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You aren't a doctor, but you play one on the internet

Y'all (I never say y'all in real life, only on the internet, because my mother would kill me. Same with ain't.) is it bad that my c-section incision hurts eight months after the fact? Probably this is caused by Mia kicking me in the stomach all the live-long day, but I am becoming slightly concerned that maybe something is going to pop out of it a la that scene from Alien that emotionally damaged me for life when my grandparents let me rent it when I was eight. (They also let me buy cereal based entirely on the prize in the box and then throw it all away when I hated it. Grandparents rock.)

So what do you think? Normal reaction to regular abuse from 22 pound monster child (monster in that she is huge, not in that she behaves like a monster) or previously unknown life-form poised to spring from the area just north of my naughty bits and ruin any (very small) hope I had of ever wearing a bikini again?

You can tell me, I can take it.

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Sometimes my scar hurts when it rains.

I am not making that up.

What kind of pain is it? And does it traverse the length of the incision site? Is it a throbbing pain? Is it bruised at all (from kicking?).

I am betting it's just from being kicked all day. It's highly unlikely you would be having problems with the incision for spontaneous reasons this many months later-- but it's interesting that Sarah's incision hurts sometimes when it rains.

I have never had mine hurt (I think!), but I used to get wicked abdominal pain from carrying my son in a sling, because the sling cut into my side. It hurt on and off for years after I stopped doing it. So, that's why I think it's the kicking. You might also be bending a lot more than you used to.

I remember reading about a woman in Australia who had chest pains for years after her heart surgery. They kept telling her that her heart was fine. Phantom pains from nerves that get severed during surgery. Finally they took an xray.

The next day she went into surgery to remove the forceps from her chest cavity.

Nah. I think you're fine. :)

I didn't have a c- section, but my episiotomy hurt for a year. my doc said it was probably related to breastfeeding. who knew?
You can bring it up when you go to have your boob checked.

I never had a c-section but I do get phantom pain on one of my tattoos and its almost two years old. Freaky.

My episiotomy hurts when I'm about to come on the rag, weird huh?

My Moms scar from her c-section still hurts her, 24 years later. Scars will stretch and ache. My scar on my stomach from surgery as a child aches reaaaaaaaaallllly bad sometimes. So bad I can't stand up straight.

Whatever you sure to go to Web MD and read up on all the reasons that a scar could possibly ache. You'll leave that site freaking out knowing that you now have abdominal scar cancer. It's sweeping the nation.

I had a surgery a couple years back... which required an incision similar to a c-section... and it hurt for QUITE a while... so I wouldn't worry too much... it takes a long time for the body to heal :)

my c-section scars (I've had two) ache occasionally...but not like a sharp pain...or to the touch. Just an achey-ness ever now and then.

I tore during my delivery (I DID push two human beings from my loins, so go figure!) and needed some stitching up. After almost 9 months, it still aches sometimes. Not horribly, but put in certain, ahem, situations, it tends to be a bit sensitive.

With that said, I'd say a quick jingle to the OB/GYN couldn't hurt. But that's just me. I'm fucking paranoid.

The nerves around the incision site take about that long to re-generate. The nerves are simply waking back up.

Hope that helps!

My daughter is 2 1/2 and I still sometimes have pain or it will itch around my scar. Its annoying as hell, but I think its okay. My doctor has never said it was a problem.

I have the same problem as Stacey - my episiotomy hurts once in a while, but always when that time of the month hits. It's horrible. Obviously, bring it up at your next GYN visit, but I don't think it's anything to worry about. Yes, that's my Internet MD talking.

See, as someone who has no c-section scar, I thought "aliens? Sounds possible." But I seem to be in the minority, so I guess you're ok.

I've had 2 c-sections, 3 laparascopic surgeries and 1 hysterectomy, and I will tell you that all of my various assorted scars hurt, twinge, etc. at some point or another. And it's been 11 years since the first cut.
It's normal. Not fun, but normal.

