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Mia Monday #18: The Hazards of Being Bipedal Edition

Scratch from ear to mouth courtesy of the office chair and gravity. Nose boo-boo courtesy of the glider and overreaching ambition.

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Awwww! She gets cuter every day, doesn't she?

How's that crown working out for ya? I might need to ask for it back, since my kid just bashed his face into the hardwood floors and now has a bloody nose.

When she gets a black eye from hitting her face on the coffee table, then we'll talk. ;)
Even with a nose boo-boo, she is adorable.

Oh I remember when the coffee table was the ENEMY.
Mean, nasty coffee table.

They do survive this stage in tact. Really, they do.

There are days where I think someone will say I'm abusing my kid. Poor guy doesn't have the best coordination yet, and manages to keep his shins fairly bruised. Pretty normal for our toddlers to constantly have boo-boos.

Poor girl. Gravity is a harsh mistress.

Is it possible that she just gets "gorgeous-er" every day? Even with a nose boo-boo. Some girls have all the luck!

she is a regular stuntman, i mean stunt baby :)

First boo-boo? Awww. She's still adorable and her coordination may improve.

Although Rochelle's hasn't yet. She's the athlete of the crowd and always has a bump or bruise somewhere to show for it.

Wow... boo-boos.

Even so, she is still a cutie, and trust me, those are mild compared to what she'll get once she really gets going!

I don't see the boo boos!

As for the locking herself in the car accident? My thought as I read it was, "Awww, you broke a cherry!"

Congratulations! And right around Mother's Day! :0)

Hey, Happy Belated Mother's Day Beth!!!


Happy belated first Mother's Day!

I dont see any boo boos. She is so super cute like usual. I wish I could give her a squeeze. Oh just so you know it says Ma Monday at the top instead of Mia. LOL.

i want to squish her cheeks. is that allowed? i'll be mindful of the boo-boos i promise!

AAAHHHH! Too cute. That middle shot she looks like a model.

Oh my goodness. AGAIN. I just love the pics...when I saw that second one I just wanted to cuddle her! Can't wait to have kidlets!! :)

WOW!!! Beth.... those pictures sure would make a great scrapbook page.(wink)

Awwwww....Poor little cherub. And right after the car thingy. You [she] are [is] having a hell of a week.

I just realized your house is super clean in all of your pictures and the carpet looks freshly vacuumed. I'm jealous.

Ohhhhh. Poor Mia. Well, into a life, a little rain must fall. Of course here in New England A LOT of rain is falling and we are sort of drifting away!

The gift of mobility comes with it some bumps along the way. Max had his first shiner not too long ago, and although traumatizing at the time, we all survived. Now? Those little injuries are part of the everyday.

She wears her battle wounds well!

Happy belated Mom's day, Beth!

Yet still? Completely adorable!

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