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Mia Monday #20: This Cute is Worth Waiting For Edition


Most pictures by Chris, but I put on her sunscreen and her bathing suit. Ah, division of labor.

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Lovely! Nothing better than a chubby baby in a pink bathing suit!!

So cute. I almost bought the same suit at Target. What size is she now? Super cute. I am sure she had a bunch of fun. I bet it was hot out there in the sun but looks like they have a shallow part which is good for Mia!

Very cute! and yes, worth waiting for.

How did she like the water though? She doesn't looked as excited as I thought she would.

Love the look. Did she have fun?

I love the little model pose she's giving against the railing - what a beauty!

What a cute little bathing suit... Ahhhh I wish chubby little thighs were as cute on a 30yr old (me) as they are on here hahaha

Holy Smokes, she's cute!!! Love the bathing suit!!!!! :) Hope you all enjoy you week...

Awww, how cute is she!! And she's SO big!! I can't believe how fast they grow. Looks like you all had a great time in the swimming pool.

aww too cute

soooo cute. definately worth the wait!

Did she enjoy the giant bathtub?

I think I just got a cavity but it was worth it! Awesome.

That outfit totally SCREAMS for waterwings!!
Ah, I remember my water wing days. The over protective mother handing me water wings and floatation devices while simultaneously slathering my entire body in spf 100 suntan lotion and wrapping me in a beach towel.
On second thought...just throw her in a pool, what happens, happens. ;)

She's totally posing in the third one. Just from all this picture taking, she's gonna grow up to be a supermodel or something. Hopefully by then they'll have figured out that you must eat to sustain life. And Mia will bring back chubby thighs, because OMG the cuteness.

did she love it?

Oh my - the leg rolls! I can't stand the cuteness. I almost tried squeezing them through my monitor!

Wow, little Gertie is like an actual KID now.

And you're smokin' in your bathing suit, even if you did try to crop the rest of you out (which I'm totally guilty of doing this weekend as well).

Ohhh the chubby legs. I love the chubby legs.

OMG, that top picture? She is sooo lovely. You need to get this kid into modeling (kidding).

Ive always been curious about diapers and pools. Do you use the diapers made for swimming? Do you think they really control everything from escaping?

How come fat chubby thigh rolls are so absolutely delightful in the very young and yet lose their charm as you age?

I am a sucker for chunky leggies. My son's got chunky thighs but I think she's got him beat.

AAAHH! my eyes!! too cute to look directly at!!

you're right, it was worth waiting for.

oy, oy, oy! Too cute!

That is just the cutest thing ever. Seriously. She looks slightly unsure of the water but very interested in the toys in that last picture!

OMG, she's so cute that I might ovulate.

Too, too incredibly cute.

Totally worth the wait. Don't you love how dads get out of the tricky jobs like sunscreen?

She is too cute in her swimsuit!

Man! She is absolutely delicious!

Man! She is absolutely delicious!

Yep! Totally worth waiting for!

*slurp* Ate her.

I am blinded by the cute and now must use a guide dog to find my pants. And the bows! God...the bows are killing me. She's got a future as a catalog model. She's got those poses down cold!

I keep trying to think of new words for beautiful. Oh well, that she is.


*am overwhelmed by pink-clad chub*

I love the little ruffle on the suit, not to mention the matching bow!

Oh, but those chubby thighs... her cheeks are so hard to resist but those little rolls on her legs might have them beat!

Queen B and her cousin have always been so lanky that I just haven't had any good baby chub to nibble on. *sigh*

She is just soo cute! Look at those chubby legs. You just want to nibble on them.

That third picture is my favorite!

What a little cutie! And there was no division of labor, you had to get a wiggling infant into a bathing suit and lather her with lotion without her eating it...all Chris had to do was take pictures of a subject that couldn't take a bad picture if she tried. (Both you and Mia).

oh THANK YOU - I'm genuinely grinning for the first time in two days. There's nothing like a happy chubby cherubic looking baby (in swim gear!) to make you forget lame-o grown-up worries for a while.

ok i've been lurking for awhile at you and your husband's blogs but i must finally say gosh darn that is one cute kid ya got there.

She is SO cute! I mean, baby-magazine-cover cute! I love that first-pool experience when they're like, WTF?! and then WHOA this is cool! :)

Love it.

And glad you're having fun!

SO CUTE. Love those thighs of hers..

Soooooooooo cute! I too was blessed with the chubby legs as a baby, there is nothing more adorable! Glad you all had a great time. :)

those cheeks! those thighs!! how do you keep from just chewing on her? CUTE!

I love that back shot with her chubby legs! That's adorable! Can't wait to see the zoo pics!

look at those turkey legs! So Cute

Adorable. I miss my chubby little baby girl. For some reason, she decided to grow up to be an 8 year old. Grrrr. Darn her.

She is so adorable! It actually looks like shes striking a pose in the first photo. :)

She is so adorable! Just wanted to let you know I really am reading and looking at everythiMore
Things are going well.

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