No c-sections and very little surgery in all these years, but I broke my wrist in 1965 and it had to be pinned. The tiny scars from the pins still let me know they're there. Weird.

The tubal ligation scars hurt for a while too and that' supposed to be bandaid surgery.

P.S. Sarah is right - my wrist scars hurt more in damp weather - right now we're flooded here so you have an idea how I feel.

Almost 8 months later, I still have little twinges in the scar area sometimes, too. So let me know if the alien pops out; I'll high-tail it to the doctor to have mine surgically removed.

K - I promise I won't say anything about the big C this time. I've had 2 c-sections and the first time, my incision hurt like crazy right up until I had the second incision. The dr. who did that c section must have removed scar tissue and stuff because since then I've never felt a thing. No pain, no itching, no numbness.

I'd say let a full year go by before you panic, but only because that's how long it took me. I'm certainly not the average patient!

And yeah, maybe the kicking should stop?

I've been walking around all week telling people how my scar is finally not sore anymore. It happened sometime between 6 and 7 months. I finally stopped letting Jayla riverdance on my scar not too long ago and I do believe it was worth it.

Ihad my c-section almost 10 years ago (my boy will be 10 the 24th *sniff*) and even though you can hardly see the scar anymore. Sometimes it still gets a little sore. It wouldn't hurt to bring it up at your next Dr. appt though.

Call your doctor. I had a c-section 7 months ago and it hasn't hurt since month 2.

I have scars that are as old as I from when I was 1 day old...that still itch and twinge for no apparent reason...I would check with your doctor, but wouldn't panic, just verify nothing is wrong.

you know by now you should have learnt that asking for medical advice from your blog readers really isn't a very good idea. didn't the boob fiasco teach you anything?

my advice is: GO SEE A DOCTOR!! especially the cute one. heh.

i'm out.

My first C-Section incision (13 years ago) hurt for around 3 years and then on and off for years. I just had another one in June and it doesn't hurt at all.

I hope that Congress works out the new immigration laws before your alien baby comes!

(Sorry, no kids, so I can't give any assvice. Just make lame jokes)

Dude, I had 3 c-sections, making me imminently qualified to offer assvice. Ahhhhem!
If it occasionally burns, or sort of "catches" sometimes when you move wrong, sit, or stand up, that's normal. If it's red, or looks angry (Rrrrrr the angry C ^^^[

Crap it cut off my comment! Anyway, I said if it looks angry or is weepy get to the doc.

Yeah, my episiotomy scar still hurt especially when I'm "hormonal" or when I think about it. Like right now. LOL

I can still feel the spot the epidural went it as well...

Nicholas is five, and his mom is still recovering.

Ah, internet doctors :) I too say, don't worry too much, but do bring it up at your next appointment just in case.
Probably it's not an alien though. Sorry.

Mine still has phantom itching 4 years later. However, chronic pain is always something to get checked.

My incision doesn't hurt (I should say incisionS don't), but that is only because I am completely numb in that region. You could pierce my belly button several times (oooh wacky!) and I wouldn't feel a thing.

My sister says her incision still aches a little and it's been 18 months. I think to either be numb or sensitive is normal.

shortstack will be five on the 17th. my scar is VERY low (it's slightly below my hairline, actually...) it would hurt every now and then for the first year and a hlaf or so. and still, every now and then it will itch like crazy. if it does it all the time or is really, really painful, get it checked... :)

It could be adhesions causing the problem... I have had 2 C-sections and when I had my hysterectomy, the doctor was appalled at the amount of scar tissue and adhesions... the surgery actually took longer than twice the normal amount of time. After that the discomfort seemed to isappear... until just recently... seems like I have developed more adhesions from the hysterectomy. Sigh.

Anyway, since there are a number of things that could be causing the discomfort it is best to check with your doctor. AND, of course, this could be just normal for your body.

Wow. You must have a ton of readers! I don't remember my scar as hurting afterwards. Maybe right after. But I know I was getting around fairly good after Jeremy was 2 weeks old. It was 5 years ago though so maybe it hurt for longer.

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