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Horn tooting (heh, I said tooting)

I find it hard to say good things about myself. I know at first blush that sounds like a self-esteem issue, but it really isn't. Partly, I think it is a misplaced attempt at a bit of humility. I can't stand people who walk around telling you how fabulous they are - I mean, if you are so fabulous, surely I will be able to figure that out on my own. Also I think it is that while I recognize that some of my leading characteristics aren't necessarily desirable, they don't bother me. For instance, I have mentioned the grudge thing here before. No lie, if you cross me I will hate you with every fiber of my being forever and ever, amen. I don't see anything wrong with that. It doesn't bother me, and since I am hateful but not vengeful and will never trouble you with my hatred for you, it shouldn't bother you either. See how I justify? Also, I'm rude to people who annoy me (and it takes very little to annoy me), I procrastinate like it is my job and then act all sweet and capable and harried so people think I am really fabulous and working hard, and I have fat thighs.

I can go on and on telling you bad things about me, but when it comes to saying something good about myself I choke, almost literally. And since I am now raising a daughter and since I think it is my job to turn her into her own advocate, I am going to tell you something good about me. In fact, I am going to tell you three somethings, even though I think it might literally kill me to do so. And then, because I believe that women must not be meek and demure, you are going to tell me one at least good thing about you. Seriously, all of you. Just do it - brag, boast, be proud and tell the world (or at least this little corner of it) why you are amazing. (The guys can play too, all six of you.)

Me first, right? Here goes:

I am smart. Very smart. And I think brains on a woman are sexy.

I stand up for myself, I fight for myself, I speak for myself. And I stand up and fight for the people I love.

(Y'all, this is hard! Ok, one more.)

I'm funny.

That? Was strangely satisfying. Now you. Tell me. What is good about you?

Comments (103)

I'm pretty smart, I think.

Wow... just look at the comments pouring in! Such a popular topic! It's hard to say things about yourself, cause you don't want to look like a pompous (did I spell that right?) ass.

My good trait? I'm smart. Smarter than I give myself credit for. (at least that's what the hubby says... LOL!)

I am a good mother. I take good care of my children. Maybe I can be a little too strict sometimes, but it's for their own good.

I could have written this post. The whole grudge thing... that's me. 1 good thing about me - I have decent fashion sense.

I have good grammar and good boobs. And I crack myself up.

I find it SO interesting how hard it is for 'we the people' to say something positive about ourselves. We constantly have to bounce it off of someone else, qualify it, or joke about it in some way - and I fully include myself in that. I also find it very easy to identify things I don't like about myself. It's so sad, isn't it. Without further ado, some good things about myself (why not pluralize?!), with no jokes/qualifications/bouncing:

I am a damned fine musician.
I write well.
I am strong, physically and emotionally.
I am easy-going and relaxed.
I am genuine and loving.

(That did feel good!)

i am THE most compassionate person i know.

Hmmmm. It's true it is so very hard. But I think that I am an intelligent person - not genius status, but maybe a tad above average.
Another very good quality?? I didn't actually stuff my ex down an abandoned mine shaft this past weekend even though I really, really, REALLY wanted to. So I have self-restraint! ;)

1. I have great skin.

2. I'm a giver.

3. I'm artistic.

Yeah - I feel better too.

I refuse to pick just one. Not because I'm all about myself in a bad way, but because I raise indecision to an art form:

1. I'm smart
2. I'm good at what I do
3. I'm pretty hot stuff, really

Well, if you can do it, so can I. (I'm with you on the choking thing. Also, the grudge thing. I hold a mean grudge.)

- I can admit when I am wrong.
- I'm damn funny when I want to be.
- I'm a really great friend. :D

I am a gud spellar.

I am a team player and will gladly give up the spotlight so the whole team looks good.

1) I'm very creative. I make things with my hands... I paint, draw, and I design things to be made by someone else.

2)I'm a good gift giver. If I love/like you and you get a gift from me, it'll be something I've thought about and purchased with only you in mind. Or...I've made it with my own hands...and possibly hand painted the card to go with it.

3. I'm a damned good writer and when I was in the public schools, a pretty fair teacher.

4. I'm a hard worker.

5. I love my kids and my husband to distraction. If you speak ill of them or harm them in any way, you'll deal with me first and it won't be pretty.

