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More helpful tips from Beth!

Do you have a chore you hate? Do you, for example, despise yard work? Do you abhor weeding your (huge, never-ending) flowerbeds and raking up all the oak leaves that don't have the decency to fall off the trees in the autumn like all the other leaves do? Are you driven to distraction by the itchy, nasty rash that covers your arms and legs if you so much as look at your juniper bushes? Well then, have I got a tip for you!

Do it all while eight months pregnant. Because as miserable as I was doing all of the above this morning, it was approximately nine million times more pleasant than it was when I did it last year while my belly was generating its own gravity.

Now, who wants to come over next weekend and help mulch?

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:) Sorry I'm not jumping at the chance... although I absolutely LOVE planting flowers, so if you need help with that... lemme know. :)

I hear ya. At our last house we had landscaping out the butt and it was so nice and pretty but it also took an hour atleast of me watering everyday not to mention the weekend pruning and weeding. The house we have now we have been in three years now and all we have is the shrubery in the front and thats just enough to take care of. I love pretty flowers but its just not worth the work especially when you have a kid to watch!

I just got done ironing 25 shirts! I hate to iron and yes, it was much worse doing it when I was pregnant, but that still doesn't make it any easier for me to talk myself into "liking" it now! ;~)

I really hate matching socks and I hate doing dishes.

Technically, I never made to eight months pregnant, but being stuck in the hospital on bedrest for six weeks made me long for any chore that would allow me to stand up for 10 mintues.

That being said - I still agree with your post. Doing anything pregant was harder. Ick.

I just wrote a post on how much I hate anything to do with floors.

I do like doing dishes, though. I can gaze out my kitchen window, daydream, and everyone usually leaves me alone (they might get "volunteered" for something.

So far as gardening, don't let me near it. I kill everything I touch.

Oooh, I'll help you mulch. Really. I LOVE yardwork. I didn't even mind it when I was pregnant.

As a matter of fact, I mowed the yard (push mower) 2 days before my first was born, and about a week before my second was born.

I, personally, despise doing dishes. With a passion. I long for the day when I have a dishwasher. I've never really had to do yard chores, though I hope someday to have to do that, when I grow up and have a house, instead a dumb ol' basement suite. :-)

Oh, I'd love to help mulch, but I think the plane ticket cost may be prohibitive. I cleaned out the entryway closet today. I filled a huge outdoor garbage can more than half full and bagged up some things to be stored in the garage. Now the vacuum can be put away, the leaf to the dining table can be reached and my sewing machine can be pulled out and put back at will. I'd MUCH prefer to garden, but I live in the desert where nothing but weeds tend to grow.

i just had a baby a week and a half ago and, right now, i'm so thankful to be able to so much as move without pain that i'm more than willing to do anything.

that being said, i hate putting away laundry. and i'm really not a yardwork kind of girl.

Barring some unforseen chromosomal tomfoolery, I don't think that advice really applies to me. Procrastination has served me well in the past and will no doubt serve me well until I move out of my parent's house in fifteen years.

I once had friends who actually did invite all their nearest and dearest over -- sent an Evite and everything -- for a "weed the front yard" potluck. Yeah, potluck. As in, come do our yardwork and by the way? Bring your own food.

Hey you know, whatever works. :)

Oooooh me!!!

Hey John and I get that juniper bush rash too! Next year, I'm ripping those suckers out and putting in azaleas. Of course, I'll probably have to fashion some sort of biohazard suit out of trash bags and duct tape to do it in, but I hate those bushes.

I am developing a love of gardening though. It's work, but it is also fun.

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