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Mia Monday #17: Cute on Two Legs Edition

Why everything in my house is on the floor by the end of the day.

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aw! look at her pudgy little legs in blue jeans! too cute. man, i love Mia Mondays!

* squish *

Just look her? Do you wonder where the time went? I know I do with two now taller than me.

She certainly keeps herself busy, doesn't she?

Very cute!

OH.MY.GOD. So freaking cute. I needed that this morning. Thanks, Beth.

Mia - What a "Fashionista" she's come to be...she's one of the best dressed babies I've come across!!!
A Supermodel in the works?
Cute as a button. Love the embroidered top and cuffed jeans...


Anni :-)

Just too darn cute. It's that hippie shirt!!

She's really starting to look grown up! Has she started ripping everything out of the kitchen cabinets yet??

Hey, did she get a haircut? or is it just looking different in these pictures?!

ohmigod, did she get cuter since she started standing? i think so.

Wow, she's STANDING! She looks adorable. As always!

Especially in the last picture, she looks like a real life Holly Hobby or some other such cuteness personified.

yeah, they're all fun and games until they become mobile and then it's like the big face off between you and the kid with a laundry basket full of freshly folded laundry in the middle.

And it begins.
Have fun with that.

She's is stinkin adorable.

wow, she's adorable, beautiful!

So that's why your house was so clean before -- she wasn't mobile yet! I like to use one of those big custodian's brooms to just clear a path through the room. It saves all that wasted "putting things away" time.

Her astounding cuteness will be consolation to you.

Adorable as always-

Did I miss the club mom link? I kep going there and not finding anything. If you already posted it can you re-post, and not in the comments setion b/c I don't always read those-

I know so picky, but I don't want to miss the fish!

OMG that chubby cheek shot - WANT to squeeze!!!

Its so great when they get mobile. I was so bored...yes I admit it when G was so tiny and couldnt do anything cause I just could feel how bored she was all the time. I think thats why she didnt quit screaming till she started crawling. So cute. I just love to see new pics of her!

Cuter and cuter!

Wow! It looks like her hair is getting lighter? I love her little shirt. I wonder if they make it in my size?
Thanks for the great Mia Mondays! They start my week off right! ;~)

She's looking so grown up! And very busy.

Awh bless. I found out this morning that I'm having a baby girl and if she's as cute as Mia is then I'll be happy :D.

I love the last doesn't seem real! She is such a doll!

Gosh she's getting big fast!

And in that second pic from the bottom, she really looks like you.

Nice pics, Beth.

I love that second picture. She looks like she's working! so! hard!

AHHHHHHH.......I got my Mia fix. The world may now move on!

*sigh* What a cutie that one is!


OMG, cheeks!


Cute overload, cute overload...Can feel myself turning into goo...Must retreat, must...But...Can't....So...Darn...Cute...Must...Look...Again....AWWWW!...NO!...NO!...Must...Resist...Must...Resist...

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