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When you think "Classy," think Cactus-Fish

One 64-inch baby gate: $140.

Two 42-inch baby gates for $25 and a little creative thinking: fucking priceless.

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yikes. no one's getting out now!

I love it. You are a genius!


Mia can unlock and open doors already? Or is this extra protection against putative child abductors?

Gotta love duct tape!

You guys are truly gifted. Duct tape is a miracle thing. Truly it is.

Ah yes, the handyman's secret weapon comes to the rescue again!

Brilliant!! Way to use your noggin'! :-)

Hey, whatever works. I don't know if I would have thought of that, but it's a good idea.

a family after my own heart :)

LOVE it. especially the duct tape portion. ;)

Why does corporate America think they can out smart Mothers? Because they CAN NOT!

Yeah duct tape!

Is there nothing that duct tape can't fix? That's just so awesome.

I think you should now turn around and paint the duct tape pink. You know... so it looks like you just decorated it instead of rigged it.

And it is a great idea. Unless you're short like me and it takes an act of God to climb over the damn thing everytime.

Oh man. I love me some duct tape. There's just absolutely nothing it can't fix!

Can it still slide open, or are you going to hop the thing? :)

Genius! :)

duct tape can fix anything!

we have those same gates. except, you know, they're not duct taped together.

LOVE IT. I'm from South Carolina, so I can appreciate the uses of duct tape. It's like the famous saying:

If it moves and it shouldn't, use Duct Tape.

If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40!

Good thinking, Ms. Fish.
The price of baby items is outrageous.
Check out craigslist for used baby items.

Great use of duct tape! I see a future post about all the uses of duct tape in child rearing.

Cool! Can you take it apart? If not I always walk over them. I have the same gates plus the swing type. I've done another way by stacking them ontop of each other when my 1st son started climbing the damn things. That'll really piss off a 2 yr old let me tell ya.

Your not the first lol. Same thing here!!! The only thing I call it is the crotch biter. It gets me everytime cause I am not going to take it down to get past it so I just step over it and at 5'1 I dont quite clear it perfect. Ouch. But it was worth it!

You two are brillant.

Duck tape rules!

Hey, whatever works. I admire both ingenuity and frugality. It's a winning combination.
Happy Easter!

Most of the stuff in my house is like that. Awesome isn't it?

Wait so, how do you open it and ... I'm confused ... but that's not strange!

I admire you! Awesome.

Damn, why didn't i think of Duct tape?

Duct tape saves the day again. What can't that stuff do?

Love that the Duct Tape hits right where the open door is...I am sure the neighbors LOVE it! :)

wow. your child is relly effing cute. I bet she probably bites or something because she can make that cute face and get away with it.

Ooooh I never thought of that! We just used the duct tape to hold the KIDS in place!

HAHAHAHAHA. Dude, now you totally need a sofa on your front lawn.

(I did nearly the same thing for our Miss M. when she was getting out of the bathroom, viva la GHETTO RIGGING).

Was there a picture of that? Cuz I give Vincent about another week before I rip every hair out of my head. So I could use the cactus-fish solution to baby gating.

LOVE THIS. Mental note has been made. I'm going to need one of these when we move!

Ah, duct tape and mommy spit - that's all you need to cure what ails ya!

Haha! Genius!

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