Ok my turn,

I am pretty smart too! Almost graduated with a bachelor degree in Science in English which is not my native language less than 6 years after coming to the US! I am pretty proud of that.

It does feel good!

i've worked very hard at being the kind of person who listens before jumping to conclusions, who tries to see both sides of an issue, who respects someone else's opinion even if differs from my own and who, above anything, will try to make difficult conversations as productive and effective as possible so neither side shuts down. in short, the exact opposite of how things were done at home while i was growing up. i'm proud of this and though i sometimes fail, i know i'm trying and my god that's something.

Cute, fun, funny, least that's what I always claimed when I was trolling the internet for dates. I am also incapable of holding a grudge. Can't do it.

I'm a friggin' genius. Seriously. People who know me tell me I'm so intelligent its scary. Example: I have an idea that will completely revolutionize the way we tranfer electricity. It will change the world. I'm a genius.

And yes, I did go to Jilleyn's blog to see if she had a pic of her "good boobs". Yes, I am a guy.

I agree, I think its hard when someone asks you to name good things about yourself, here are my three:
1. I'm a giver at all times, to all people.
2. I'm honest.
3. I have nice boobs.


Sorry, I don't publish pictures of my boobs Jon. :)

Oooh, this is hard. This is why I hate interviewing for jobs -- when they ask about my strengths, I always want to crawl under the table.

I think my favorite thing about myself is that I am fair. I have my own opinions, but I can almost always see the other side of the story.

Me next, me next! uh, what was I going to say again? oh, right...

-I am kind
-I smell nice
-I am a rockin' mama

I am very sensitive to what others are feeling. Sometimes that is hard on me, but most of the time it's a good thing.

I can cook really well.

I have great hair.

Thanks for empowering all of us!

1) I am not materialistic at all. The most important things for me never ever have to do with money.

2) I am extroverted, friendly, and I am never afriad to speak my mind even if I have to repeat myself (accent).

3) I love my family more than life itself and I want to make them proud.

I could not resist...One more

4) I pick up languages very easily.

this is something that definitely isnt easy for most people. So things i like about myself:
1. i am strong-willed
2. i am a good mom
3. i am an intelligent person.
4. And i'm a milf.


i guess the greatest thing about me would be my brains... (cuz it's obviously not my originality!) my intelligence intimidates most men i come across. and i like it. :o)

I know I'm really good at my job. I work with kids who are in crisis most of the time and I feel confident in my ability to connect with them and to help them learn many of the skills they'll need to live a productive and fulfilled life.

I am good at loving my family...that's what I'm best at.

I'm thoughtful. And trustworthy.

Let's see. This is hard. I have nice eyes, I'm good at helping people, and I have a great sense of humor :)

I'm not good with the positives about myself. I'd like to think I'm a good Mom though. lol

i do well in school and have taught myself not to procrastinate.

and i've heard i have good boobs :P

Love this--and I love that people aren't limiting themselves to one! I love to sing and play piano, and I know I create music that speaks to people. I strive to be incredibly inclusive, often advocating for voices and ideas that might not even be mine--simply because I think it is too easy to be closed off to anything different. I am authentic and honest, always--you know you are getting my true self no matter what.

Okay, I'll give it a try:

1. I'm a great advocate for children, all children, but definitely my own children.

2. I'm a good friend, sometimes to my own detriment and inconvenience.

3. I'm smart, and can be a pretty good smart aleck too. :)

4. I'm funny with a touch of sarcasm.

We could be friends, right?


I can fit more ringalos in my mouth than my husband can

I am a thoughtful person - I go to great lengths to send birthday cards or cards for no reason other than to brighten up your day.

I love differences in people. I respect those differences.

I am a peacemaker. -And not with a baseball bat, though at times one would be helpful.

This is a hard Let's see...

I am very good in bed! I mean, VERY good! Almost magical in bed! hee hee

Delurking to Toot!

1) I am curvy, smart, and funny.
2) I can ride a bike 180 miles in one weekend (just did it, HA!)
3) I love my son and do everything I can to raise him to be a strong, respectful man.

