a guess but am gonna keep it to myself...

Just one word? Gah.

Um: Fantastic

That totally doesn't cover it, but I'll have to get back to you with a better answer. Can I smoosh a bunch of words together to make just one, or is that cheating?


Hope the news stays "exciting".

One word? Devoted. You are devoted to those you love.

Oooh I hope the big news is that you and Chris are going to be the new, more accessible Dooce and Blurb and make money off your blogs. Okay, that is a lame guess but y'all are trememdously cool.

how about ethereal?

I am guessing new job of some sort and we need new pics of the bean!

buffy-the-vampire-slayerish (See? If I put the little '-' thingies in, that counts as one word... (Did you see the little '-' thingies?? huh? huh?))

In a few ways :) I like you, the way you write, the way you're real, and your sense of humor.
I don't relaly have any guesses about the news but I'm hoping you'll tell us soon!

Hysterical and adorable and addicting and and and hmmm... guess they've all been said. I knew you like the crawling thing. See, isn't it fun?
Laughs to herself... wait till she walks.

I chose "genuine" as my word to describe you.

However, I was really rooting for pregnant and am now stumped.

I had three on my mind....all mentioned above ...therefore I know I'm on the right track.

I would say Devoted.

Ok, why is it that when a woman says she has news, people automatically think pregnant?

I'm guessing that you think you might be psychic and are thinking of playing the lottery tomorrow. But you're not sure, so you want to see how it pans out first. If you win, then you'll know you're psychic.

Purple - and I'm guessing you got a writing gig from home.

One word - FABULOUS! :)

"spaz" - And I mean that in the nicest way possible. I LOVE you're crazy, funny, nutty ways. Spaz is a good word for you.

Bloggerific. Yeah, that's a word, right?


Funtastic!!! Because i bet if i knew you i.r.l. you would be, so yeah, funtastic.

Good luck with the good news!!

Bi- no, wait? Damn.

You're pre- what? DAMNIT!

One word? Funky. In the sense that if Mr. Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky, you would certainly be in the running to be that person.

Okay. You're on the trail of the vastly powerful international secret organization who has been seeding the bathroom ceiling fan ducts in your path with hidden cameras. You'll tell a story riddled with dead bathroom remodelling specialists and puzzles hidden in toilet paper rolls. And House and Garden magazine will attempt to stifle your investigation of their biblical secret by deploying a freaky albno plumber assassin.


I say Work from home also and I warn you, its a lot harder than it seems. If you want tips, lemme know.

Oh! You can't do that to us...I'm dieing to know the big news! I am guessing you have a book deal or something super cool too that would allow you to work from home.

One word "enamorado", it's spanish for 'in love" because you are in love with Mia.

"Motivational" is my word for you, because your wonderful blogging ways make me even more determined to be the best wife and mother I can be, while maintaining my sense of humour.


nuts, someone already put that. ;)

How about "gorgeous"?


Reading your block makes me feel like I am giving myself some luxury. Hope that makes some sense...Better yet, you are the guilty pleasure of the day. You are like chocolate! Oh, so good and zero calories!

Oh, I am so silly

Fortunate. To have such a wonderful family and so many "friends" here in the blogosphere!

Iloved tis...I had my friends do this, but of course I had only a few! You have mega readership my word for you is POPULAR!

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