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The first year of a child's life is full of change. For Mia, however, there have been a few constants. One, boobs are good. Two, napping is bad. Three, sweet potatoes are the spawn of Satan.

Mia has been asleep in her crib for an hour and a half. It's her second nap, in her crib, today. She does it almost every day. Yesterday, she ate sweet potatoes. Twice. Brace yourselves, it is quite possible the world is coming to an end.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I hope you are not all feeling that I am neglecting you, because I totally am. See, we are having people to dinner on Saturday so that means I have to clean out all my closets. Don't ask, just go with it. Also, I am trying to get the basement into shape to be a playroom, which involved moving three large bookshelves worth of books out of the room, which I did all by myself because I am awesome and also got three-plus bookshelves worth of books onto only two bookshelves. Do you think I could arrange books professionally? And finally, remember that thing where I said I was starting a new blog because I am now a fabulous and impressive freelance writer? And then I never mentioned it again? Well, I'm finally starting that and will be splashing the new link all over the place starting tomorrow-ish, but now I have to write something that I don't hatey hate hate and I am having a little stage fright and do you think I could hire someone to freelance my freelancing?

I gotta go clean my laundry room, just in case our dinner guests have a sudden need to run something through a spin cycle.

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I totally understand the need to clean the closets. Its quite posible when a guest is over that they might wander into your linen closet or even master closet thinking it is a bathroom. Or so they will say.

If you aren't too busy when you are done, my closets are a mess and I don't even know where to start.

We've outsourced our outsourcing, so I see no reason why you can't freelance your freelancing. However, I'm sure it will be horribly inferior to whatever you would have written, so please don't.

Also, I totally understand. You never know when your guests will be all, "We've been looking for a new washer" and you'll go "we have a fabulous pimptastic washer! You totally need one!" and then they'll want to see it, and you don't want to have to be all, "um, it's in the shop?" to avoid showing your guests your horrifying laundry room.

Don't forget to tidy up your medicine cabinets. I always check in those.

GAH! My sister used to dust her WASHING Machine before dinner guests came over. What is wrong with you people?

Can you come squeeze three of our bookshelves down to two, please? We could really use the extra space.

I'm sure your freelancing efforts will be great.

If I'm having company, I replace any toilet paper roll that's less than half full, so that there's no chance they'll have to open the cabinets up and see how much junk is stuffed in under the sink... but then I worry they'll look anyway.

If I'm not serving dinner in my closets, I'm not going through that. What would I do with the 500 + vhs tapes my husband has accumulated, never watches, and won't allow me to dispose of (by burning).

If we don't see you for a few days, we'll send out a search party.

BWAH!!! Seriously? You'd go through all that trouble for a few dinner guests? ;) They must be super special. Did you get my message earlier? I totally forgot about the support group thingy today... BTW, Bravo on fitting all those books on two bookshelves... I've totally got to do that with ours, because Forrests collection of fine books currently resides within reach of any mobile infant... thus ruining said collection.

I make a point to clean the cabinets in my "guest" bathroom any time I'm expecting company. One of these days I'm going to tape really odd pictures to the inside of the doors to see if anyone slips up and asks about them.

Ch-ch-changes over here too. Dude is resisting his naps, getting a little more demanding about the slop we serve him and horror of horrors - given up the boobs.

That is right, my 9 month old son wants nothing more to do with my boobs and wants to drink formula [gah! ick!] from a bottle because he is a Big Boy who can hold his own bottle himself. I never thought that would happen so soon. *sobbing*

"we are having people to dinner on Saturday so that means I have to clean out all my closets..."

Having Tom Cruise and family over for dinner are we? ;)

Good luck with all the ch-ch-ch-changes! Joey's been napping well for the first time, too. Maybe it's their age? She's also been eating well....

I clean the window sills, under my bed, and re-arrange my filing cabinets when company comes. It's important stuff. And, really, would you eat sweet potatoes from a jar?!? Yuck.

I always use company as a great excuse/reason to clean out closets and cupboards, and I dust the washer and dryer too (it's a must since they are in the hallway rather than in the garage or laundry room).

Yay for Mia's expanding taste. Sweet potatoes are yummy and if you eat enough of them you can skip the self-tanner. What's not to love?

Looking forward to the link!

Those constants have held true for my entire life. Except, naturally, the fact that I WILL eat just about anything, including sweet potatoes. Oh, and the bit about napping. Boobs, however, have always been good, and it will be a dark and terrible future in which they aren't.

Don't forget to dust under the fridge!

Oh, that was hilarious! You are adorable when you have OCD.

Email me about the freelance stuff... I have a little experience in that area. Want me to take a look-see?

Um... Beth. Um... no one will look in your closets. I swear. But if you really need to do more, want to come and organize mine?

ah.... freelancing... the joy of owning your own business! the freedom, no time restraints, work when ever you want... the world needs more of it. yeah... can't wait to see what you have come up with... and yeah... I have heard of people hiring people to freelance thier freelance. It is very do-able... but then agian most anything is with just the right price tag... right...? oh... and just in case no one has told you... which I am sure they have... you don't have to clean your house to much... you have a kid... everyone knows that cleaning house is a complete waste of time after you have children... and now the Mia is mobile... it is completely a buyable theory (wink)

I totally understand having to clean your closets and your laundry room to have dinner guests over...

(and looking forward to the new link...)

Parent tip: never talk about how well she's doing overcoming a problem (sleeping, eating, etc) - you'll jinx it!

I have been known to be driven to buy new pillows by hosting brunch. You never know when narcolepsy will strike, or perhaps my delicious bunch would inspire mass orgies? Or maybe I'm a bit nuts.

I've been busting my ass on the yard this week...I keep thinking "soon the fun part will start, the planting!" But now I'm not so sure there is a fun part....

After having umpteen parties, I've given up on having a spic-and-span clean house before the guests arrive. Nobody seemed to care. Plus my house usually looked like a tornado hit once everyone left. Clean like a maniac twice in one/two days, I don't think so.

Poo all links are dead for me and I really needed a good read before I get on an airplane with a 2 year old. Fix it!!!!

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