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Mia Monday #19: Weekend in Pictures Edition


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Nice. Especially love the pic of you with Mia.

Beautiful! All of them.

I can't believe how fast she's growing!

She just keeps getting cuter. Will she wear bows in her hair? I would love to send her some if she will. It looks like she has plenty of hair for it.


I meant to tell y'all that I loved Mia's lil' guitar... that's so awesome!!!! Thanks for dinner too... we really enjoyed hanging out with y'all...

So sweet! Great picture of you and Mia ;)

i want to squish her belly and pinch the cheeks. i know you probably get tired of me saying that, but man, how could i not say it when she's so freaking cute and huggable! and she's musically inclined too. now you just need a couple of more kids and Chris can go on the road with them. i'd buy tickets! :D

I knew it. Your name isn't even Beth, is it? I'm glad you're protecting yourself from the nuts.

the HAIR it KILLS me :)

Oh! That picture of you with Mia is such sweetness.

Can never get enough of the cuteness that is Mia. Looks like you had a fun weekend - sounds like it from Chris' blog. Still laughing over his forehead hickey. ;)

Aw. Just, aw.

Wow! I know I say this every week, but look how tall she is getting! Of course now that she can stand up I admit this does make a difference.
She is so beautiful, Beth! And I love the picture of the two of you together. That's a keeper.

Okay, so that last picture is adorable. Well. They're all adorable. I love her little tummy!

"Mom? Mommy? I am totally stuck in Daddy's purse. And dude had something NASTY for breakfast. HELP!"

I love the little guitar! Looks like you may have a wee prodigy ;-)

That picture of you and her together? Ugh. My ovaries can't take it.

enjoy every moment, she is growing up so fast

Those pictures are precious!
The one where you have Mia on your lap just conveys your love for her so well!

Also, Chris and Mia, always a great photo-op! Looks like she's going to be a little rock star sweety!!

All the best!

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