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Mia Monday #20: Come Back Tomorrow Edition

I could do Mia Monday today and show you the cute little skirt she is wearing, but tomorrow we are squeezing her formidable belly into her little pink bathing suit and taking her to the pool, and that, my friends, is worth waiting for. So, come back tomorrow for a belated Mia Monday, just be careful you don't get splashed.

And you know what this means, right? This means that I have to squeeze my own formiable belly into my bathing suit. God help me.

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I hear you. I had to go emergency swim suit shopping today because the only one I have is from my honeymoon (yikes!). Post-baby body in swimsuit is not a pretty thing. And when did $100 become the going rate for a swimsuit??? It makes me feel very old to remember (like 5 years ago) when I thought $50 was overpriced.

Thank you for the warrning. It is good to know in advance about cuteness overload.

Hey, since we have to wait, can we get both pictures. Of her silly, I wouldn't ask anyone to show themselves to the internet in a bathing suit.

Aw yes. G and I just did the same thing on Friday. She had a blast!!! I will be posting about it today with pics on my site. You should see if they have baby swim classes in your area. G took them when she was Mias age and loved it plus she is fearless in the water now will go out till she cant touch and then frog leg it. I didnt teach her either. I like to think it has something to do with being introduced to the water early.

Tapping fingers on desk and waiting.

I think you exaggerate slightly about you and bathing suits.

I bet you look great. Better than you think. And Mia!! Pics of her adorable belly in a swimsuit? I'll probably stroke out from the cute factor. But I'm braced for it.

Beth - i feel your pain. i did that yesterday. it wasn't pretty.
the good thing is that when you have a baby...she serves as a very convenient belly cover-up.

I have a maternity bathing suit that I bought last year right after I had my son. I have never worn it. He received two bathing suits for his birthday, so I suppose this day is coming for me as well. I'm praying for you.

If I was as thins as you, I'd eat more!

good gravey I hear you.
Today I put on shorts. Shorts that were my COMFY shorts last year. This year? Not. So. Much.

But, does this mean we won't get to see her in the cute skirt? Because, dude, that's not right!

In other news, I hope you guys have a blast at the pool. Don't forget the sunscreen.

Formidable, my ass! Have fun with Miss Mia.

Hooray for summer weather! We had a healthy dose of it this weekend over here in Denver, and it. was. HEAVENLY.

Looking forward to pictures!

I'll be off for a while and unable to comment. But I'll try to be reading on bloglines to stay up to date!

Umm... we could have gotten the cute little skirt pic on Mia's site... couldn't we?

Have fun at the pool, and don't worry, Mia's so cute no one will be looking at anything else.

awww... couldn't you have done a Mia Monday, and then a Mia Monday Special Tuesday edition?

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