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Do you think I should take this personally?

So, this is weird, right?

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that an image search for "spongebob" no longer returns a horrible picture of me that I posted a year and a half ago and deleted a year ago but that the googlebots apparently liked a lot because it was the fifth result or so. But what? All of a sudden I'm not good enough for Google? Those Silicon Valley snobs want to pretend I don't exist? Or maybe Mia's cuteness crashed their algorithms?

Honestly, Google. If you are going to break up with a girl, you could at least have the decency to call or even email. This whole "pretend I don't exist" is just cowardly, even if I did ruin you for all other blogs.

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The nerve.... I wish I knew where they lived.... they would find themselve stomping a firey bag of $h!t ont on there front porch! Damn commies!
Do worry honey, we know you exist.. feeling a bit protective this morning I guess! Good Day!... I said Good DAY!

Wow. Totally snubbed. If I were you I'd never talk to google again. ;-)

Those dare they treat you like that. Want me to tear their head off? I know people who know people who know people that can take of them for ya! Just give me the word and Google's history!

Well, I'm saving all my violent tendencies for my ex and my co-worker, but I have a big hug and a "we still love you even if google doesn't" for you. ;)

I blame Mia's cuteness. Totally.

Heh, AOL's search is powered by google and returns three pages of results...not one of them your actual site! Mia's site comes up on the second page. Yep, I'd take it personally!

When you put a space between the colon and your URL, it brings up results. Google totally still loves you!


don't take it personally......

you were too good for google.
I mean you chapsticked and all for him...
and if anyone asks..YOU broke up with HIM...
mmmmmm K?


oh. hmmm...

i wonder how that happened? google is fickle.

Google is the Root of all evil! Maybe there IS a reason our government wanted to look at all their searches.

I do have to give Google Credit for Google Earth. I love that program!

Wow. No note. No explanation. Nothing? What a bastard that Google is. Who the hell does he think he is, anyway?

Well... have you been Yahooing?

Screw Google. He's always hitting on everybody anyway, right? ;-)

You realize this is resulting in many attempts at finding you on Google now right? I found you in images AND at google. You merely have to type in "Sothefishsaid" with no www or any other punctuations. I'm here for show you the way to your Google Love ;)

I dont come up either. But then again I suck and no one reads my little blog. But I did get google hits for you when I just typed in so the fish said?

Google's just, like, soooo last year! Anyway, I'm sure you'll be back on soon enough. (btw, my kitty's sick now--I wonder if some kitties just can't deal with a new baby in the family...).

How rude! But We still love you and know where you are.

Wow, that is weird. Why do they hate you? You know that they rule the world now? Be very afraid. What did you do to annoy them? Perform a complete examination of conscience and beg pardon for your offence.

Hmm... that's ok, we didn't want them to be our friend anyway. So there. (fwiw... they don't like me either... Sigh... )

At first I was like, "Huh? She's trying to show a google search, but nothing's coming up." (Duhr!) Sorry, I'm a little sleep deprived.

Hi -- Just delurking to invite you to add your supermom trading card to the mom's day salute and help spread the word

The nerve! Let's bust their aquariums!

I know where you are, and that is a great thing in my life!

Well, so far nothing funky has turned up my picture, but then, I'm almost afraid to see what might come up.
Don't worry too much, you'll always be Spongebob to me!

Hmmm, how did that happen?

We still love you hon'!

dude, assholes. That's why I go with Yahoo...that's how I end up with nifty search returns like "elvis stojko" and "s my d".

Seriously? Mia confounds even the best search engines. It's not her fault.

how strange....

Fuckers! lol
Mine shows up, but the description says "this site is down for maintenence" LMAO

I had a boyfriend do that to me once. I TP'd his house.
If you tell me where Google lives I would totally take care of it for you.

Google is a fickle lover my friend. Be cautious with her..

PS - or should I say "him" ....hmmm...

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