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Mia Monday #16: Posing for Daddy's New Camera Edition

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Her eyes are too huge to be believable. A child this gorgeous can't really exist in nature. (I think that about my own, too.)

Hey! Check it out! Her hair is actually tamed by the bow!

Such a cute summer outfit...

her cheeks are the best!

Hey, Mia's showing some cleavage for summer! Did she get all gussied up to impress her lunch date today? And did he properly appreciate her efforts? 'Cause I know *I* sure do ....

she is a doll!!!

Oh Joy! My Mia Monday fix!!! I was looking at todays picture next to the one in the side bar. Look how she has grown!!!
Hugs Mia!!!

Cuter and cuter by the week. How does she do it?

GREAT pictures!

Are you a scrappper yet?

I love the picture where you've just captured her looking behind a shadow. She's totally adorable.

Mia's got better cleavage than I do.

Daddy's new camera does Miss Cutie-Pie justice. Yay!! Her eyes are gorgeous...and the rest of her is just adorable too! Poor child must get that face kissed a million times a

i didn't think she could get any cuter, but really, i'm not kidding, she did. i think it's the barette and the hair to the side -- so sweet!

holy shit! she's like twenty! where is the time going??

also, she's freaking beautiful. but this you know.

Awww, soo cute. Beautiful. I love the hairclip. I just got my Joey one, too. She looks so sweet with it. Looks like Joey has the same colour eyes as Mia--that greeny grey. I hope they stay that colour! Their so pretty.

Beautiful, as always. Something about today's shots reminded me of something. There was a photo layout in a magazine..years ago...maybe it was Look or Life. A photographer who was also a dad, took a photo a year (he really took more than that in total..but just for this one project he took one...of his daughter with one piece a clothing. A 1950s bathing suit, I think. The first year she was sitting on top of it, or crawling through it, maybe-. Fuzzy memory..but today's Monday Mia's reminded me. I'll go google it. No point here...just you and your beautiful daughter brought back a memory.

gah! she's the cutest! and looks sooo grown up in those shots.

damn your husband and his AMAZING camera. i'm so freakin' jealous....

You have a beautiful baby girl!

Oh, she is just too cute for words! I thought her eyes were brown before but, correct me if I'm wrong, I believe they are green or hazel.

Absolutely adorable. Nothing more needs to be said.

What a cutie-pie :-)

I remember when RC mentioned you had the baby! WoW, time the it that warm already there? I'm still wearing sweaters with chapped hands!

can't..... take... the.... cuteness!!!!

it's the rosebuds in her hair that killed me. you really do have the most adorable baby this side of the universe!

can i request more videos of her? pretty please?! she's irresistable!

Have I ever mentioned that next to my own Ava, I think you have one of the most beautiful girls in the world? Congrats on your adorable bundle--good job!

Cute! Just really cute! I think my favorite is the one with her hand on the lens. Or the one with the little grin on the step... Or the one... you get the idea...

I love that dress. It's so bright and pretty. And Mia is adorable as always.

Wow, I just can't believe how big she's getting. Bet you can't either. I love the cheeks, and it's a good thing I'm on the other side of the country, or I'd come over and nibble on them all the time.

I hesitate to comment on the cuteness of Mia each and every Monday because maybe that is just weird... but I have to say that these are the cutest pictures ever. Have you looked into baby modelling?

i think she looks like you. ACK! and look at those little teeth! so adorable!

The top pic of her is my favorite pic of her ever. And I should know, because I stalk her on flickr.

Oh. My. God. I just want to eat her up!

I love that dress! She is so gorgeous in it! Congrats on Club Mom! I think I read like 4-5 blogs that were chosen to blog for them!

So cute. I love her shirt. Where did you get it? Also tell us what kind of camera he got I am super curious. We have the Rebel and love it!

She's adorable :) I love the second picture.

ok... going to sound like a broken record.... perhaps one you will eventually want to play again and agian.... lol... these pics.. are screaming to be scrapbooked!!! they are really are!

My hard drive just exploded. How do you keep from eating her? How do you keep from dipping those cheeks in barbeque sauce and gobbling her up? Oh yeah. You're vegetarian. What a beautiful baby girl!

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