I'm resilient. Divorced after 17 years of being a housewife/stay at home mom, left with no money, three kids, a house in foreclosure, and did I mention he filed bankruptcy so I'd have no credit? I found us an affordable place to rent, moved with the help of my then 13 year old daughter, got myself a job and started school. Seven years, an AS, an AA and a BA later, I am one class away from my MA and if all goes well I'll have my PhD by the time my son graduates high school. Not a bad deal for a woman who was told she'd never leave because she was fat and had no self-esteem. Resilient...that's me.

Funny? You certainly are, mama!

About me? I can cook damn near anything and bake like a mofo.

Hi Beth!

You are very smart...from what I know of you anyway, and I think it's damn sexy too (in a purely non brokeback-blog kind of way).

here goes (god, this is tougher than it looks):

I am perceptive about small things that make people happy and/or not happy.

I assimilate knowledge very quickly.

I can usually make almost anyone feel comfortable around me.

Dogs like me.

I am a good friend. Does that count?

I don't take compliments well from anyone, so why would I compliment myself? Oh, OK, here goes:
(1) I'm good with numbers. In fact, I'm downright brilliant.
(2) I am really good at letting go and not dwelling on the past.
(3) I have beautiful eyes.
(4) I am a lot better at my job than I give myself credit for.
Wow, thanks, I feel better now!

I'm very kind hearted. I go out of my way to help friends out.

I am very sensitive and can tell by just looking at someone how they feel. I can pick up strong emotions and physical pain by just being in the same room with them. That is the main reason I am NOT in the medical profession. lol

I also have very pretty blue eyes and long reddish hair.

BTW I may be writing a book on how to do IT the best way. *wink*

Funny, I just put "tooting my own horn" in the title of one of my blog posts yesterday! I was writing about how an article of mine was cited and praised in the Oxford Journals! There--tooted again :). So, I guess, I'm saying I'm smart, too. That's my good quality (although it gets me into trouble: over-analyzing, provoking anxiety, getting annoyed (perhaps as easily as you do!) at others who aren't so smart.... It was hard for me, too, to toot my horn and write about myself that way....But, I wanted to document the citation....and I had to express how happy I felt about it.

"I am hateful but not vengeful and will never trouble you with my hatred for you, it shouldn't bother you either. See how I justify? Also, I'm rude to people who annoy me (and it takes very little to annoy me), I procrastinate like it is my job and then act all sweet and capable and harried so people think I am really fabulous and working hard, and I have fat thighs."

Maybe I'm not an only child. Were your parents anywhere near Wisconsin in 1973? That is the most accurate description of myself I have ever read.

Oops, forgot to compliment myself. I am a good cook.

I can be sincere and kind to just about anyone, even people I don't really like that much.

(is that good?)

we're all *blushing*! This is hard to do!

1) I am a wonderful mother
2) I also have amazingly good genes, because they are both gorgeous and look exactly like me and nothing like their father.
3) and I have the amazing ability to find the perfect card for anyone for any occassion.

This is harder than I thought it would be... I think that my best quality is that I am very calm and in control in a crisis. Afterwards I will get scared at what just happened (I'm a nurse) but in the moment I do tend to think quite clearly.

ummm... ok, here goes:

I stand up for myself, friends and family

I can voice my opinions (sometimes I'm a bit outspoken though!)

I have a nice smile and nice eyes (so I'm told!)

S'all good. I agree with all three, and it's great that Mia is growing up under the tutelage of a strong mommy.

I guess I'm pretty smart and occasionally witty. I can do pretty boneheaded things, though, but I like to think that for every mindblowingly stupid thing I do, there's a mindblowingly smart thing for me to do waiting around the corner to balance it out.

I'm a nice guy, universally respectful of others, and pretty altruistic. I give people the benefit of the doubt, and I am a VERY hard person to piss off unless you're family or a close friend. In which case it's always superficial and quick to fade. I never got the idea that people should be "assertive", ie. sending back a meal at a restaurant when it's not EXACTLY what you wanted. I mean, I've worked in food service, and I know how stressful it can be, so I figure why make a big deal of it?

Hmm. This IS hard. In that case, I'll have to say I'm humble. I'm always playing down my good points and deprecating myself, usually humourously. It helps put people at ease, I find, and it's great when people are at ease with you, because then they act more like themselves.

I'm tremendously loyal.

