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Diary of a Playgroup Dropout

The new bloggy thingy is up and running and purple. Purple! I had nothing to do with it being purple, but hey! Purple! In case you hadn't noticed, I like purple. You can click the purty banner thingy over on the right there, or you can just click here for the site or here for the feed. It's called "Diary of a Playgroup Dropout" because apparently they didn't like my other suggested title, which was "Adventures in Locking Your Infant Daughter in the Car, or, Trapping Yourself and Your Infant Daughter in the Car, or, Walking Around With Your Boob Hanging Out and Also Never Sleeping, Ever."

You should all go read it immediately, because otherwise you will miss the latest installment in the Saga of the Hotty Pediatrician, and I know you don't want to do that. So check it out, wouldya? And maybe even leave me a comment over there so I know you came by? Please? I'll send you virtual open-mouthed, drooly baby kisses that sometimes turn into baby bites from Mia if you do. And also maybe I will post almost a picture of my smokin' ass. (Ok, I'm gonna do that anyway, but let's pretend it is a reward for reading the new blog and not some sort of punishment inflicted upon you because I have a digital camera and boundary issues.)

Why are you still here? Go! GO!

(Some people are having trouble hitting the link, but some are not. Let me know if you can't get there, would ya?)

Comments (55)


the link isn't working for me...

The link isn't working for me :( ...

Can not go. Can not find page. How can you do this to us? Tempt us like this and then... nothing. WAH!

You will realise by now that the link isn't working. Not for me either and I might have left a comment. Just saying.

So exciting!!

Place me in the ever growing "link doesn't work for me" crowd.

Not workin' for me either - but you probably already figured that out. I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon. ;)

Couldn't get it to work, couldn't find it... Even went to and poked around looking for it (I'm stubborn what can I say)... Found the directory of momblogs, and did a search...

Nuthin!!! :P

And such a nice banner too!!

Nope. No linkage here. I was able to sign up for the feed, but it's only partial and when I try to read more, it kicks my sorry ass to the curb.

I visited yesterday and was able to read but not comment-- "page not found" and related crap. Loved the first post, btw.

The "here" link did not work, but clicking on the purty banner thingy did.

I don't think I like that they put your last name, but I really liked the post!

Now that you're all setup with two sites, please don't forget about Mia Monday!

Oh,, my comment IS over there, even though I couldn't open the page yesterday. This morning, I got a series of "can't find page" messages that disappear with the press of the "back" button AND the pages open. Weird.

not working for me either- through bloglines and the txt link or through the banner from here.

No linkey. For what it's worth your DNS hasn't propagated. Either the folks at haven't set things up yet or it will take another 24-72 hours before the DNS records propagate throughout the 'net.

And now we present this comment in English!

The system that translates website names ( into the actual computer addresses (imagine a meaningless series of numbers here) doesn't have an entry for your website yet, or if it does it is either incorrect, or hasn't spread throughout the 'net just yet.

Seems to be working now.

I can't get the link to work. But I will keep trying, goddammit.

Waaah! I can't get it to work either. Even from the clubmom site it won't open. :(

You know, my hotty pediatrician told me I look like I could use some sleep.

He is no longer hot to me.
In fact, HE IS DEAD TO ME.

Purple so works for you.

I can't get the link to work either, but I'll keep trying.

:( It doesn't work for me. WAH!

Yeah, it's working now! Love the first two posts.

Sorry - page not found!

BooHoo- not working for me... Does this mean we get EXTRA pictures of that sweet little girl?

no working for me either!!!!

The link's not working. SUCKS. But I found your profile. I'll keep trying. Can't wait to read your posts!

Hi Beth,

I couldn't get to your new blog either ... but here's what I did find when I googled "Diary of a Playgroup Dropout":

The Mothers Milk Marketing BoardThis diary starts from 13 months and continues to the present. The first year of his life is ... I can squeeze a drop out but my milk goddess days are over. ... - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

September 2002 diaryDetails about it at my new quilt diary, if you're interested. I made a little progress on the quilt before ... Maybe some of the other parents will drop out. :) - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Lynne d Johnson :: music, media, my life"Behind The Wheel" - Playgroup (DJ-Kicks Electroca$H Mix) - ! ... But this novel was an anonymously written diary about an addicted teen, and it was full of ... - 103k - Cached - Similar pages

Kind of funny, eh? :-)

Hope you're having a fab day!!

I can't get there! How can I stalk you if I can't read your blog?

Linkies still not working for me. I got there from
but the formatting looks kind of wonky. Also, when I tried to comment, it tried to redirect to the other address and I got the page not found notice again. I tried both IE and Firefox...

Congratulations, anyway, and they were both good entries.

Am going! swear! *runs and hides*

Apparently the link doesn't like me either. *doh*

&%*$ing link hates me.

Lovey, lovely! Great entries, Beth!

[And although I haven't spent too much time thinking about this, your last name is not what I would have expected. No idea what I was expecting, actually. Maybe I thought you were just Beth, like say just Cher or Madonna.]


Can't get any of the links to work.

WHAT!!?? I think the Boob Hanging Out one would have been just about the greatest blog title, ever.

It's 2:44 in Texas, and I can't reach your other blog. I even went to Club Mom and tried to link from there, but still, I got nothin'.

Yay! It finally worked. And I even left you a comment over there so you feel loved. ;)

Not working...

It's not working for me either.

I tried the link and it totally worked for me and I even commented the wittiest comment you've ever read.


Not working for me either. Was it just a gag, the hotty doc story. Were you just trying to see if we will follow direction????

I'll try it again later.

Nope, the link doesn't work for me either. :(

the link isnt working for me:-(

The link works fine for me and I LOVE the new site!!!

Finally got in-yeah!!!!!

Looks good I even commented!

I don't normally comment, and this comment is only meant to help you - not be rude. On your profile over at your new site you wrote "I'm a stay-at-home mom to a my daughter born in July, 2005 and looking forward to meeting other moms though my new ClubMom blog" - the sentence has an extra "a" in it before my daughter. Just thought I'd let you know so you can correct it.
Thanks!! Your new site is great!

how come the link doesn't work? when i went to the site earlier today, it worked, but very very annoyed ads came down from the top and wouldn't go away, even when clicking the "x". this is all very strange.

Links not working for me today. :(

can't get there via the links

Yep, link not working.

Congrats, Beth! I'm there....!

Link not working for me!

Me either. Help!

no can get there, not from here not from there... and I am missing out on kisses and smoking hot ass!

well today - the link is "not available from [my company name]" BLOCKED before I even got to visit. I hate big brother. Hmph. I'll have to visit from home.

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