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Last night on the couch

Him: We were talking about who we would do in CSI.
Me: Why?
Him: I don't know.
Me: Oh. Anyway, Warrick, definitely.
Him: Not Gil?
Me: Ew, no.
Him: Lots of women have a thing for Gil.
Me: Not me.
Him: I see that.
Me: So?
Him: So what?
Me: So, who would you do?
Him: Oh, that woman who was a CSI but is now a cop.
Me: Good choice.
Him: Or...
Me: Wait, you get two?
Him: Or Greg's replacement. She's cute. (Thanks to Jodi for the link!)
Me: Ok.
Him: But if I were a woman, I would do Warrick.
Me: Good to know.

Me: Did you have a point?
Him: No.
Me: You just wanted to share with me who you would do for no particular reason?
Him: Um, I guess so?
Me: Never a good idea.
Him: Shit.


Hey - how much can I pimp my other blog before it gets really annoying? Or is it already too late?

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Ha ha. Maybe pimping it would work better if the link worked. :) Oh well. I've got it in my favorites, so it's okay.

The other blog pimping is only a little annoying as I can't seem to get at it! Grr...

Yeah, definitely Warrick - yummy.

I'm not a huge CSI fan but I do watch it on occasion. Is he talking about Aisha Tyler? She's absolutely gorgeous.

I got a thing for the other guy... but of course I can't think of his name. Duh. Anyway, the one that was in the little plastic coffin, but only with his spikey/messy hair. I don't think he's as hot with his hair all neat. Although I am getting used to it.

Pimp away! It's in my favorites, so I read, but I don't always comment... sorry.

I like Greg. I can't help it.

Well, how can you answer that CSI question with just one person??? I mean, if you want just a hottie, there's Stokes. If you want a cutie who's funny too, there's Greg. If you like the whole brainy thing, yeah, there's Gil. But I agree that Warrick has the whole package going on.
And, really, can there ever be too much pimping?
Hope Mia slept better last night.

Discussing who you might want to do with your spouse is never really the smartest idea, you have to be vague and generalize, such as "I'd do a hot fireman." Not, "I'd do Mark, the fireman that organized that fundraiser last fall..."

that csi you are looking for the link:

haha. I give my husband three a day. Twice he can comment on how sexy, how beautiful, or nice *insert body part here* is, but he always has to end on me. :) I've found that the "Oh but baby, you have a much better *blah* than *blah* could ever have." has become a frequent statement. I'm alright with that. :)I'll take what I can get really.;)

NEVER a good It's not like you were poking him in the ribs and asking "Would you do her...or her?" Silly man!
Blog pimping is fine. People don't have to click unless they want to. Now, if you had an automatic redirect once they got to the bottom of a post, THAT would be annoying!

ummm.... do??? what do you mean. I am a little nieve....ROTFLMBO!

I definately lust after Warrick, (i mean, COME ON, that man is gor-geous!) but there's something about Gil that makes him very intriguing...

either that, or I'm getting old and thus finding older men attractive...eek!

Now that he FINALLY got his hair cut, I would do George Eads. :)

Definitely Gil. The others are just kids and even with Gil, I'd be engaging in cradle robbing.

My true hero was Jerry Ohrbach of L&O. One of the few times I've had tears in my eyes over the death of a celebrity I've never met.

Pimp away. I do from time to time.

If I didn't no one would know about my other, nearly invisible blog.

Gil is good for a long night of talking, he's a fascinating character. Warrick on the other hand. Oh my. It would be a long night but for damn sure I wouldn't be encouraging any talking. At least not any that involved more than a word or two at a time.

Great...I was hoping this would come up in public ;-)

Hells ya on the Warrick. MMmmmmmmmm.

Ew.. Gil..who would do Gil. I am so in love with Warrick.

HAHAHAHAHA. We so totally had that conversation. And Grissom is dreamy. I'm sorry. But he's totally shaggable. I can't figure out why either.

I'm sticking with Grissom as my pretend TV boyfriend, but I definitely wouldn't kick Warrick out if he happened to stop by. Just to be polite, you understand.

I don't seem to mind TechDad randomly mentioning his pretend movie girlfriends, but I'm pretty used to him having the first half of our conversations in his head, and just having to roll with the non sequiters. That might be buying him some freebies where that's concerned.

what a great, honest, conversation! Josh refuses to answer questions like that!....But, he knows that I've had a huge (albeit 15-minute) crush on Tarek from The Apprentice....

what a great, honest, conversation! Josh refuses to answer questions like that!....But, he knows that I've had a huge (albeit 15-minute) crush on Tarek from The Apprentice....

oh yeah I would do warrick TOTALLY OR the other dude that was buried alive..he's hott sometimes too. But then sometimes not.
LOL @ Jujubee.
Also..what is going on with Catherine and her plastic surgery? China Beach chick has got seriously TIGHT eyelids now

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