Jeez, this is hard. Irish people are constitutionally barred from saying good things about themselves. Or if they do, they will be branded for life as "fecking stuck-up eejit". And I am mortally afraid that I will be found out. There is only one exception and this is in the context of job interviews where it is acceptable to announce that "my weakness is that, because I'm so bright and hardworking and beautiful myself, I tend to have too high expectations of others". Will that do? I don't think so. OK, here goes.

1) I am good at small talk (it may not be the world's greatest virtue, but if you have ever been to a diplomatic party you would have been glad to have had me there, I can tell you).

2. I care about people's feelings. I am very empathic. Really. This means that I can be a bit of a wimp at work. Did you like the way I turned that from a good thing into a bad thing?

3. I think I'm clever. But do we all think that? Ever met somebody who thought that he or she was stupid? I have good exam results to prove it. Though exam results only show that you are good at following instructions which is, of course, not a good thing. Where is the free spiritedness in that? I really don't think I've got the hang of this game. On the plus side, I've retained my citizenship.

Gosh, I've just read your other comments. I'd like to emphasise that of course I love my family and I hadn't realised that would count. I am very proud.

First of all, you go girl!

Secondly, I will quote the marriage counselor I visited with last night: "You are one healthy broad"

And I'm smart
And funny
And I'm happy

And let's hear it for the women of the net who are uniting to create some pretty awesome energy!

I'm a veterinarian...which is BY FAR the thing about myself which I am most proud of.

This is hard-ish, but good, and, I think, healthy. So props to Beth for thinking it up! I will try to do this without following with provisos.
I am fiercely loyal.
I'm a good musician - my singing voice is steadily improving as I work with it (and I've been getting compliments since I was at least 12), my non-lessoned piano playing still seems to amaze some people, and my songwriting is honest, meaningful and also constantly developing.
I'm a good cook, in that "throw things together and 95% of the time they turn out delicious" sort of way.
I am loving, and a good friend.
I'm sort of funny, in a sarcastic way.
I'm less and less afraid to ask for help when I need it.
That's enough tooting, or else I'll have to make it a post on my own blog! (Maybe I should; I haven't updated in over a week lol.)

1. I'm organized and can organize just about anything!
2. I'm very creative.
3. I'm a kind person.

I seriously think we're twins. Except the fat thighs. Mine aren't fat they're ginormous piles of blubbery cottage cheese.

I'm fiercely loyal to those I love.

Interesting topic. Husband has a great phrase that I've adopted in life, "If you have to tell someone you're good, you're not." I've lived by that for awhile.


That doesn't mean you're not proud of yourself and teach your kids the same thing. So...

1. I am funny.
2. I can assess a situation immediately and "see" the outcome(s).
3. I'm a good mom.

This is a great idea ... thanks!

1. I'm a fantastic mom.
2. I'm a great listener
3. I have a nice singing voice.

1. I'm good at math.
2. I have great skin.
3. I have a nice singing voice.

Wow, that was hard! Thanks for helping me feel a bit better about myself today.

Oh, you know I am really bad about saying nice things about myself. But lets see.
1. I am good during a crisis. After I fall apart, but during I am your girl!
2. I love deeply.
3. I will do anything for the ones I love, be they family or friend.

I'm flexible (usually)
I hope I'm kind
If I'm not always kind, I'm never horrid (at least not in public)
I'm a flaming liberal (is that a good thing? Depends on whose ox I've gored lately I guess.

I'm organized. Hellatiously organized. And I'm a good mom - I'm 26 with a ten year old and six year old (do the math) -- I was told I wouldn't ever be anything in this lifetime due to teen pregnancy but I proved those asses wrong. Oh, and I love good. I like to love people, and when I love you, you know it.

Gosh, that was fun!

I LOVE this, love. Reading everybody's answers made me smile. :-)

My three:
1. I am very smart.
2. I am funny.
3. I'm a head turner.

Lord, must I?

Hmmmm... let's see. I can do 3 (and only):

1) I'm a damn good wife. Yes. Honestly. Ask the hubby.

2) I'm the hardest worker you will ever know.

3) And damn, I can write. I *know* I can write. Let's repeat it again, I know I can write. It ain't literary fiction, but it IS something.

I love uncondionally.

