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I'm sorry! And other things.

People, I am so sorry for all the trouble getting to my other blog thing (cleverly linked over there on the right). I have no idea what's going on, and I can get there just fine and so can lots of people, but not everybody. Unless, you all really can get there and are just telling me you can't in an effort to drive me slowly insane. In which case, good job. Anyway, I know it is annoying as all hell, but pretty pretty please with a pint of Ben & Jerry's on top keep trying and keep letting me know if you have problems because that is the only way I will know it is still going on and the only way I know to keep making myself an absolute pain in the ass of the people running the site so it gets fixed.

Anyway, since you were all so nice to try and also so nice to comment when you could get there and since I love you regardless, here is the baby kiss I promised you. We will let Chris stand in as your surrogate, ok?

Here is Mia giving Chris a little sugah:

Awww... sweet, drooly, baby nose kiss. Here's where things start to go wrong:

And here's where Chris escapes the Baby Snaggleteeth (seven of them) of Agony:

But look! Look how cute she is!

Also, here's what she learned to do yesterday. Child will never lie down in her crib again.

Now, don't you all fell better?

Hey? Can you bruise a boob? Because my boob hurts and the only thing I can figure is that it is from Mia using it to push all 23 pounds of herself onto her chubby little dinner roll feet. Also, do you remember back in the day when I never even mentioned my boobs here? Ah, memories.

Comments (37)

uh oh.
standing up in the crib.
you, my friend, are in trouble :)

Is that a little spot of blood on Chris's nose? LOL

You'll be fine until she figures out how to climb OUT of the crib. ;)
And boy does Mia have a serious attitude look in that second to last picture! Something like "if you don't get that camera out of my face...."
But still?? Adorable as always. Giggling at dinner roll feet. :)

Seriously. I've said it before, but it's TRUE.

Our husbands are identical.

just thought I'd join the discussion.

I got over to your other bloggy thing just fine. I feel like I'm cheating on you

And when she starts throwing one leg over the railing....just give it up and put the mattress on the floor.

i can get to it from work, but not from home. i just realized what the problem likely is. i bet you ten dollars that it has something to do with no "www" in front of the URL. however, i put the www in front here at work, and the link wouldn't work. i took it out, and it worked fine. i'm not home to try out my experiment, but this is my best guess. you may want to tell those folks running the site to allow BOTH "" and "". they would have to make the change in IIS or whatever's hosting their site. (and ask them about those annoying ads too! argh!)

Hey, I couldn't get there yesterday, but can now. Yay. going back now to read

Hey!!! I clicked the link this morning and it worked...there it was! What a treat...yes, a true treat this morning. Yeah.

I can see it now. I knew there was a reason i liked you so much. Purple is your favorite color isn't it?

I can get to the other blog just fine. I've already "subscribed" to it in Bloglines. I love reading 2 blogs from you. Double the fish-fix!

Mia is so beautiful! You can absolutely never post too many pictures of her!

The link works fine today, by the way. I'm going over to read it!

Your friendly neighborhood stalker here to say that last picture is so adorable I want to puke!

Got there - hooray!

Sorry to hear about your boob...

Got to the other blog just fine from work, yesterday and today. No go from home... here I use XP, home Mozilla. Don't know if it matters.

She is so cute! I love the sleepy face and sleepy hair.

That'll teach Chris to keep his nose out of her mouth. Those little razor sharp teeth sure do hurt!

Oooh, I'd be thanking my lucky stars that she bit daddy's nose and not my boob! Oh, and yeah, it's absolutely possible to bruise a boob--even if you don't see any discoloration on the skin.

How do they do that? Go from looking like a baby one week to a toddler the next? Make her stop!

Beth, I love your blog over at ClubMom (your writing is fabeaux...that's French or something for really, really good). The only problem I had was when I went to plug the RSS feed into my Google homepage it said it didn't recognize the page as having a feed. I'll try again today and if I have more trouble I will...throw the whole damned machine down the stairs here at work.

You can totally bruise boobs. And it hurts.

I just tried to get to the site and it came up! :) yay! now i just need to get a break at work so i can read! yay! heh. cute mia-ness. she's so cute. :) good luck w/ the standing thing. i hear it's fun. ;)

I just love those pictures. Espcially the crawling one. She has the death stare, I love it. DOn't worry, I'll keep trying the link.

First, I have no insight into the boob thing. All I can say is, I have 'em and that's about all. I have bruised mine in the past, after being pelted with a stray softball. So, perhaps.

The standing up in the crib thing has overtaken Max's spare time as well, and the kid will NOT fall asleep there ever. Not EVER. He thinks it's his own, personal jungle gym. Drives Momma Cuhrazy.

Wait until she starts jumping on the mattress. Hoooooweeee. That's a joy.

I can get there from the link today! And it's formatted correctly, and everything!! Hurrah!

And yeah, I've totally had boob bruises from my little angel's feet, and elbows, and knees...

She looks so proud of herself standing there pulled up!

Did she actually puncture his nose? Thos look like bite marks! Looks like she'll be walking soon with how well she's standing in her crib!

Yesterday, the link(s) didn't work. Today? Just fine. Going there to read now!

The picture of her in the cherry outfit is too cute! She looks a little mad though...haha

Watch out for climbing out of the crib next! :)

Yup, seems to be working. I do find it funny that your blog has your full name but your profile only uses your last initial, would that be pseudo-anonymity?

oh she is such a big girl...she will soon be jumping in the crib. big fun!

Vampire baby! Now that she has had a taste of blood, things will never be the same (say outloud in an ominous voice)

Oh look how tall she is!!!
Okay, here is a true story. Honest!
One day when Amanda was 4 months old (yep 4 months old, Honest!), I heard these noises coming from the nursery. I ran in and there she was standing in her crib!!! I went and grabbed the camera cause no one was going to believe that. I snapped the pictures and so I have proof.
Three months later she was walking everywhere. The kid was just born old!
I was worried about this and the doctor told me not to worry too much but to get ready cause I was gonna be busy! He sure was right.
She's almost 30 now and has never once slowed down!

Mia is blowing me away standing up in her crib. I really like that picture of her, but be assured that I don't support this standing-up-in-the-crib nonsense.

I have your new blog on bloglines because I have a terrible memory. It works fine.

We threatened to put chicken wire over my son's crib (the one with the new baby). Probably wouldn't have worked. He climbed out of everything.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. I can hardly wait.

Link didn't work yesterday but works now - woohoo.

Just thought I'd chime in and quit lurking already.

Some of my favorite memories are from my little guy making up in the morning, babbling away, and jumping up and down in his crib.

I did have trouble getting there before. But it worked yesterday. Forgot to leave a comment though. Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the number of comments you receive? My first time commenting, about your drawings, there were already tons of comments. I hesitated to even reply but I did and you replied. That was so awesome. So now when I see a lot of comments on a blog I just go ahead and leave one. I am waiting impatiently for my new domain name to be ready. It has been a few weeks so far. Then I will be back to using WordPress. ttyl.

I can now get to the other blog, too! Woo!

BTW - Mia is scrumpdillyicious!

I have a pic of my oldest standing up in his crib like this at about 18 months, and it is my fave baby pic ever. CUTE!

Oh! Those gooey, sloppy baby nose kisses are the best! But they do hurt sometimes, don't they!

Is that a toothmark on Chris' nose? Awesome! And if that's not a cheap pose, that is the BEST picture of him I've yet seen.

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