1. I can be disarmingly charming (at times, not consistently though)
2. I have a very good accent when I speak French.
3. I am imaginative and creative. In fact, since we are tooting our horns here (the very line I used in a private email I sent to my close friends) I hope it's Ok that I mention that my very first handmade artist book (story and illustration) called Zig Zag Girl has been picked up by some great bookstores in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Yeah!!!

If you wonder why women have a hard time saying nice things about themselves, just look at how we are conditioned. I have a friend who went through self esteem training and one thing she had to do was ask all of her significant others to tell her good things about herself. She called her mother, who after a long pause and some hemming and hawing said, "You are a good driver." I mean, she didn't want her daughter to get too full herself, did she? Sheesh!

We get to brag! Yay!

OK 2 things,
1. I care
2. I stand up for myself, for my family & friends.

I've been sat here for a while now and still not come up with anything. I will try a bit harder though...

- I quit smoking for my baby

Its one of the hardest things I ever did so I'm quite proud of it.

I shovel well.

Okay, not really... but really I am a good singer and a good friend.

Aw I love this. I am the same as you. I cant take a compliment at all and its hard to say nice things about me but here I go.

People sometimes say I am a know it all..but I dont mind because I really am that smart. If it bothers people I am so sorry but I cant just play dumb! I got the knowledge and I like to share it so Suck it.

I am very funny and can make any situation humorous. One of the traits I most admired in my father who has passed.

I am the best friend anyone could have. I am a deep listenener, I truly care and I would never stab a friend in the back...ever. I would never tell your secrets or stand you up or use your words agaisnt you. Its also very hard for me to keep friends because I have to have the same qualities in someone else.

Hey that wasnt so hard and I feel a little chipper now. Thanks Beth!

I did a very good job at choosing my wife.

I am one hell of a diplomat. I could make peace for the Hatfields and McCoys. I can tell my grandmother-in-law why Martha Stewart actually did deserve to go to jail without making her hate me. (Relatedly, I could sell an Eskimo an air conditioner. I think my true gift is to say things in a way that people want to hear it.)

I think that's my favorite good quality about myself.

I'm smart.
My kids are #1
I have an interesting personality.

(please don't make me do that again!)


I am supportive and accomodating, and a master of compromise. This is why I'm successful as an executive secretary, because it allows me to keep all parties (somewhat) happy and still get stuff accomplished. I also keep my family very organized, juggling the school events and weekend activities and such, and spend a lot of time playing the peacemaker (both as a mom and as a sister/SIL/daughter/DIL). I've heard that these tendencies are common among middle children.

I guess my best trait is my loyalty. I have always been over-protective of my family to an extreme extent. They used to call me "Scrappy" when I was little after the Scooby Doo's nephew b/c I'm little but feisty.

I also think I'm a good mommy and pretty smart--especially with common sense!

OK. So I've had an entire day to think about this and it's HARD!
I have a great voice.
I'm very artistic.
I have a heart for the downtrodden.
I can organize the heck out of just about anything.

I am intelligent.

I am creative.

I am very good at what I do for a living.

That was fun! Great idea, Beth!

Oh man, this is hard...seriously hard. OK, here it goes...

I am a really good cook.

God, that's sad, that's the only thing I can come up with? Ok, let's try again....

ok, that's all I can come up with.

Oh man, this is hard...seriously hard. OK, here it goes...

I am a really good cook.

God, that's sad, that's the only thing I can come up with? Ok, let's try again....

ok, that's all I can come up with.

this is great. especially on a day where i'm feeling pretty crappy; good to emphasize the positive rather than the negative!

1. i am a great listener. i always make sure that the people i know understand that i will always ALWAYS listen to them without judgement if they have a problem or need to talk.

2. i am a kid at heart, which means i am goofy, silly and just down right fun.

3. i am deeply empathetic, understanding and compassionate. i always root for the underdog and take everyone else's well-being into consideration. i always thought that being able to see and understand both sides of an argument/problem was a curse, but now i embrace it. maybe i should be a peer mediator.... ha!

Am I too late? I think this is a wonderful idea. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself why you're worth fighting for!
1. I have really good instincts about people. First impressions tend to be pretty telling for me (no pressure!).

2. I'm smart. Like, wicked smart. And witty.

3. I have great hair. Even my "bad" hair days are pretty damn good.

It's pretty telling that I felt a twinge of guilt even thinking some of those things! Thanks for letting me write them "out loud"!

Self confidence is certainly a trait I lack, so maybe this will do me good.

1) I'm funny. (Or at least hubby says so.)
2) I have good boobs. Or at least large.
3) I am smart and very hardworking when I wanna.

Last night I toot-ed like there was no tomorrow and I was like hey, that wasn't hard AT ALL!- in the sober light of the day I'm now cringing about at least one item

this is really hard.
I've tried to write this comment several times and abandoned it and then came back to your site again.

What's up with that? Is it our ingrained girls must be modest .....
don't know.

1. I am a quick learner. This has helped me cover my butt more than once. I also can hear a song on the radio and sing it almost immediately after word for word. Can you say idiot savant...well how about just idiot.

2. I am very thoughtful and the queen of the handwritten thank you note. This may be surprising since I tend to be surly and disregard the general public.

3. I am not afraid to try anything once. The man I sleep with loves this about me. yes, I'm a freak.

Kinda late in the game, but here goes nothing:

1-I'm a good cook. I know so only because I've been told thousands of times by others, and I succesfully cooked Thanksgiving all by myself one year. All... by... myself... Turkey and all. :)

2-I never get lost. I might miss a turn once in a blue moon, but I'm never, ever lost. I have an incredible sense of direction that has saved other's butts on more than one occasion (like the time I was in Africa and our driver decided to go off road in a game park, and got totally turned around. With no roads, no signs, NOTHING... I got us out of that mess)

3- I also stand up for myself. I hate being told what to believe, or what to think. I enjoy forming my own beliefs and opinions, and encourage others to do so for themselves. I hate when people "buy into" stuff blindly without thinking for themselves.

I'm punctual. ;)
I am hilarious in a group setting. Not so funny on paper.
I make kick-ass desserts. Sometimes for profit.
I also hold the mother-of-all grudges against people.

Hoppin' on the bandwagon to say:

1)I love to laugh and make others laugh

2)I have a great memory

3)I bring out the best in other people

Hard, but empowering and fun, and fun to read!

I am entertaining when I choose to be. And I think I'm good at helping people feel good about themselves. Oh, and I'm a good listener (unless I'm watching something on t.v. that interests me).

I'm loyal as the day is long (or longer). Although sometimes that has been seen as a fault.

I have an absolutely limitless love for my family and the ability to put perspective on my life, in that I know as long as my wife and daughter are okay, are with me, and are happy, and the world is more or less spinning in the right direction, everything's going to be alright.

Ya know, I never really thought I was all that bad until I honest to God sat here for 5 whole minutes trying to come up with something good about me to comment. WOW. Thanks for the boost! J/K No, really I did have to think long and hard about this.
1. I am extremely loyal. Don't ever say anything about my family or I might just have to kill you.
2. I'm a hard worker. I strive to do my best when it comes to my job.
3. I have really cute feet. (my husband has a foot fetish and tells me so all the time, so it must be true!)

What I get complimented on most is my eyes. They're very blue. What I like to think I do well though is row, be it in an 8+ or sculling in a single.

1. I am a good mother.
2. When I use the last bit of toilet paper, I always replace the roll.
3. I am a kind and forgiving friend.

Don't have a damn good thing to say about myself - I just wanted to push your comments up to 100 because w00t to that!

Okay, well...

I am also funny, I've been told...

I'm a very good cook...

I'm great in bed....

I have a great vocabulary and am also smaht as hell (and, yeah, so sexy)

I have beautiful eyes...

I make adorable, smart, sweet, incredible babies.

Wow, I go offline for a couple of days and I'm commenter #102? Sheesh! ;)

It's really hard for me to say anything good about myself without the little voice piping up and saying I'm bragging and shouldn't I just shut up?


1. I'm an excellent cook.
2. I'm smart (or was when I still slept).
3. I will always provide my friends with a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh at their jokes, and as many kisses as their babies can hold.

I *do* feel better.

Gosh you all are amazing!! I shall now attempt to say a few nice things about me.

1) I have an amazing sense of direction. I couldn't tell you where N, S, E or W are, but I never get lost (for long)... I just follow my nose.

2) I can parallel park my car as good as any man.

3) I have wells of empathy and I know how to love.

4) Should I mention my cleavage?

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